Sportsbooks Offering Sports Betting in Ice Hockey

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Sports betting on hockeyThe number of Latvian online casinos is large, as is the range of games offered in them. One of the most popular entertainments offered by casinos is sportsbooks. It is possible to place sports bets on various sports – basketball, football, hockey, tennis, table tennis, volleyball and various non-sports-related events. Hockey is one of the most popular sports, which Latvian players bet on. Since games are held very often, it is possible for bettors to place sports bets on hockey even several times a day. Everyone can find the hockey game they like best, on which to bet.

In the world, hockey is known as an action-packed game. It will not be easy to find such a fast sport with such agile players and an exciting gameplay. Since the principle of hockey is the same as in football, the types of sports bets are also the same as in football. Sports bets in hockey can be placed on the winner of a league or cup, the winner of a game, the winner of the first or next goal, above or below (number of goals) and the like. To win by placing sports bets on hockey, it is very important to use different strategies. The most popular are the second period, the third period, the handicap and 60+. Of course, universal strategies can also be used.

Best Hockey Bets – Second and Third Periods

Hockey bettingThe second period is based on matches where there are no goals scored in the first period. If a goal has been scored in the first period, then this strategy is not usable. If, watching a hockey game, it is seen that the goal has not yet been scored, then you need to place a big bet on the second period – with a coefficient of 1.5. It is advisable to avoid a low-scoring championship. At the moment, this strategy is profitable and productive and the probability of forecasts that you will win the game is approaching already 90%. The number of such matches is increasing with each passing day, as well as the chance to win by placing bets in the second period.

Of course, there is also a third-period rate model. However, the third period differs from the second by different nuances. In this strategy, any hockey match that has its own value in receiving points will be appropriate. The best thing to place sports bets in hockey is when there is only a difference of 2 goals scored between teams. Then the bet with a coefficient of 1.5 will be put on the third period. The strategy of the third period is focused on this, with a 2-goal difference, players will have a greater fighting spirit. There will certainly be a goal scored at least one more time, making the game more interesting.

Handicap and 60+

HandicapAlso, handicap is a very popular strategy for placing hockey bets. The handicap can be played both in Live mode and until the very beginning of the game. It is important to pay attention to those matches in which there is a pronounced favorite and a team that plays not so successfully. What to look for is a match in which bookmakers give a low odds on the favorite. 1.15 – 1.3 are rare coefficients, however, sometimes this happens, then it is imperative to study what the loser of the handicap gets. To successfully place bets, you need to study how the teams played with their favorites and, of course, the overall game statistics.

The most successful strategy for placing bets is 60+. The basic principle of this strategy is that you need to choose a game in which the coefficient is not below 1.7. When placing bets, the player divides the game bet into five parts. All of them are divided into proportions: 1%, 3.5%, 9.5%, 24.5% and 61.5%. If in one of the steps you have won, then you need to return to the beginning again. Bets must be re-placed, no matter at what point you won. Placing sports bets on hockey with this strategy has the greatest chance of winning, including the highest and most valuable winnings.

What is the Most Valuable Strategy?

Of course, it is very important for anyone who places sports bets to know which strategy to use. Certainly the most valuable strategies are those that are designed for a particular sport. Those strategies that can be used universally for all sports are less valuable. It is very important to choose the right strategy that will bring you victory. It is better to choose one strategy, learn it thoroughly and understand it. Using all strategies, one after another, is not the right choice.

Hockey Bets at Synottip,, Betsafe Latvia and Laimz Casino

Synottip casino is very popular among Latvian gambling lovers. This casino offers both betting and the opportunity to play online casino games. In the sportsbook of this casino you can find a variety of sports to bet on, of course, including hockey. Bets can be placed on hockey teams from 15 countries of the world. The odds are varied, as well as the chances of winning are relatively high if you use the right strategy. Sports betting is also offered online casinos and hockey is very popular in this casino. The casino offers its players the best games with the best odds.

Every casino player is well aware of Betsafe Latvija casino. There is also a sweepstakes available at this casino. For those who love to bet on hockey games, Betsafe Latvia will be a suitable place. This casino offers the most popular tournaments and leagues, KHL games are especially popular, including placing bets on Dinamo Riga games. In Latvia, a recently licensed casino is Laimz Casino. Of course, this casino also pays a lot of attention specifically to sports betting, and here each player can find the most suitable game for himself with different odds. It remains only to choose the one in which you feel most comfortable.

Hockey Betting at Olybet, Optibet and Pafbet Casino

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In the sportsbook of any reliable casino you can find hockey, for which you can place sports bets on hockey. Olybet also offers its customers such an opportunity. Anyone who bets on hockey games should definitely not miss the opportunity to try their luck at the Olybet casino. Optibet casino is also very popular among Latvian players. Also, this casino, like the above, offers its customers to bet on hockey with very favorable odds. There are really a lot of opportunities in Latvia where and how to place sports bets!

The final but certainly not the worst casino on our list that offers to place sports bets on hockey is Pafbet. All the casinos mentioned above offer games with different odds for different hockey games. Everyone can find the most suitable casino for themselves with the most profitable odds. The main thing is to find the most suitable strategy for a hockey game and use it to get as many winnings as possible. True, you also need to know when to stop! If you lose already 8 times in a row, it is worth trying some other strategy. And, remember, small winnings are also winnings, though.

Are there any other hockey betting strategies?

Hockey betting strategiesWhen betting on hockey, universal strategies can also be used. Universal strategies are those that can be used in any sport. When betting on hockey, universal strategies such as Martingale’s strategy, Dalamber’s strategy, Miller’s strategy can be used. Martingale’s stats are one of the oldest sportsbook strategies. The essence of the strategy is that bets are placed on absolutely all possible events in the game and the results of the game. Betting is started with a fixed bet, it is usually 2% – 3% of the balance of a particular game. If you lose in betting, then the bet must be doubled.

The Dalamber strategy is one of the most popular strategies used around the world. In this strategy, it is very important to understand that you do not need to return to the beginning after placing a bet. The value of the bet simply needs to be reduced by one unit. The game must continue until victory. When using Miller’s strategy, it is advisable to choose such events in which 2 outcomes of the game and high odds are possible – the coefficient is from 1.8 – 1.95. The best thing about this strategy is that it works with a 50 vs. 50 option. In order for the strategy to bring victory, it is important to guess at least 53% of all forecasts.

What is a Sportsbook Strategy?

Sweepstakes strategyA betting strategy is called a bettor’s attempt to predict events in which the bettor’s behavior is observed. The participant in the sweepstakes does not rely on luck or intuition, but on a certain sequence of actions, changing the size of the bet, sometimes even the object on which bets are placed. The peculiarity of all betting strategies is that they work only for certain sports. Hockey has its own strategies, basketball has completely different ones. Also, football has completely different strategies. However, there are also strategies that are applicable to all games, but they are not so very effective.

How to be a successful bettor?

Of course, in order to succeed in placing sports bets on hockey, the player must develop the right thinking. In order to place bets more successfully and get wins in the long run, it is recommended to study the objects of the sweepstakes in depth. Choose one hockey team, watch all the games of this team, this will help you understand how strong and capable this hockey team is. If you want to win, also collect statistics, it will help you make the right decisions. The main thing, after the first lost game, you do not need to quit by hand, even professionals tend to lose. With time, knowledge will also come.

Frequently asked questions

Hokejs ir viens no vispopulārākajiem sporta veidiem pasaulē. Sporta likmes hokejā var likt katru dienu, pat vairākas reizes dienā, jo hokeja spēles notiek bieži.

Ja jūsu mērķis ir iegūt pēc iespējas lielāku laimestu, tad ieteicams izvēlēties spēles ar augstiem koeficientiem.

Liekot sporta likmes hokejā, var izmantot dažādas stratēģijas. Var izmantot gan universālās stratēģijas, kuras ir paredzētas jebkuram sporta veidam, gan arī stratēģijas, kuras ir paredzētas tieši hokejam.

Hokejam var izmantot dažādas stratēģijas. Populārākās Latvijā izmantotās stratēģijas ir handikaps, 60+, spēles uzvarētājs, līgas vai turnīra uzvarētājs un precīza rezultāta paredzēšana.