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betting on hockeyThere are a lot of online casinos in Latvia, as well as a wide range of games they offer their customers. Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of entertainment at these casinos. You can place sports bets on various sporting events like basketball, football, hockey, tennis, table tennis and volleyball. You can even bet on non-sporting events, also called novelty betting.

Hockey is one of the more popular sports for Latvian bettors. Since hockey games take place quite often, bettors can bet several times a day. There’s a hockey game for every type of bettor, which means you’ll be well entertained.

Hockey is famous for being a tense and exciting game. You can hardly find another sporting game that is just as fast and captivating. Hockey rules are similar to football rules and even the hockey bets are the same as football bets.

If you want your hockey bets to win, you need to use various betting strategies. The most popular bets include second and third period bets. Then you have other great strategies such as handicaps and 60+.

Best Hockey Bets: Second and Third Period

Hockey betsThe second period bet is based on matches that have not scored during the first period. If a team scored during the first period, you cannot use this strategy. If you watch a game and see that no goals are yet scored, we advise betting big with +50 odds.

You should avoid betting in a tournament with low performances. This strategy is both productive and profitable, where your chance of winning is at 90%. These types of sporting games become more popular by the day, which means your chances of winning during the second period is high.

Similarly, there is a third period bet. There are only a few small details that differ from the second period bet-strategy. The strategy involves betting on hockey games, as you need a game where the teams are likely to score points

The best strategy is to place bets when the hockey teams’ score difference is no more than 2 goals. That would make the third period betting odds +50.

Third period betting strategy works best when both teams’ players are competitive and score many points. When the teams are playing in high-speed and well, they’re likely to score at least one more goal before the third period ends. This makes the game even more fascinating.

Best Hockey Betting Strategies: Handicap and 60+

handicap hockeyYou can place a handicap bet before the game starts or in Live mode. It helps to have some sort of knowledge around who is a betting favourite when it comes to performance, as this way you can determine who is better or worse. In other words, look for a sporting match with low odds on the favorite team or player.

+15 — +30 odds is something you’ll come across pretty rarely. But when you do come across such odds, then you should check out what the loser handicap gets. It’s best to learn how all the teams played against their opponents. This way you can kind of predict how the match might go, which may lead to a win.

Another top betting strategy is called 60+. The main idea behind this strategy is to choose a game with +70 odds or higher. When placing a bet, you need to divide it into 5 parts. The proportions should be distributed like this: 1%, 3,5%, 9,5%, 24,5% and 61,5%. If you win with the distributions mentioned, then you can start over your bet. The key is to keep placing bets, no matter if or when you win. Using this strategy gives you the highest possible chances of winning, including the most valuable prizes.

What strategy is the most beneficial?

It’s significant to know which strategy to use for anyone placing sports bets. The most profitable are the ones designed for a particular sport. General strategies suitable for any sport are less valuable and non-profitable. It’s essential to pick a strategy that will lead you to some sort of win. The best way is to take one strategy, learn how to utilize it  and then master it. Using all the strategies at once would not be the best way of doing it and might even waste your time and money.

Hockey Betting on Synottip,, Betsafe Latvia, and Laimz Casino

Synottip casino is super popular for Latvian gamers. This casino offers its players to bet on the Tote or to play on their online casino games. This online casino’s Tote offers different sports to place your bets on, and hockey is one of them. You can make bets on hockey teams from 15 different countries. Your chances of winning may differ, but it’s relatively high when you use the right betting strategy.

You can also bet on other sports at the online casino, where hockey is in high demand. This casino offers its players the best games with the best odds.

Betsafe Latvia is well-known by any casino player around the world. This casino would suit anyone who wants to bet on hockey. Here you can find top tournaments and leagues at the casino. The most popular games at Betsafe Latvia are KHL, including betting on the Dinamo Riga games.

Another licensed casino in Latvia —  Laimz Casino — pays special attention to sports bets.Every player can find a good fit for them, and bet with various odds.

Hockey bets in Olybet, Optibet and Pafbet casinos

Anyone who is looking to bet on hockey today should seize the opportunity and try  their luck at the Olybet casino.

Optibet casino is also in the top list for Latvian players. This casino also offers hockey bets with great odds. Last but not least, another great casino with hockey bets on our list is Pafbet. There truly are plenty of places and options to place sports bets in Latvia!

Every player in Latvia can find an appropriate casino that suits them, with great chances of winning. The main thing you need to do is to pick the best hockey betting strategy that suits you and use it wisely to get as many prizes as you possibly can. But, of course, if you lose 8 times in a row, it probably means you need to try another strategy. Remember that any victory is victory, no matter how small it is.

What Are Other Hockey Betting Strategies?

Hockey Betting StrategiesUniversal betting strategies can also be used for hockey bets. Some examples include the Martingale strategy, the D’Alembert strategy, and Miller’s strategy.

The Martingale Betting Strategy is one of the most promising sports betting strategies. The idea is to place bets on all possible outcomes and game results. You start betting with a fixed bet, usually 2% – 3% of your balance. If your bet loses, you must double it.

The main thing to do with the D’Alembert Strategy is not to go back once you have placed a bet, but to decrease it by 1 unit. You basically play until you win.

With the help of the Miller’s strategy, you should pick the events with 2 possible outcomes and high odds, such as 8-to-1 or even 95-to-1.

What Is a Tote Betting Strategy?

Betting StrategyA betting strategy is a bettor trying to predict the events where he plans to put his bets into action. Betting sites don’t rely on luck or intuition, they focus on a specific sequence of actions, such as changing the bet size and sometimes even the object of the bet.

The main feature of all betting strategies is that they only work for a particular sport. Hockey has its own strategies, whereas basketball has completely different ones. There are, however, some universal betting strategies, but they are not that effective.

How To Become a Successful Bettor?

A bettor should develop a certain kind of mindset when placing hockey bets. To make your bets more successful with more wins, you should carefully examine the rules of the Tote strategy.

Begin with choosing one hockey team, watch all of its matches, and you will learn how strong and capable the team is. This way, you’ll have the knowledge to potentially predict how the games will go for this team.

If you want to win, you need to pick a betting strategy to help you make the right choices. But keep in mind that even professional bettors can lose, in fact, several times. So, don’t let the first game you lose throw you off course. Knowledge comes with practice, just wait and see. Patience is a virtue.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often can I place sports bets in hockey?

    Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. You can bet on hockey every day, even several times a day, because hockey games are played frequently.

  2. What games should I choose when I place bets?

    If your goal is to win as much as possible, it is advisable to choose games with high odds.

  3. What strategies should I use when placing sports bets on hockey?

    There are different strategies you can use when placing sports bets on hockey. You can use both universal strategies, which are designed for any sport, and strategies that are specific to hockey.

  4. What are the most popular hockey strategies?

    Hockey can use different strategies. The most popular strategies used in Latvia are handicap, 60+, match winner, league or tournament winner and predicting the exact result.

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