Gambling is supposed to be good fun and a pleasant pastime. But it’s also the type of entertainment that requires an investment, so learn how to use it responsibly.

If you feel like you can’t stop, and most of your money goes into gambling, you may have developed an addiction. When playing at a casino, you can not only win but also lose, so always set your limits – the amount you can afford to lose, and stop when that limit is reached. Don’t gamble funds not designated for entertainment.

Self-Exclusion Register

In Latvia gamblers have an opportunity to exclude themselves from participation in gambling activities by applying to the Self-exclusion Register, which is permitted by the Law on Gambling and Lotteries. The purpose of the Register is to protect the public and the right of individuals to refrain from gambling addiction, including interactive gambling, or participation in interactive lotteries.

Application to register to self-exclusion is voluntary – a person can apply to the register in writing, presenting an identity document in person at the Inspectorate of Lotteries and Gambling (IAUI) or on any gambling website, as well as by using an interactive connection (

  • A person has the right to request that he or she be prohibited from gambling in the Republic of Latvia, including interactive gambling, as well as from participating in interactive lotteries, and also to be included in the Self-exclusion Register.
  • The ban applies to all classical gambling, interactive gambling and interactive lotteries. The minimum self-exclusion period is 12 months.
  • People register themselves in the Self-exclusion Register voluntarily: in the first months of this year, 5,446 people have already registered for self-exclusion.
  • The Inspectorate for Lotteries and Gambling Supervision has a certified psychologist-consultants, who can reach out to those who are dealing with issues regarding gambling.

Gamble responsibly

It’s entertainment, and not a way to make money

Online gambling is exciting without a doubt. The possibilities are also endless, you can choose between slot machines, poker or blackjack, various tournaments and other online casino options. Meanwhile, the possible winnings tend to overshadow the joy of the game, making you strive only to win rather than enjoy the entertainment itself. Remember that gambling is primarily about entertainment, and not a way to make money to solve your financial problems.

Set the Limit on your game budget

While you’re excited (and winning), you can’t even tell how much time has passed and how much money you’ve already spent. To avoid playing too much and getting too involved, set a limited budget and stick to it, and never play more than you can afford. There are different ways to limit your playing budget – account turnover and betting limits, playing time limits, and more.

Set your own limits

Use the tools offered by the online casino platform to set deposit and loss limits. Limits can be different, both in terms of time you play, bet limits, or deposit limits.

Play when you feel good, not to run away from your problems

Playing casino games should make you feel positive, excited, and pleasantly anxious. However, playing in a bad mood can affect your decisions. You may take a risk when you don’t normally take risks and use funds you didn’t plan to spend. Play when you have time, feel good, and can focus 100% on the games.

Learn when to stop

Games offer different options – and for a while everything will seem exciting and luck might also be on your side, but at some point you will probably feel like you want a new dose of adrenaline. In such moments, there is a desire to raise the stakes, to start playing games you are not sure about, and so on. And this is exactly a good moment to stop and take a break.

Aid options

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you cannot enjoy gambling and play responsibly, you have the opportunity to get professional help.

Register with the “Self-exclusion Register”.

– Apply for a consultation with the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Authority by phone at 67504966, by e-mail: or apply in person;

– Choose a professional to help support you in the early stages of recovery.

– Choose a support group.

Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection

Phone: 67504966


Gamblers Anonymous


Phone: 24667656

Ģintermuiža hospital: Minnesota program

General phone: 63022483, 25731229, specialists’ phone: 63020347 (it is recommended to call from 8:00 to 8:30 and from 12:30 to 13:00 on weekdays)

Outpatient narcologist: reception room 63007495; 63022770; 26164021 (weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00)

Riga Psychiatric and Addiction Medicine Center: Minnesota Program

Phone: 6708210

Outpatient Addiction Treatment: appointment 67080193 (weekdays 8:00 to 18:00)

“Gambling Freedom”: for gambling addicts and co-drug addicts

Support Phone: 29323202