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What Are Sports Bets?

Sports bettingSports betting is an old tradition. Ancient Greeks used to make bets on the outcome of the Olympics games. In ancient Rome, bets were made on gladiator fights or the victory of a chariot. The audience made bets ‘live’, as there were no bookmakers at that time. They appeared later—around 1790—when bets on horse races appeared in Great Britain. Betting became a subject of great interest and dispute as it was more than just watching a sports event; it was an opportunity to win money.

The first betting point was opened in London in 1850. Leaflets were distributed to invite people to make bets. Legal betting points were rare back then, though; the so-called bookmakers were often located at the competition venues—for example—on the track. That particular race was one of the most popular among other sports. Today, you can place bets on any sport from every corner of the world. Various online casinos will please all of your betting preferences.

Sports Bets and Their Variety

Sports Bets and Their VarietyFirst, let’s understand what a bet is and what kinds of bets there are. It may be unclear for new bettors, but there are two main types of bets—single bets and combo bets. Simple bets include the following types of bets: Double chance, match, over/under, handicap, match plus over/under, exact result and the number of goals scored. These bets are the most suitable for beginners who have never tried their luck with sports betting before. Combo bets include two types of bets ideal for those experienced in online betting and sports events.

When placing a combo bet, a bettor simultaneously picks several sports events and predicts their outcomes, which requires knowledge and analytical data about the teams. One of them is called ‘express bet’, the other—’system’. The winning amount in an express bet is higher than in a simple bet. The odds of a combo bet are multiplied by the bet amount. The system consists of several express bets, with two or three sports events in each express bet. It means that you can still win if you lose in the express. But keep in mind that the system approach is an expensive way to make bets.

Sports Bets Leaders – Where Do People Make Bets the Most?

Sports Bets LeadersThe internet and online casinos give access to any sports event worldwide—some more interesting than others. Football is one of the most popular sports, and betting on the possible match outcome is particularly popular. You can find leagues such as the First French Football League, English Football Premier League, Spanish La Liga and German Football Bundesliga. People not interested in football are more enthusiastic about hockey with its dynamic, exciting matches. Hockey holds second place when it comes to betting on the results.

The NHL games are undoubtedly the most popular in hockey. But the KHL, AHL, SHL and the Swedish Hockey League are also important. Olympic matches and world championships attract many bettors as well. Boxing, thanks to Mairis Briedis, and tennis, thanks to the Latvian players who also demonstrate great results, have become recognised sports events in Latvia. Among other popular sports, basketball, on which you can make bets in various Latvian online casinos, both pre-match and live, should also be mentioned.

Where To Bet on Sports Events and Win

It’s well known that nowadays, there’s no need to search for an offline bookmaker to do sports betting. You can easily enjoy the betting process in Latvian online casinos. Among those worth paying attention to are the following: OptiBet mainly focuses on sports, but you can also find sports events on Synottip,, Betsafe, Laimz Casino, Pafbet and Olybet. The choice is yours and depends on how much you like the website and the variety of bets. Being interested in live sports events and live betting is enough to keep your game at the highest level.

Variety of Bets in the Latvian Online Casinos

Sportsbooks available in Latvia offer their users many options. If you are only interested in badminton or snooker, you have many opportunities to bet on the outcome. Although baseball is not Latvia’s national sport, it can still be found in the most popular online casinos. As for the leagues, even less popular leagues such as the Belarusian Extraliga can be found, for example, on the OptiBet website. Latvian online casinos provide many betting opportunities, so everyone can find suitable and exciting ones for themselves. OptiBet is the oldest and most experienced sports betting casino.

Live Sports Betting for Gamblers

live betsThanks to the internet, live betting is becoming more and more popular among bettors. Live bets can be made at any time of the game. It means you can make a bet or change it any time, depending on what is happening on the field at the moment. If you place a bet before the match starts, you don’t have such an opportunity and will have to wait until the game ends. The exciting thing about live betting is that one sudden decision of the referee can completely change the course of the game.

You can take advantage of live betting and change your prediction correspondingly. Therefore, you have more chances of winning. A review of the most popular online casinos showed that they have live betting options. It means that you can make better decisions, even if you initially bet on the most potent team, which is performing poorly for some reason. In that case, you have to be involved with the game and follow it continuously.

Bets on Football

Football betsYou know that football is the #1 team sport in the world. That’s why it is prevalent among bettors. Those who play football themselves, and those who have never touched the ball, enjoy and follow the game. The most important thing in betting on football is analytical thinking and attention to statistics. Bookmakers offer the widest selection of football bets. For example, 1×2 bet, which means either a win or a draw for a team. A handicap bet implies the assignment of a handicap, for example, 1.5 to the result.

Thus, even if a team loses one score, it can still win the bet. The handicap can be + and -. The odds also tend to change at a high rate, making the process more fun. Another popular method is to state the exact result, which is hard to do and shows absolute professionalism. The bets are high, but it isn’t easy to guess the precise outcome. People usually bet on the results of the first and second half. Bettors need to predict the result both after the first half and after the end of the game. You can also make predictions for specific parts of the game.

Combo Bets

Combo bets allow you to bet on multiple outcomes. It means that each option has different odds. All odds, in this case, are multiplied if all conditions are met. If two of the four states come true, the odds are multiplied by the bet amount. Combo bets do not accept a draw. However, if the match ends in a tie, the bettor gets their bet back. It’s called ‘draw no bet’. You can also guess which team will be the first to score.

What Else Can Be Predicted in Football?

In addition to the above-listed options, you can make several other types of bets. A relatively common and straightforward way is to place a bet on a player to score at least one goal. In an over/under bet, you must choose the number of goals among those set by the betting pool and bet on whether the actual number of goals will be over or under the stated one. If you bet ‘over’ the result set by the pool, for example, 5, and the team gets 6, you win. If the team scores 5, you will get your bet back.

Bets on Basketball and Hockey

Basketball betsThe betting process in these popular sports games is similar to that in other team games. Betting on hockey holds the #1 position among sports betting in Latvia. Tennis makes it to the top four as well. Betting on hockey is exciting because it is a dynamic game, and it’s not always easy to predict the outcome. Hockey betting is very similar to football betting. Betting on the winner and the result at the end of regular time has become a classic in hockey betting. There are also bets on the outcome with post-match throws and overtime.

There is also a handicap, over/under and outcome bets, which have the highest odds for apparent reasons. You can also bet on the winner or exact result in basketball, but it isn’t easy to predict. Handicap betting in basketball can vary because the number of results is high and variable. Long-term betting on championship or league winners is also possible in basketball. The over/under principle may differ depending on the league or country, but it generally means that there is a certain number of points above or below which you can place your bets. It sounds exciting and is worth a try.

Make Bets and Win in Online Casinos

Make Bets and Win in Online CasinosThose who don’t know how to bet on sports online should start by choosing a website. It’s best to study reviews on the internet first. It’s also worth looking at those sites that offer a professional assessment and evaluation of casinos in Latvia. The first rule for those looking to try their luck in betting is to set a specific budget for a particular period. Another essential point to keep in mind is that you should not do other gambling simultaneously as you make sports bets.

It is recommended that you sign up with several sites to find out which bookmakers offer the best odds and additional bonuses, including free bets as a welcome bonus, which are helpful to beginners. Make sure to read the rules and research the market and the most demanded sport that interests you in advance. Before placing bets, it is strongly advised to analyse the circumstances of the match, such as weather forecast for a specific territory, if it can affect the course of the game. It is essential to read reviews of the process you selected. Before registration, familiarise yourself with the payment methods offered by the chosen operator.

Tips for Bettors

To be successful in sports betting and win large amounts of money, you need to consider several vital aspects. Most importantly, take the time to research specific sports, teams or individual athletes in detail. If you pick a tennis player, then be sure to study their statistics, intensity of the game, the result of the last game, weather, physical condition of the athlete and even the details of their personal life. The better prepared you are, the more accurate your predictions will be. Also, you’d better not risk your finances without prior knowledge by relying only on the recommendations of others.

You have to remember that the favorites don’t always win. Even Djokovic, the tennis player, and the Knicks, the basketball team, have lost their games. A professional bettor wouldn’t bet on many sporting events, but will make only one bet that they carefully thought through or make two to four combo bets. Bets can’t be placed based on emotions or patriotism, as neither has anything to do with statistics. Remember that odds are variable, and you can’t know precisely when it’s better to bet. Well, except for live sports betting. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for special betting deals.

No Dubious Bookmakers

Have you heard of private bookmakers accepting bets? If not, that’s good for you. Quite a dubious way to enjoy betting, isn’t it? First of all, you can’t be sure if you will receive your winnings. Secondly, there’s always a risk of ‘getting into debt’, because you would always want to win more, even if you have no money left. Always choose sites legally registered in Latvia to ensure that your personal data is safe and you have no problems withdrawing your winnings. While sports betting may seem like innocent entertainment, it is a whole industry where you have to play by the rules.

Match Fixing – Myth or Reality?

Myth or RealityYou have likely heard in some sports show or read on the internet about match-fixing. It’s done so that a particular bettor who placed high bets wins—this is illegal. FederBet is an international anti-match-fixing organization that monitors sports games. Match-fixing in Latvian football used to be a big problem; even criminal liability was introduced for such actions. Another generally accepted rule forbids athletes, their relatives and close friends from making bets on themselves. Match-fixing has only one purpose, which is the material benefit.

In such cases, athletes receive a fine under the criminal law and get disqualified for a certain period or ultimately. Due to the spread of such unfair practices, the principles of fair play advocated by the sports federations are taken into account. As an honest sports bettor, it is also in your best interest to do a clean game without manipulative interference that destroys the essence of gambling. Always remember, if someone offers you a tempting 100% safe bet online, then it’s not worth your attention. Better find a site that collects statistics and data daily to help you win your bet.

Final Words on Sports Betting

Regardless of where in the world you make your bets, the desire to predict the match’s outcome is natural. The desire to win on bets is in our blood. Sports betting has been known as entertainment for a long time. At one time, betting on sports events was quickly gaining popularity, and at another time, it was a secretive and forbidden activity. Due to technological progress, the fastest breakthrough in betting history happened in the early 20th and 21st centuries. Back then, everyone had an unprecedented opportunity to participate in this kind of entertainment.

Did you know that the most significant win in Latvia occurred relatively recently and amounted to 118000 euros? The winner placed system bets. It proves that great success is, in fact, a lot of work that a bettor puts into research. However, it doesn’t mean that betting with lower amounts and using simple bets would not yield good results. You can safely take your first steps in the world of gambling with free trials and bonus offers. It will bring you real excitement! Do not hesitate to look at the best betting operators in Latvia.

Frequently asked questions

It all depends on what sport you are betting on. In other sports, it is possible to bet several times a day, every day. In other sports, you can bet only once a day or a few times a week.

When placing bets, it is best to use strategies that are designed for the specific sport. Universal strategies are less profitable.

The sports you can bet on depend on each casino. The most common sports offered by online casinos are hockey, basketball, football, tennis, table tennis, MMA, boxing and e-sports.

You certainly don’t have to be a sports expert to bet. However, basic knowledge can help you a lot to make the right bets.