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Betting on basketballFans are following local and international matches, for example, the NBA. In Latvia, basketball became very popular when Latvian player Kristaps Porzingis started to play in the NBA. Basketball is a team sport where every player can influence the match flow. This aspect is essential if you’ve decided to bet on basketball.

People who take part in betting consider more factors than usual fans. They analyze more, follow the statistics, and are interested in players’ lives and personal qualities that are important in the team and individual sports. Being a Major League player means earning a lot, getting famous, and being respectful to fans.

Where and How to Make a Bet on Basketball?

how to make a bet on basketballNowadays, betting on sports is available in online casinos. Synottip,, Betsafe Latvija,Olybet, Pafbet, and OptiBet are the best sports sweepstakes. To start, you need to register on several websites as offers are different. If you’re a beginner in betting, we recommend using registration bonuses which appear as risk-free bets. You should see how it works and decide if it’s right for you.

There are a lot of bets on basketball: simple, combined or system bets. You can find the sports betting section on every website, and there will be a basketball section where there’s a list of upcoming games. Every team has a rate based on its achievements — considering these rates, you choose where to make a bet and what betting type to use. A low rate means that the team is a favorite. A higher rate means that the team isn’t successful, and it’s riskier to bet on it.

Sports Betting on Basketball

Sports betting on basketballBetting on a winner is the most simple basketball bet. You can also make a bet on factors such as extra time because a draw in basketball is rare. One more popular bet is a handicap, which means you must choose between a deficit and an excess of points.

Handicap means the difference in the result at which the favorite will win or lose (negative or positive). Another popular bet type is abovebelow, which means that you predict whether the result prescribed by bookmakers is above or below actual points at the end of the match. The long-term predictions include determining the winner of a league tournament, which is usually similar to betting on a winner. Still, here you need to follow the events of the entire competition, analyze additional statistics, and listen to the experts’ opinions.

How are combined bets made?

Combined bets limit the probability of winning as they include several conditions. But if it succeeds, you’ll win a higher amount, because bets with high risk have more effective rates. Three bets with the rate of 2 can give you the rate of 8 in case of success. An elementary example of a combined stake – who will be the winner, which team will score first, and who will be ahead after the match’s first period. If all your predictions come to fruition, you’ll win.

Combined Bets and Other Types of Bets in Basketball

Combined bets basketballIt’s important to remember that even the best teams sometimes lose. Sometimes, it’s a reason to bet on a weaker team. The disadvantage of a combined bet is that even if 4 of 5 conditions are met, you don’t win. There are also other bets. For example, a live bet can be changed during the match, bets on future events, and special sports bets. Live bets are pretty popular because you can follow the game and update your prediction.

Future bets predict events that will occur only over time. For example, who will be the season leader in the NBA. In this option, chances are changing depending on events during the competition. Particular sports betting is a prediction of a specific event. It can be a certain amount of points in a match, or the number of points scored by a specific player. You can make special bets on the first player to score a three-pointer. It also can be a prediction of a winner after the first half or who will score next.

What Are the Features of Live Betting?

features of live bettingLive bets are made during the match. Several limitations are applied to this type of bet. First, the maximum rate is set because a player has more information than a bet before the game. Second, bets are limited shortly before the end of the game, in decisive moments or during scoring. Live betting would be a good option if you didn’t have the opportunity to make a bet before the match.

In the live-betting mode in basketball, you can follow the performance of a particular player, for example, predicting that he will score the first points. Also, it can be interesting to make a combined bet in a live mode – winner of the first half + winner of the match.

Does the Latvian Basketball Sports Betting Market Have Potential?

Latvian basketball betsAlthough international leagues and championships are significant events, it’s also worth making a bet on local matches using abroad bookmaker offices. Latvian bookmakers don’t offer to bet on the second division matches of LBL because there’s a threat of match-fixing, and there have been cases of this.

In the case of unfair sports betting, there’s a risk of criminal liability. As a player, you should choose only officially registered websites in Latvia, study the rules of every bookmaker, overview the rates, and make a decision.

What Should be Considered When Placing Bets on E-basketball?

e-basketballThere are a lot of esports events where betting is also possible. In June 2020, the International Federation of Basketball organized the first e-basketball matches. There’s a team of e-basketball players in Latvia. These matches are broadcast online. Real players become virtual, team uniforms, playfields, and faces are digitized.

Betting on e-basketball requires another kind of analysis as team members are not constant, and strategy is different for real matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball uses both universal sports betting strategies and strategies specifically designed for basketball.

Strategies such as betting on basketball handicaps, betting on the winners of basketball games, betting on teams that are not favourites, betting above or below the total points and betting on the most popular teams are designed specifically for basketball.

It is very important to know the characteristics of both the basketball team and the athletes. It is also important to keep track of the statistics for the different tournaments you want to bet on.

Definitely not. You don’t have to be a sports expert to bet. However, a basic knowledge of the sport will be useful and will help you win.


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