Sports betting strategySports betting is very popular in casinos. Many people make sports bets for the sake of the adrenaline rush; others want to try their luck. Sports betting opportunities are enormous. Most casinos that offer sports betting allow making bets on various sports: hockey, basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, boxing, and e-sports. Special bets are available as well. For example, during the elections in the USA, it was possible to place a bet on who was going to win.

Universal sports betting strategies make less profit than those focused on particular sports. The Martingale system is one of the best strategies to win, although you can’t use it for all games.

What Strategies Can Be Used For Any Sports?

Universal strategiesNaturally, you can only use some strategies for certain sports. But there are also universal betting strategies that you can use for any sport. The most popular betting strategy is the D’Alembert Betting System. It is widely used by people who make bets on a professional level. According to this system, you increase your bet by one point when losing games and decrease it by one point when winning.

One of the oldest strategies is the Martingale system, according to which you initially pick a specific stake – 2 or 3 percent from the amount. If you lose, you double the stake; you go back to the initial stake if you win.

Rookie players generally use the Sweepstakes strategy. The odds ratio should be less than 7, and you need to choose an amount not exceeding 5 percent. If you lose eight times in a row, you double the stake.

If you are unwilling to increase your bet every time you win, then Miller’s strategy would be more appropriate for you. It presupposes low rates of about 1 percent from the deposit.

Hockey Betting Strategies

Hockey betting strategiesSince hockey is one of the most popular sports globally, online bookmakers offer bets on hockey. Many people are interested in betting on hockey, so it is important to know what betting strategies are best. One of the most commonly used strategies is the Handicap betting strategy. This involves choosing which team wins and which team loses. It’s important to follow the team you’re willing to bet on. The more wins the team has, the more chances of your preferred team winning the game.

Another hockey betting strategy is called the ’60+ strategy’. It’s based on dividing your bankroll into five parts. The proportion should be the following: 1%, 3.5%, 9.5%, 24.5% and 61.5%. If you win on any of these steps, you need to start betting again.

The Second Period strategy is also quite popular. It’s based on the chosen matches during which there were no scores in the first period. In the second period, the bet should be not less than 1.5. Bets can be made only online. The Third Period strategy assumes that the bettor is focused on the significant matches regarding the points scored.

Do you have to be an expert to make bets?

You don’t really have to be a sports expert to make bets. Anyone can be a bettor. Although if you know a lot about particular sports, let’s say basketball, this knowledge can be very useful. The more you know about sports, the more chances you have to pick the right team to bet on. Watching how the players, goalies or defenders maneuver, you can tell which team is likely to win.

However, if you’re betting just for the fun of it you don’t need any special knowledge. But before you make a bet, make sure you’ve checked the number of games that your team lost or won.

Football Betting Strategies

Football betting strategiesThe above-mentioned universal sports betting strategies can also be used for football. However, the ones developed specifically for football will be more efficient. The most popular football betting strategy is called ‘Ladder’. Whether your team won or lost, the match outcome doesn’t matter in this strategy. It generally supposes low stakes. The previous winning is used for the next bet.

If you want to apply the First time total strategy, you need to choose one team you will be betting on. At first, you make high bets, but they should not exceed the odds of 1.5 afterward.

Although still quite profitable, the Offside strategy is not very popular among bettors. Analysis skills and knowledge of the teams and their games and the championship are essential for this strategy. A very detailed analysis is needed to place the right bet. This strategy is strongly advised to be used by professional bettors rather than rookies.

The First goal strategy also requires bettors to know how strong and capable the team is. According to this strategy, you will need to specify your favorite player and the team’s score to make a bet.

Basketball Betting Strategies

Basketball betting strategiesBasketball betting is quite popular in Latvia as well. Similar to hockey and football, several specific strategies can be applied to basketball. The most popular one is ‘Handicap’. Both professionals and rookies can use it. You will need to know the teams, the matches they lost and won, their history.

The Matchup strategy is quite complicated and suitable for those users who bet on a professional level. The Matchup strategy is used when the athletes of the same training level participate in the games, and usually, they are from a professional league.

Total basketball strategy is one of the simplest to use and, therefore, one of the most often used. Two things may be considered when betting according to this strategy: either the highest value or the lowest one.

Last but not least on this list is the Quarterly game strategy. Users make bets Live, but it’s crucial to consider how the team performed in the previous quarter. This betting strategy allows the bettor to make a mistake once regardless of the stakes and the chances.

Tennis Betting Strategies

Tennis betting strategiesIn conclusion, let’s take a look at tennis betting strategies. It is essential to consider each player’s personal qualities and history of success when betting on tennis. If there are breaks between sets during tennis matches, it’s better to use the Geimi strategy. The athlete’s chances of winning are quite high – 1.5-1.8.

The general strategy regarding the favorite can be assumed only when there is an obvious favorite in the competition. It’s also important to look at the total score of the match and rely on it. This is the most complicated tennis betting strategy, so you’d better not use it if you don’t have an accurate prediction.

The most well-known modification of the Martingale system is Dogons on Break. The main objective is to pick a tennis match where players have either a good or a perfect serve. This strategy is fairly popular among the bettors who only make bets on tennis.

Rookies rather than professionals generally use the Eisi strategy. It should consider how straight and powerful every athlete’s serve is. It is advised to set low odds so that the chances of getting the profit are high, but the profit is usually not that big.

Which Strategy is More Valued, and What Method is More Efficient?

strategy‘Which strategy is more efficient?’ is an important question for everyone who makes sports bets. However, it is hard to answer that question. It depends on how experienced the bettor is and how much time and attention he pays to every game.

Anyway, universal betting systems are less profitable than the strategies developed for particular sports. Although choosing a different strategy every time you’re willing to bet may be quite troublesome. That’s why it is recommended to pick a particular strategy for particular sports and use it every time you make bets.

Thus, you will gradually become better at using the particular strategy and eventually become a professional bettor. If efficiency guarantees winning, the Martingale system is undoubtedly the most suitable strategy. However, this strategy cannot be used for all sports. It only works if the contestants are more or less equally trained.

To make bets more efficiently and successfully, it is necessary to develop the right way of thinking and hone your strategic skills. It’s better to choose one particular sport (hockey, basketball, football or any other), keep following all the events and statistics. This will significantly increase your winning chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

When betting on sports, you can use both universal strategies and strategies for a particular sport.

Universal sport strategies are those that can be used for all sports. The most popular universal strategies are the Martingale strategy, the Dalambers strategy and the Miller strategy.

If you want to maximise your winnings, it is advisable to choose strategies that are specific to the sport. Universal strategies are less effective.

To become a successful sports bettor, you need to develop the ability to analyse sporting events. It is advisable to keep up to date with statistics on a particular sport or small group of players. This will help you to bet more successfully.