Fixed Limit
Everything you need to know about playing poker online: the rules
Published: 13-01-22

The previous lesson on poker was dedicated to the basics of Texas Hold ‘em. But we haven’t discussed the limits […]

Bet on the leaders' goals
Football bets that will definitely win
Published: 13-01-22

Some people do not play football, do not watch it, and are generally not interested in the ball that the […]

Why do betters love hockey?
Real men play ice hockey, but who bets on it?
Published: 14-01-22

What do people, who are far from hockey, know about this sport? Firstly, hockey is exclusively for real men. Secondly, […]

What transfer deals will Rangnick make?
Football transfers, which are most likely to happen this January
Published: 14-01-22

What transfer deals will Rangnick make? The new coach of Manchester United has already transformed the team: not only Cristiano, […]

All combinations in Texas
Let’s review the combinations of Texas Hold’em
Published: 15-01-22

We will familiarize you with the basics of the game – Texas Hold’em poker combinations in this article. Look through […]

From America with love
A basketball player from the Russian national team became the first female coach of the NBA
Published: 16-01-22

Rebecca Lynn Hammon, also known as Becky Hammon, is an American-born basketball player. At the end of the 2000s, she […]

Types of MMA bets
Types of bets on MMA fights
Published: 17-01-22

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, is recognized as the most spectacular and exciting out of all contact sports. Often, the […]

Russia's triumph and rating after the title
Davis Cup: the results
Published: 17-01-22

One of the best events in the universe of tennis is the Davis Cup. The world’s strongest men’s tennis teams […]

Why is he so far ahead of his rivals?
For the second time in a row. Rauno Sappinen became the best in Estonia
Published: 18-01-22

Football is popular all over the world. It may not be as developed in Estonia as in other European countries, […]