Types of metrics
Are metrics useful in betting?
Published: 27-05-22

In any business, a person wants to evaluate their effectiveness when reaching the first results. This is done primarily to […]

Canada's strict laws
A new star of the Canadian hockey
Published: 27-05-22

Professional sport is often full of pleasant surprises. This time the Canadian world of hockey has acquired a new talent. […]

Maths in hockey statistics
What does the Corsi parameter mean in professional hockey?
Published: 26-05-22

Information on the most important sporting events is now freely available: anyone can view the line-ups of the participating teams, […]

NHL: a priori the first?
The difference between the KHL and the NHL: from sites to rates
Published: 26-05-22

The two most famous hockey leagues in the world are the KHL and the NHL. Perhaps even those who are […]

What changes in the team?
Is the third strike of “lightning” close?
Published: 22-05-22

“Our team scored 8 goals for the best team in the regular season, today we went to a reception at […]

Bruno or van de Beek?
Manchester United’s 7 big problems for Erik ten Hag to solve
Published: 22-05-22

How to overthrow authority of the players Erik ten Hag has probably the most toxic locker room in history. Almost […]

Serena's star has gone out?
Serena’s coach has found a new mentee
Published: 20-05-22

Serena Williams is a tennis legend, one of the most famous and richest female athletes in the world. A woman […]

Team successes and achievements
NBA regular season results 2021/2022.
Published: 20-05-22

The other day was an important event for basketball fans: the National Basketball Association regular season ended on 10 April. […]

Incredible Nkunku
«Eintracht» kicked «Barcelona» out of European competition, Miranchuk could not save the match with the Tedesco team – and other news
Published: 18-05-22

Incredible Nkunku This time, Gian Piero Gasperini let Oleksiy Miranchuk on the field in the 70th minute, but neither he […]