Golden State Warriors are the new NBA champions
“Curry is the reason for our championship.” Golden State was able to get to the top again
Published: 07-09-22

It is said that in any sport, the composition of the team is only half the battle. So many puzzles […]

Injuries and bone diseases prevent him
Willpower or massive deception: Nadal’s injury experts.
Published: 07-09-22

Rising from the ashes On June 5, the final match of the Roland Garros tournament took place. Rafael Nadal faced […]

The one fight everyone is talking about
The Chechen fighter stunned the world and was labelled “a new level of a monster.”
Published: 06-09-22

It is said that sports legends are not born as often as we would like. In any sport, there are […]

In these teams, the players don’t earn much
Is the high cost of hockey players always justified?
Published: 06-09-22

It is known that many professional athletes get quite good salaries. Their size depends not only on the level of […]

The star wasn’t interested in lucrative offers
What will happen to Bale after his contract with Real Madrid ends?
Published: 05-09-22

The last football season turned out to be spectacular and generous with sensations. The stands were filled to capacity, all […]

The main reasons for cooperation with Europe
The reasons for the growing popularity of European football among American businessmen.
Published: 05-09-22

Big-time sport has long ceased to be a separate industry. Today it is inextricably linked with the entertainment industry, advertising […]

Completed football transfers of summer 2022
Zinchenko leaves Manchester City after 6 years of cooperation.
Published: 04-09-22

Since the beginning of summer, a new chapter has begun in big football: the transfer window allows the coaching staff […]

"Blurred Norms" football
The rules of football are about to change. There will be consequences for insults
Published: 04-09-22

Many say that all is fair when it comes to love or war. The same cannot be said about football. […]

Face-to-face tennis matches: what should you pay attention to?
The role of in-person matches in tennis betting
Published: 03-09-22

Even those not into tennis know full well that this is an individual sport. If, for example, team unity plays […]