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Bets on tennisBets on tennis are popular with betters in Latvia. Tennis matches occur quite regularly – at any season of the year, almost every day, often several times a day. Each player may choose the most thrilling and best play, on which he shall place his bets. Those can be not only the classics like ice hockey, football, and basketball but also other important events. Any tennis lover shall describe this game as thrilling and intriguing, and making bets on tennis is much easier than in many other sports.

Betting on tennis

Betting on tennisTennis is a sport where betting is easy, as the game is usually between two players. When you bet on tennis, an important nuance is the betting strategy. To make the right bet, you have to analyze tennis players. A great advantage of tennis is that the game depends on just one player, sometimes on two players. In team sports, six or more players are responsible for the game.

For example, it is much more difficult in football or any other team sport, as the team might lose because of any player. If just one player plays badly, he might disappoint his team. Different factors can affect the failure of a game: one of the players could be a bad mood, one could become injured, and one may get a red card.

This risk is much lower in tennis because each player plays for himself. But to make bets on tennis matches and win, it is important to know the betting strategies, which would help you win. A universal betting strategy, or a strategy specific to a particular sport, can both help you. You should remember that universal strategies are less effective than strategies designed specifically for tennis.

Tennis betting strategy

Tennis betting strategyEach sport has different strategies that are unique to them. One of the most popular strategies is betting on the outcome. The player chooses one specific tennis player or a pair, who shall win the match. Winning chances are very high. There is no chance that the game shall end up with a draw in tennis. Someone always has to win.

Many players also use betting on the total number of games. The main idea is to guess if the number of games would be less than that shown on the line. Traditionally the number of games in a match consisting of two sets is 20,5, 21,5, or 22,5. Also, the bisque is often used, which is a starting advantage that the stronger player gives to the weakest athlete. There are also some more simple types of bets.

For example, betting on the number of sets is the most popular betting strategy in tennis between new players because they have to guess how many sets there would be in the match – two or three. Often bets on an exact outcome are used. In this case, the player has to guess which player would win and which outcome this specific match would end with – 2: 1, 1: 2, 0: 2, and 2: 0.

Universal strategies of sports betting

When betting on tennis, you can use specific bets for tennis and universal bets used for any sport. The most popular such universal strategies are the Delamber strategy, the Martingale strategy, and the Miller strategy. The Martingale strategy is based on betting on all possible outcomes or an unsporting event during the game.

2% – 3% – is a fixed rate from the balance of the particular game, usually betting starts from such a bet. The game concept is simple – you have to double the losing bet. The betting strategy for tennis, widely used worldwide, is the Dalamber strategy. After placing the bet, there is no need to return to the beginning, which makes this strategy different from others. Then you have to reduce the bet by one point and play until you win.

The Miller strategy suggests choosing such events, where winning chances are high, and game chances are 1,8 tо 1,95. The greatest advantage of this strategy is that it has prospects of success 50 to 50. There are just two outcomes of the game – you either win or lose. However, you have to guess 53% of the possible outcome for winning. These are the strategies, which allow winning when you make bets on tennis.

Betting on tennis

The main advantage of betting on tennis is that this game usually depends on just one player and rarely on two. Six or more players are responsible for the game in team sports, and it is difficult to keep track of all the players. This risk is much lower in tennis because each player plays for himself. However, it is important to know which tennis betting strategy can help you bet on tennis and win.

Each player may choose the most thrilling and best play, on which he shall place his bets. Any tennis lover shall describe this game as thrilling and intriguing, and making bets on tennis is much easier than in many other sports.

Advantages and drawbacks of using strategies

Advantages of using strategies Drawbacks of using strategies
The essence of bookmaker stakes becomes clear It is not easy to understand the strategy’s concept and methods of use
More chances to win in sportsbook Universal strategies are less effective
Everybody can choose his strategy, and there are many

Online-betting on tennis

online bets on tennisSynottip – this casino is quite often searched for by Latvian players. This casino offers the opportunity to try luck in different games and bets. The casino offers sports bets with good odds in different sports and tennis. You can place bets on players from over 10 different countries. The chances are high or low, and everyone can find a good game with great odds.

The online casino 11 .lv also offers clients the possibility of tempting the fortune in sports betting. In this casino, tennis is a popular sport. You will find the best games with the best playing odds in casino 11. lv.

Every casino player in Latvia knows the casino Betsafe Latvia. Of course, this casino also has sports betting in its offers. We invite everybody to join.

A new online casino was recently granted the license in Latvia – the Laimz Casino. This casino also offers sports betting to its clients. Its website is easy to navigate and very easy to find games with good stakes. In all casinos, the bets on tennis are in high demand and popular. All online casinos try to offer good promotions and appealing bonuses to attract clients, as competition from casinos offering bets on tennis is huge.

Some other online casinos, where online tennis betting is available

Online-betting on tennisEvery casino that is thinking of its clients offers tennis betting. Olybet is not behind the others in offering this possibility. You certainly should get familiar with the wide variety of other sports bets at Olybet.

Every tennis fan should try his luck with Optibet Casino. It is very popular with Latvian players.

Online casinos that offer sports betting long ago are not in deficit in Latvia. The casino Pafbet also offers to its clients online betting on tennis. All mentioned casinos – Synottip, 11. lv, Betsafe Latvija, Laimz Casino, Olybet, OptiBet, Pafbet – offer great possibilities for betting. The main thing is to use them!

You should find a good playing strategy to get the highest possible win, which will help you to win more and become the best player. But don’t forget – it is important to know when it is time to stop. If you have already lost seven times in a game, it is time to change your strategy because your chosen strategy isn’t suitable for you. Everyone should start with a small win to get the highest possible winning.

Best tournaments for betting on tennis

Best tournaments on tennisThe greatest advantage of betting on tennis is its continuous season. Tennis does not depend on the season; it is played in different parts of the world. The most important events in tennis are Grand Slam tournaments, which include the Australian Open, the USA Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open, where the Latvian tennis player Elena Ostapenko surprisingly won in 2017 and achieved one of the greatest successes in Latvian history.

Correct tennis betting

To make good tennis bets, you have to analyze events of the game – both important and not so important. When placing bets, it is also necessary to consider the cover of the playing field, which may strongly affect the match progress. There are three available covers – grass, hard court, and clay. Not all tennis players can play well on all covers. Many tennis players show great results on the lawn but cannot do this again on the clay.

When placing online bets on tennis, you have to consider

Before placing the bet on specific tennis players, you have to determine both players’ age, height, and weight and what hand each athlete plays. These factors may strongly affect the game progress and also the outcome. You have to get acquainted with playing styles in tennis. Usually, with time they become almost constant. We recommend analyzing each player, as placing bets would be difficult for you without it.

Frequently asked questions

To find out how skilled a tennis player is, you need to analyse their previous matches. There is a belief that analysing women’s tennis is more difficult than men’s.

You certainly don’t have to be a tennis expert. But how well you know the sport can make a big difference to your bets.

There is no definitive answer to this question. It is up to each player to choose and develop a strategy. Over time, the strategy you develop will become the best strategy for you.

If you want to win big when placing bets, it is not advisable to use universal strategies. They are not as successful as strategies designed specifically for tennis.

It depends on the online casino you are playing at. Most of the online casinos offer this option. You can find information about this on the casino websites.


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