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Today, it is possible to notice the following trend: virtual betting companies compete with each other for new customers more and more often. Indeed, now there are so many of them that one gets the impression they have some kind of quantitative superiority over the players. Therefore, online casinos have to constantly create new types of bets, bonus programs and much more to attract new and keep the existing clients. Such changes have become noticeable in sports betting, namely in corner kicks predictions in football.
Why have they become so popular now? Experts found an answer to this question. They are confident that if a football team is really well organised and shows consistently good results, it’s all thanks to the corner shots. Many teams use them as a particularly dangerous weapon to achieve their main goal. Therefore, players try to perform as many of these kicks as possible.

Expert advice


Experts gave their suggestions for successful betting. Firstly, it is better to choose football teams with consistent high-performance games for your predictions. Secondly, to make the right choice, be sure to study statistics, these can often be found on the Internet, open for public access.

Let’s get back to our betting on corner kicks and look at their types. Most often, you’ll encounter the following types of predictions: betting on the winner of the game by the number of corner shots, on the team that will show a large number of such shots, who will start shooting corners first, on the minimum or a maximum number of corner kicks, on the total or an individual number of such shots throughout the entire match, on the even and the odd number of corner throws, and some more.

According to betting company statistics, the most common predictions are bets on the total of corner kicks for the whole game and the total number of individual corner kicks. Perhaps their popularity can be explained by the fact that such bets can be made before the game and during the match. Such bets are also called instant or Live bets. Their advantages are undeniable because everything changes very quickly during the game, and you need to remember that when betting on football. For example, penalties may start, an outstanding player may unexpectedly be given a yellow or even a red card, and much more. That is why this type of betting can bring you a good win.

How to choose which team to bet on?


So, as we’ve just discussed, bettors’ predictions for corner shots are a very common occurrence in football. Thus, it is necessary to understand them in more detail. Let’s start with the strategy for such wagers. It is vital to select the team that will be the right one. This means that it is worth studying the statistics of the football clubs you are interested in to select the most appropriate one. To determine it, pay special attention to the number of corner kicks performed in the past game’s statistics. If you notice that the team regularly has many such kicks, this is clearly your option. Otherwise, it makes no sense to hope for a sharp change in their game tactics. And also, study who exactly performs these corners; perhaps this is one particular player’s effort. In this case, you can make your prediction for the individual number of corners in the game.

The experts said that some teams have a noticeable, distinct style of play. Of course, some teams literally specialise in corners. For example, there are football teams that are most active in the time intervals between scoring. It immediately becomes clear that the opponents will try to win back with free kicks in situations like this. As a result, the game will switch between the free kicks and the offensive from the other team, and this will continue until the turning point of the match. Therefore, in such situations, the number of corner kicks will be higher than in the classic course of the game.

There’s another situation that may lead to a significantly higher number of corner kicks than usual. For example, when one of the teams realises they are weaker than their opponents, they will naturally try to defend their goalpost as much as possible. Their opponents, on the other hand, will attempt to break this defence at all costs. Of course, this leads to an increase in corner kicks.

Here are some real-life examples of such situations — for example, the national championships of Italy, England and Holland. In contrast, the Spanish teams have a completely different situation on the field. After all, it is not the style of most national teams to score corners, only a couple of them do. For this reason, the Spanish national team is not considered the best option for betting on corner kicks. Generally, Spanish players prefer to spend most of their time in the centre of the playing field.

There is also evidence that high-performing teams are less likely to turn to corner shots than lower-performing teams. As a rule, the corner shots are often performed either by youth football teams or teams performing for the lower leagues. African football clubs also, statistically, tend to use corner kicks frequently. The game style that uses an excessive amount of corner shots is considered more primitive, and the kicks themselves act as a defence.

Real professionals advise thinking such wagers through very carefully. A feature of corner shots is that they depend on the course of the game as a whole. Thus, live betting will be the best solution. For example, you may make your predictions on a leading team, and they will quickly score a few goals with corner kicks. But another situation is also possible: the player can fail to perform the intended corner kick. For this reason, they will try with all their might to make up for this mistake. An experienced bettor will notice this tendency and quickly place a bet on the individual total corners; thus, they will be able to get their desired win.

Another great situation would be the leading team’s unexpected conceding of the ball. A stronger team will immediately want to fix the situation and start playing with maximum effort. The number of both the corner kicks and the free kicks will probably increase because the opponents will be concentrated on one half of the field. It’s not all as simple as it seems at first glance, however. Betting companies are as quick as experienced bettors to respond to changes throughout the match. They change the corners indicators quickly. This creates additional problems for everyone who places bets. So the classic pre-match bets remain the ideal option, as they are made with the most consideration and are based on statistical data, unlike instant predictions, where a decision has to be made in a limited period of time and under pressure.

Summing up, we note that predictions for corner kicks are a relatively new direction in the sports betting industry. If you are good at analysing existing game statistics and understand the peculiarities of the football game, then success is more likely to be on your side. To refresh and improve your knowledge, study the characteristics of football clubs and individual players, as well as their game styles. We wish you success!

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