There can be different views on gambling.

Of course, participation is more important than victory, but deep down, all casino customers believe in themselves and their fortune and dream of a multimillion-dollar account. And this is the right mindset.

Even the biggest sceptics, who are buying lottery tickets somewhere at a local bus stop, dream of an apartment, a car and a couple of million dollars the moment they scratch the protective layer.

It’s like in those films where they struggled to make two ends meet and then robbed the casino, winning a large sum of money. The belief in the jackpot that will outshine all the others is the motivation for constant visits to the gambling establishments.

Luck is not passed down the generations, but not the formula for success in a casino is not based entirely on it. There are quite a lot of conditions that need to be met – cold calculation, ingenuity, thought-through tactics, and the right attitude. But, perhaps, the best thing in the casino industry is that everyone has a chance. The institutions do not care who came in to test their luck. It doesn’t matter who they are. Any person who has discovered the world of gaming slots and online casinos becomes a participant in the race for a large money prize.

There are stories of impressive winnings that will make you believe anything. And it’s not only about the number of zeros in the prize amount but also about the situations themselves, conditions and consequences.

Fortunate old lady, a guy who was lucky twice and a fatal accident


If you think that jackpots have age limits, they don’t. A multi-million dollar fortune can be won even when you are well over 80.

This is what happened with Gloria – a lucky elderly woman who came to the lottery with a ticket and left in complete shock with a check for $590 million. It seems that her grandchildren were as happy as she was with the situation. It is interesting that she got the winning ticket by a complete mistake. A young man who stood in line in front of the future millionaire decided to do a good deed and let the old lade go before him. He away his place in line and a ticket for a huge winning – the guy was obviously having a bad day.

They say that you can’t walk into the same river twice, but a guy called Elmer Sherwin would disagree with this expression. The man was able to conquer the famous Megabucks two times. And in both cases, he won a significant amount. There are legends about the famous gaming machine. Firstly, only a few managed to make it and turn everything in their favour. Secondly, there were rumours that a heavenly punishment would catch up to all the winners – coincidentally, a few lucky ones ended up very badly afterwards. But Sherwin made a clever move, broke the system and masterfully deceived karma. Apparently, two-time winners are not affected by insidious curses because a minus and a minus become a plus. Or maybe there was a time he didn’t use the free spins, or he’s just generally a good person.

But Cynthia Jay-Brennan did face the curse of Megabucks in reality. At the very beginning of the 21st century, a young waitress tried her luck at playing slots. Imagine the surprise of the girl when she hit an incredible jackpot and won 35 million dollars. Straight away, she imagined how she marries a guy she loves, leaves a job she hated, buys a villa on Cote d’Azur and travels around the world. Unfortunately, these plans were disturbed by an evil fate and a car accident: her sister died straight away, and Cynthia herself spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

All or nothing

The heroes of the following extraordinary stories were ready to take everything from life.

Conor Murphy became well-known after he won a huge sum of money at the horse races. You may be asking, “so what?” it is not news that those who bet on horse racing can win significant amounts of money. But Conor did what no one else could before: he was able to predict the success of five horses in a row! Those involved in horse racing understand that this is phenomenal luck. Or a brilliant miscalculation?

And this lucky guy did not fear risk. Ashley Revell decided to try his luck at roulette. Moreover, he played big, putting all his savings at stake. The guy sold all the property and cashed out the account. He understood that his situation was hit or miss. It turns out that it’s true that the road to success is fraught with risk. Just imagine how big his celebration was after he won.

Casino nemesis and a luminous feat of generosity


The workers of many gaming establishments still wince at the mention of the name “Don Johnson”. And it is not surprising, considering what he did. This daredevil managed to win in several casinos – one after the other. Moreover, we are not talking about something simple like video slots. Johnson masterfully beat everyone in blackjack, leaving several famous casinos in amazement and $ 15 million short.

Someone’s winning always causes great public attention. It’s like a fairy tale that has come true. And even motivation – if someone else did it, why can’t I? Therefore, such stories are discussed for a long time, remembering and discussing every little detail.
A couple from Scotland gathered a huge audience of curious people around themselves, not only because of the big cash prize. Colin and Chris must remember July 2011 very well – winning the lottery brought them millions of dollars. It would seem that they own all the trump cards, and it’s time to radically change their life and start living a luxurious life. But the couple decided otherwise.

Instead of buying a few palaces and going around the world, they began to generously give gifts to all relatives and friends. Some were handed the keys to a brand new car, some – the keys to the apartment. But that is not all. Colin and Chris opened their own charitable foundation, sponsored a football team and began to help those in need.

Such stories motivate, surprise, inspire, and sometimes even sadden a little. Everyone has different goals, dreams, and values. Some change their lives, fulfiling their own desires, and some do it for others.

Anyone can get lucky when playing a casino game, but the number of those who want to be the lucky one is huge. Go towards your goal, but think about your actual chances.

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