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Surely many more fans and experts did not have time to come back to earth after the amazing and exciting match between the national teams of Latvia and the Czech Republic. The outcome was quite unexpected because the results of the Czech team were very unstable. However, thanks to the hockey players who came to the rescue, the guys succeeded. They were able to defeat a pretty strong Latvian team and successfully advanced to the next round of the 2022 World Cup.

The main, as they can be called, training and adaptation matches have passed. The draw has also ended. Now comes the most exciting time for fans, especially those who love to bet on hockey. Experts are confident that the World Championship is a real expanse for this activity because only here you can see the world’s strongest teams together.

Now it’s time for the games of the strongest and titled teams. They are often referred to as the Big Six. The organizers of the World Cup specifically hold these exciting games at the very end of the championship. Of course, many things in the composition can still change. For example, the Czech national team should try very hard to beat the Norwegian team, otherwise, it will be the Norwegians who will get to the playoffs, leaving their rivals behind in the tournament standings.

Confrontation between the USA and Sweden


So, just the other day, the first match of the strongest teams between Sweden and America happened. By the way, both teams had a significant problem with recruiting. Tre Kronor held a place for NHL players for a very long time, but in the end, they managed to get athletes like Jakob Peterson. No offence to Jacob, but he does not show outstanding results and looks like a typical European hockey player without any distinguishing features. However, the Finnish national team is an exception. Because the participation of the great William Nylander has already been officially confirmed. By the way, he has not yet rejoined the team. True professionals know that any athlete always needs time to adapt and play with the team. Otherwise, it can have a very negative impact on the overall performance of the Finnish team. Even spectators know this because they need to monitor the accuracy of their sports bets.

Now let’s talk about the American team. Oddly enough, they don’t have an outstanding line-up yet this time. To date, there are no great star names in the team. However, it won’t take long for the first changes to take place. The American Ice Hockey Federation has already said that Ryan Hartman and Matt Baldy, who played for Minnesota, will soon be sent to help the national team. Also, this couple previously had a truly outstanding season in the Kaprizov club.

Who, then, has already shown himself in the best light? T Jane Tynan. At the moment, the hockey player is 30 years old, which is a universal age for this sport. At the age of 30, great players often achieve their best results and are at the peak of their sports shape. T Jane Tynan is an AHL assistant. Over 62 games, he completed 14 well-aimed hits and 84 assists. However, experts know that the main problem for the Americans lies in defence. The reason for this is a large number of injuries among players. They also have this problem at the World Cup, but here it helps them deal with opponents much faster.

It is also interesting that their potential rivals, the Swedes, on the contrary, are considered the best defenders in the world. Therefore, the US team had to really try hard to cope with this difficult task. They decided to rely on the quantitative superiority of shots and puck passes. They managed to make a fuss near the opponents’ goal from different points.

Linus Ullmark saved the team from losing


Linus Ullmark came to the rescue of the Swedish team. He has very controversial and unstable results. The fact that Linus had two completely unsuccessful games proves this statement. Over the past few years, the Swedish team has tended to prefer the classic style of play. It’s about playing with precise control, masterful technique and strategy. But this time, they did not show special skills and looked weaker and more confused.

As a result, the US and Swedish teams had virtually equal chances of winning. The Americans were the first to score, but this changed very soon. Adam Gaudette from the Ottawa Ice Hockey team made a successful shot into Sweden’s goalpost. It is worth noting that this shot was made with such force that the puck got stuck in the net.

A little later, Adam performed another amazing pass of the puck to his teammate Ullmark. However, the defender of the US national team failed, and the opponents got hold of the puck. Later it turned out that the reason for this was a completely broken hockey stick. The Swedes took advantage of this event by literally cornering the American player with a broken stick and made the score equal.

Soon after that, American hockey players got back on track with renewed vigour and began to play an even more fierce game than before. This puck in their net angered and motivated them even more. Adam Gaudette is considered a pleasant surprise of the current World Cup. In his homeland, he was not always even invited into the team, even at the regional level. Many hockey clubs simply refused to cooperate with him. But now, there are so many of those who wish it that a waiting list had to be made.linus-ullmark-saved-the-team-from-losing

Summing up, the American team simply defeated the Swedish team with a score of 3:2. This was a great battle between two equally strong teams. Now the US team secured the third line in group performances. However, there is one nuance here. The Americans need to win against the Czech team to achieve their goal. As we know, this is not an easy task. After all, Czech hockey players are also very worried and want to relax after the battle with a strong Latvian team.

The Swedish team secured second place on the podium. They got very lucky because their game group is quite feasible for them. Therefore, one can easily imagine such an option that the Swedish team will reach the final on the first line. Good luck to all hockey players and fans!

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