If you have at least once been interested in the casino and roulette, then you are familiar with the legendary Martingale method. Roulette and this betting scheme are simply inseparable.
To some, the strategy seems too simple. However, it is simply not true. In modern practice, there are dozens of variations that, on the one hand, complicate the task of the player, and, on the other hand, increase the value of winnings.
Today we will consider two spin-offs from this strategy: Super-Martingale and Anti-Martingale.
We discuss in this article what are the advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the best approach and not burn through the bets.

Super-Martingale: the DNA of the method


The foundation of this strategy is, of course, the Martingale method itself. The very essence is preserved: the player raises the bet after each loss.

This method can be applied in different situations. The most common option is sink or miss, that is, 50/50. You need to choose an even or odd, or decide on a colour.

Online roulette, like regular roulette, can be of different types. Super-Martingale suits French roulette: it involves insurance. That is, the player will receive a certain percentage back if the bet does not work. It is much easier to bet this way.

Where do we start?

There can be no definite answer to this most common question since each player has his bankroll for playing in an online casino, his interest counter, and his betting limit. But if the bet is small, the player has a huge run-up and potential ahead. Remember that the essence of the strategy is to increase the bet. Therefore, it is better to think in advance about where the line is that you should not step over.

How to bet according to the Super Martingale principle

The most important thing is to decide at what bet the round will start. Once you figured out this issue, you can get to work.
Then everything is simple.
If the bet was successful, you simply leave the bet amount at the same level.
If the bet did not pass, double the amount, and add the amount of the initial bet on top.
Let’s use an example of 1 dollar. If there was a loss, the next bet will be $3. The next one is 7 dollars, then 15. That’s it.

Pros and cons of the Super-Martingale strategy


Players love all varieties of Martingale for a fairly simple, clear, but working scheme. No math is used here. You can even do without notes: all manipulations can be done in the mind.
Perhaps the most important thing to understand before you start is that strategy is not a panacea for losing. Despite the proven tactic, the advantage can still be on the side of the casino. Therefore, it is better to choose small amounts for bets, as a negative progression can shoot at the wrong time. Players easily and naturally lose almost the entire bank: the increase in rates goes somehow unnoticed.
The main advantage of Super-Martingale is its transparency. Everything here is simple, understandable, and predictable. You can practice this method in any casino: online and land-based. No additional tools: just simple calculations and a bankroll.

Anti-Martingale: another game option

And again, Martingale produces interesting ideas. However, here we are talking about the opposite of this tactic. The usual method of doubling down on a loss? Not this time.
Anti-Martingale already suggests from its name that the essence of the theory will be exactly the opposite.
If the player wins, he doubles the amount of his bet. If the bet was not successful, the casino client reduces the amount by several times.
Those who love to practice this method are simply counting on luck. According to the principle that you must be lucky at least once, players stubbornly continue to increase their bet and wait for that very epic finale. This can bring consequences.
Of course, the winnings will be doubled, and the player insures himself with the finances received from the casino. But the idea that all the winnings can burn out is very difficult to accept.
It is better, like in the Super version, to choose the French version of roulette for the game. This is the safest method of all, as some of the money may return to its owner.

Anti-Martingale scheme

It is already easy to conclude how the Anti-Martingale tactics behave, but it is better to write down the entire algorithm.
You start by betting one dollar on even and if you win, bet two dollars. Bet on even again. Win again, and the next amount will be four dollars, even. If you suddenly lose, the bet decreases and changes to odd.
What is insidious about this strategy is that you can continue until you satisfy your internal player, or you are left with an empty bankroll.
It is important here to be able to stop yourself or switch to another scheme for a change.

Pros and cons of the Anti-Martingale strategy

Casino customers value Anti-Martingale for its accessibility, versatility, and breadth of use. Play as much as you want. This theory can be practised in all types of roulette. French is just a preference for those who like to insure themselves a little.
Anti-Martingale does not require large investments from the player. We showed by example that you can start with a dollar for the rate to be small and safe.
In the case of a decent, according to the player, win, it is better to stop and leave the casino as a winner, not a loser.
Of the active shortcomings of this theory, one can single out its transience. Even non-mathematicians understand that even numbers cannot win all the time. So, you have to manoeuvre.
Another disadvantage is that there will be a loss in any series. If a person is having a hard time accepting a loss of even a few dollars, then Anti-Martingale is unlikely to be to his liking.



In the casino world, Martingale’s name is considered significant. Strategies are different in nature but are based on one simple principle. For this, Martingale is loved by thousands of customers of gambling establishments.
Super-Martingale is called the tougher option. The increase in the bet is faster, the player sits down, and can quickly end up with an empty wallet. Betting more after a loss is psychologically uncomfortable but the efforts of everyone will be appreciated if you bring yourself to it. The main thing is to stop at the right moment.
Anti-Martingale is perhaps a little easier to take on. Here we are talking about increasing bets after winning, which already sounds somehow more logical. However, big wins border on big losses.
Everything needs to stay in balance.

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