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It is a known fact that the casino industry is highly competitive. At first glance, almost all online gaming platforms are similar to each other. But if you dive deeper, you will notice many different factors which distinguish true professionals from amateurs. And the main one is software.

The online casino market consists of a thousand providers. And believe me, they are all different. Some have just appeared in the gambling field, while some offer truly exclusive things and the most favourable conditions.

So, how to avoid making a mistake when choosing the best one? What criteria to use when evaluating the supplier so as not to regret it later and not wonder if “the grass is greener” somewhere else?

Let’s discuss it in this article.

Principles that rule the day


Before settling on a specific developer, it is necessary to test software providers. The software really has to be the best, no matter which angle you judge it from.
As a minimum, they need to have these things:
The first one is a certificate or license that confirms that the supplier offers you a legal product. A guarantee that the software has a high level of graphics and provides additional options. A good reputation and reviews, even if it is a little-known supplier, is a good sign.
The second is a high speed, clear interface and comfort of use. Players should intuitively master all the software aspects without turning to special instructions on where and what to look for.
The third is the availability of updates, new releases and a decent selection of games.
When all this is put together, you get the perfect portrait of a software developer.
So, then, which companies can compete for the right to become the best?


These guys won a place in the sun a long time ago. This is proven by the positive reviews, world awards and a large number of loyal customers.

NetEnt has been making delighting quality releases in the gambling industry for many years. Its products have stood the test of time and are respected by the army of users and gaming establishments. The philosophy of this company is not to relish the achieved success but to move on, conquering a new audience with confidence. That is why NetEnt is constantly improving. Exclusive design, progressive options and an interface that includes everything a user may need.

This company’s software is popular with at least one hundred and fifty providers. Is this not a success?


  • If this studio releases a game, it is seen as a high-quality game straight away. They have everything – the most interesting genres, the latest updates, and unusual functionality.
  • Quality certificates from recognised world organisations.
  • Bonuses for regular customers.
  • Great graphics.


  • In their wide range of games, you can come across something boring and monotonous.
  • Please choose only the original software. Pirated versions are incomparable to the original.

Yggdrasil Gaming

This is quite a young studio, which quickly became noticed and became a worthy competitor of the big companies.

Their games are popular on many casino platforms. Yggdrasil Gaming was awarded many titles, such as the provider of the year, which only confirms that young brands also deserve customers’ attention.


  • Modernisation of games – the studio chooses original solutions for traditional disciplines.
  • The public demands “bread and circuses”, and Yggdrasil Gaming are happy to provide them with it. Stunning design, spectacular animation and high-quality graphics.
  • Good interface – there’s no need to reinvent the wheel and spend hours in settings trying to figure it out.


  • The studio doesn’t have such an extensive portfolio of games as, for example, the aforementioned NetEnt.


The company is considered to be the king of 3D graphics.

Colourful slots that amaze customers with their three-dimensional image and the impression of being there have long been liked by the audience. We can say that the studio has made a virtual revolution with its innovations.

There are companies that follow trends, and there are those who create them. Betsoft is a true leader, their developments are being copied and imitated, and many want to become them. But, of course, the copies aren’t better than the original.


  • A wide selection of games with 3D graphics.
  • Unique slots where you can customise the settings for yourself.


  • Quite demanding games which require special conditions. For example, the Internet with a very high speed.

Elk Studios

A young company as well, but with a twist.

It is distinguished by high-quality video slots, which are striking because of their interesting characters and unusual functionality.

There are signature products of the company. Games by Elk Studios are like the real business card of the studio. The original interface, non-trivial menu, and the games’ nature all make it obvious that the developers carefully worked on each item.


  • The characters of the game stories are unique and interesting, with their own personality.
  • Unusual design.
  • Unique atmosphere.


  • You can’t be satisfied with video slots alone, and the company specialises only in them.
  • A small range of games.

To summarise: Elk Studios is for those who love an original approach to business.


This is a company that stands distinctive in any rating. Anyone who is well familiar with the online gaming industry has used the excellent products of this studio at least once.

Perhaps, Microgaming releases developments of different genres, but it treats the classics with special love – these are the games that were played a hundred years ago, are played now and will always be played. “Indestructible” legends – and blackjack, and poker, and roulette.

The releases of Microgaming company are of rather different genres, but they approach the game classics – games that were played a hundred years ago, are played now and will always be played in the future – with reverence. This is the everlasting trio – blackjack, poker and roulette.


  • Have a wide range of games available – everyone will be able to find exactly what they are looking for in this selection.
  • The company stands for innovation and modernisation and keeps up with the times, if not ahead of them.
  • Licensed by famous regulators.

Independent auditors unanimously recognised Microgaming as an outstanding company.


  • Microgaming games are blocked in some countries.



Another company that is rated well by the public for high-quality software.

Playtech definitely has something to be pra for. Developers produce the most colourful games, unique slots and slot machines for a multi-million audience and guarantee amazing leisure time.


  • Graphics that you wouldn’t want to miss. Well-drawn characters and high-quality animation.
  • The choice of games, variety of genres and gambling offers is impressive.
  • You can play online, or you can download a licensed version.


  • Games are blocked in some locations.
  • There is no free trial.

Despite the huge number of competitors, Playtech holds up well.

New developers enter the software industry network every day. If you follow simple rules and principles, you will always be satisfied with your choice.

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