People come to betting with different goals: to combine business with pleasure, that is, love for sports and a profitable bet, tickle their nerves, get an adrenaline rush, spend interesting leisure time and, of course, earn money. It doesn’t matter what the player’s attitude towards bets is, one should not rely on fortune alone.

The main tips for beginners in sports betting cannot be described in one sentence. But it is important to understand that betting is a painstaking process and real work. And this work can be hard and difficult.

Of course, you can choose for yourself, for example, “lucky Tuesday”, make bets “at random” or out of curiosity. But if a player really wants to succeed in this area, earn more and become a true professional, it is worth arming yourself with an arsenal of skills and additional tools.

We suggest using a kind of cheat sheet: a betting checklist. Of course, the points will vary depending on the sport, but, in general, the essence is the same.

Such a list can become a reference book for both a novice bettor and an advanced bettor too.

Let’s see how to approach the event competently, what to focus on and how to make a bet successful.

Betting on football


There is no sadder story in the world of sports than the story of sports betting that did not work out. If we talk about football, this is the most treacherous sport. Analysis of football events is like the night before the exam: there is too much to cover. The bettor becomes the eyes and ears of the upcoming match: you need to monitor the condition of every player and not rest even before the starting minute, because the leading players can get an injury even in the last training session.

What points should you pay attention to?

The state of the players: recent standoffs with opponents, performance. We advise you to analyze away and home games separately because the same team can behave differently depending on it is a guest or a host.
The schedule – in which games, when and where the players participate.
The condition of the players – here we are talking not only about the physical state, but also the mental. Divorces, separations, weddings – events in personal life sometimes have a direct reflection on the game.
Tactics on the field – what scheme the players follow, and what instructions the coach gives.
The “black list” of football players are those players who are temporarily unable to run after the ball. Take note of those who are injured, and those who were removed from the field for breaking the rules.
Team motivation is perhaps the defining aspect. Each team has matches that affect their position in the standings, their ability to qualify for the final, and so on. If this is a passing game, most likely the players will not do too much.

Hockey Betting


Hockey should be approached slightly differently. Here we take on the role a responsible analyst and carefully analyze each item.
Check the hockey players which are announced for the match – so the players who will take to the ice. Important: the lists are subject to change and the most up-to-date line-up becomes known before the match.
Goalkeepers – they take care of the gate, so look at the statistics of goals conceded over the last few matches.
The overall picture of the team – so look at the score, the past 7-10 matches, what is the probability of winning in regular time, how do the players behave in home and away games.
Schedule of games – hockey is quite active and cruel in this regard. The players have a tight schedule with several matches a week. The opportunity to take a breather even a little can have an impact on the outcome of the game.
Removal of players – analyze how often players are removed from the ice.

Basketball betting

What is interesting and at the same time difficult about basketball is that each player can play a key role in the game. Sometimes, one player can save the situation for the entire team.

What to look at?

The state of basketball players – it is better to take a close look at least at 7-10 recent games and see how the players behaved.
Schedule of meetings – evaluate the nearest schedule of the team, the number of games, and the rest periods.
The composition of the team is a rather unpredictable thing because the decision to replace some players is made a few minutes before the whistle.
Player statistics – here you have to work hard. It is necessary to analyze the successes and defeats of each team member: throws, passes, and block shots.
The atmosphere in the team – some teams have internal conflicts and bring out to the gaming arena. It is better to scroll through the sports media: they will definitely write about scandals within the team.

Tennis betting

Let’s move on to looking at a sport in which all responsibility lies with one athlete. Therefore, we focus on one performer, but carefully and with great attention.

What should you look at?

The current state of the opponents – you need to understand who the tennis player will play against. It is better to analyze at least 10 last events.
Court – here we look at how a player behaves on each category of the court.
Efficiency – statistics of recent games, how the first serve went, what mistakes were made during the game, and the speed of the tennis player.
Match calendar – which part of the athletes enters the court, and are there any breaks.
Rating and motivation – pay attention to the role competition plays in an athlete’s career.
The player’s condition – were there any injuries, or maybe a shocking event in their personal life. Official sources are here to help.
The location of the game – as a rule, tennis players show their best results in their hometowns and on the court, where they mainly train.

eSports betting


Not the easiest kind of sport and not everyone has had time to adapt to it yet.

Focus on the following indicators:

The state of the players – it is better to check the results of the latest tournaments. In esports, time does not play such a big role, so the assessment of several meetings will more or less describe the whole picture.
Opponents – look at who goes against the team: strong players, performance, substitutions.
The form of the tournament – online or offline.
The interest of the players – the competitions can be different. Sometimes, the prize fund at cyber tournaments consists of millions. Imagine the motivation the teams will have when turning on the computers.
Relationships in the team – we are talking about the mechanics of the team, what are the relations between partners, and whether they know how to work together.
In any case, the main thing is consistency and having a clear algorithm of actions. With the right approach to the events, you will succeed.

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