The bet on “total under” is a great consolation if the game did not live up to expectations.

Totals are very popular in sports betting. “Total Under” is suitable for meetings of not the most motivated opponents or teams that are famous for reliable defense. The scheme has an extensive range, constantly offering players options to increase the amount of the game account. In this article, we will analyze what “total under” is, as well as consider its features and possible strategies.

What is “total under” in sports betting


“Total Under” is the opposite version of the bet on over, “total over”. In order for the bet on total under to pass, the final result must be below the mark set by the bookmaker in a certain statistical component. For example, a bet on total under 2.5 goals will win if less than 2.5 goals are scored in a sporting match. In other words, no more than two goals will be scored – two, one or none.

Fractional totals (total under 6.5) are calculated according to the classic formula: bet amount multiplied by the odds. Whole-value totals (total under 6) are calculated in the same way, but with one difference. If the number of goals scored coincides with the value of the total, the bet will receive a refund at odds of 1.00. That is, the bookmaker will return the money in full – 100 roubles from 100 roubles, 800 roubles from 800 roubles and so on.

Let’s consider a variant of calculating the “total under” bet on the example of the Champions League football match between Chelsea and Valencia. Let’s assume that you bet 1000 rubles on a total of less than 2.5 goals at odds of 3.45.

  • If no goals are scored at all or only one or two goals are scored, the payout will be 3450 roubles: 1000 x 3.45 = 3450. The net profit will be 2450 roubles (3450 – 1000).
  • If three or more goals are scored in a match, the bet loses. In this case, the player will lose all his money.

Another example. A bet on the Russian championship match between CSKA and Ural, but a total of less than 2 goals at odds of 1.90. The betting amount is also 1,000 roubles:

  • In this case, if the teams do not score or only score one goal, the player will receive 1,900 roubles. 1000 x 1.90 = 1,900 roubles. The net profit is 900 roubles (1900 – 1000);
  • if the opponents score exactly two goals – the bet will be refunded, the sum of 1000 roubles will be returned to the account;
  • if three or more goals are scored, the whole bankroll is lost.

Of course, it is worth stating that you can bet on “total under” not only on football and not only on goals. Bookmakers accept such bets on other sports as well. In basketball, points, fouls, three-point hits, assists, rebounds, interceptions, block shots. In tennis – games, sets, aces, balls on other people’s serves. In volleyball – points, parties, aces and so on.

There are really a huge number of options, flexibility and breadth of application are one of the main advantages of betting on totals.

The options are really huge, the flexibility and range of use are some of the main perks of betting on totals.

Asian total under in sports betting


The Asian total makes it possible to bet as accurately as possible when no other total is suitable. This type of total is bet on quarters. For example, more than 2.75 or less than 1.25. Therefore, it is very difficult to confuse the Asian total with any other.
When betting on Asian total, the bet amount is divided into two equal parts between approximate regular totals. For example, 2000 rubles on Asian total less than 2.75 is 1000 rubles on a total under 2.5 and 1000 rubles on total under 3. If the teams score three goals, you will save half of the money.

Advantages and disadvantages of total under betting

There are a number of advantages to “total under” betting that appeal to any bettor.

  • Availability.

Even the most unpopular leagues have their own line of totals. The sheer number of sports and tournaments allows every player to find something to suit them.

  • Low risk.

All you need to do to succeed is guess the goal range. The probability of this is correspondingly greater than trying to guess the outcome.

The main disadvantage of betting on “total under” is the long waiting time. What does this mean? If you bet at the end of the whole match, the suspense will last until the end of the game, because in the last seconds of the meeting the bet can turn out to be a failure.

“Total Under” sometimes carries more risks and has slightly higher odds than “Total Over”. For the most probable events, the bookmaker gives fairly low odds. For a big win on an obvious total, you need to either take risks or bet large amounts.

Strategies for betting on “total under”


Total Under betting strategies are very popular among bettors regardless of their preferred sport and experience. However, football remains the leader in betting on totals. Let’s highlight the most common strategies.

  • Total Under 1.5 in the first half

It is quite a working scheme, for the simple reason that the second halves are usually more productive. According to statistics, only 40% of the total number of goals are scored before the break, the remaining 60% occur in the second half. Pay particular attention to mid-table matches, as mid-table games are often close. Choose a pair of teams that score and concede little in the first half.

  • Total Under 2.5

This strategy is mainly applicable to football matches. The higher the turnover, for example on total over (2.5), the lower the odds, and on the contrary, on total under (2.5) the figure rises, due to which a situation of a valued bet arises. Betting on a football goal on a total under (2.5) should be done in the following cases:

  • in the last five games, the teams conceded less than 10 goals in total;
  • the average performance of rivals this season is less than 1.5 goals per game;
  • bad weather conditions: rain, snow. In such a situation, it will be much more difficult to create than to destroy;
  • the odds for the victory of each team exceed 2.40. That is, there is no clear favorite in the game.

The odds on total less as the game progresses are steadily decreasing. The playing scheme is particularly simple – the bet must be placed immediately after a goal has been scored, and the probability of a quick goal is extremely low. With the right analysis, this scheme can be used to make a significant profit over the distance.