The confrontation, energy, impulsive but precise movements, finely-honed hand movement. Welcome to the world of tennis.

Why is this sport so addictive?


Firstly, tennis is very diverse, and one simply cannot get bored of it. Secondly, there are elements of the game, with a hint of gambling. Athletes admit that the older they get, the more time they devote to tennis, and the more they discover an unconditional love for this sport.

Tennis is a game that allows the players to feel the bold spirit of competition to the fullest develops strategic thinking and incredible dexterity. By the way, talking about developing strategy and dexterity – this also applies to fans.

From time immemorial, fans have been divided into two groups: those who passively watch the action on the court, and those, who rejoice twice in case of victory: for the athlete and themselves – because the bet has won.

Why do bettors love tennis?

Tennis is a very attractive sport for betting. Almost perfect. Of course, there are nuances – just like everywhere else. But all this is compensated by the number of strategies that can be used to win. These apply to both live mode – that is, real-time – and to on the line betting.

What is the main feature of betting on tennis?

Firstly, anyone can bet – both a novice and someone who has experience in this field.
Tennis is appreciated for unexpected turns, final twists and sensations. Perhaps, in terms of unexpected changes at the moment when you no longer expect anything, only hockey can compete with tennis. This is true: the favourite of the first minutes can abruptly go to the bottom, and the outsider will gather their heart and their racket and have excellent final minutes. This is both good and bad for the bettor.

On the one hand, such surprises can undermine the bet they were sure of. On the other hand, it means that it is possible to take a chance and bet on the outsider, who, quite possibly, will pleasantly surprise the fans.

Tennis is respected for its dynamics. This game will not get boring – there is no need to wait for halftime for someone to score. Here are two athletes who will definitely show a dynamic and exciting game, regardless of the situation.

What should be taken into consideration for a successful bet?

The key point in any sport is the number of participants in the process. In tennis, it’s a lot easier.

There are only two of them. To prepare for the bet and analyse the state of the athletes before the game, you need to focus only on two players. In team sports, this is somewhat more difficult. The same goes for substitution – they are impossible in tennis. This means that there will be an unexpected new player on the playground. If a tennis player does not feel very well, he simply leaves the tournament, and athletes rarely do this. Therefore, if you bet live, pay attention to how the athlete acts, are they active, their frame of mind and so on. If not – just avoid placing a bet today.

The game of tennis is played almost all year round. So, if you choose this type of betting, be prepared to stay alert virtually all the time. The players are real people, and their physical and emotional state can constantly change. Pay attention to the standings, the player’s health conditions, their unexpected sensations. All this has an impact on the result. Try to monitor the rating, noting every change.

Weather conditions are essential for tennis and successful bets. If the weather is not great and it’s raining– the game can go down an unexpected route.

What should you know to place a bet on tennis?


Before choosing a strategy, you need to understand what you are dealing with.
Tennis can be male or female type. There is also a variant of the mixed game – double games with two people in the team.

Regardless of the tennis type, all games are divided into sets – it is necessary to score at least six games. If the score is the same, to win with the score of 5:5, one of the players needs to score two games one after the other. If the result is 6:6, there is a time-break. Female tennis lasts until one of the tennis players wins two sets, and male tennis can last until the third.

To understand tennis, you need to know the main championships that cannot be missed. This is especially true of the most prestigious tournaments – after all, they have the most impact on the rating. The most outstanding championships are the Grand Slam ones, based in France, the USA, Australia and the UK. Be sure to watch Masters tennis – there are only nine tournaments. For national men’s teams, the Davis Cup is a mandatory tournament. For women – the Federation Cup.

The most popular strategies are betting against the favourite, who lost at the beginning.
The strategy against the favourite is the riskiest but the most preferred one. If it wins, the coefficient will be extremely high. If you notice that the player is a little off before the match, even if it’s a strong player, perhaps they will lose today.

The betting strategy on the favourite that failed in the 1st set is more expected and safer. If you have been watching an athlete for a long time, and know their strengths, then you can safely bet on the player. After all, even if they made a mistake in the first set, they will definitely put the opponent who beat them in their place in the second set.b And this is your chance for a successful bet.
Is there a way to win without risking losing? Any strategy can be a no-lose one if you prepare thoroughly. You can use this article as instruction before making your choice.


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