There are different attitudes towards casinos. You can think that everything depends on fortune and favourable conditions or painstakingly prepare for each round in the game, practising various theories and strategies. Blackjack is a symbiosis of both. However, preparation is still important.

Many are interested in blackjack. This is a special and fascinating game that can be addictive. But only a small part of casino visitors understands the rules of a successful blackjack game. The concept of counting cards in blackjack is not only used by those who are interested in games. This is quite an exciting aspect of the game, which representatives of other communities also talk about: writers, screenwriters, and directors.

Indeed, blackjack has quite a rich cinematic past. Admittedly, such a picture on the big screen is popular where the spectacular protagonist like Agent 007 enters the casino and wins blackjack almost in one sitting. He has fantastic command over cards, gives out ingenious schemes, and skilfully juggles different moves. Many think that this is only possible in movies.

What if that’s not true?

What if the thin line between professional blackjack and amateur blackjack is just an illusion? What if anyone who really wants to master the craft of this game can learn how to count cards and win?

Read about it in this article.

ABC of card counting in blackjack


Let’s start with the main thing, the basics. If you understand how card counting works and why it is necessary, then it’s up to you to figure out all the subtleties.

It is important to understand that blackjack is a friendly casino game. What does it mean? In any case, the company will remain in the black, although the advantage won’t be big. Especially if the game lasts several hours. To prevent the casino from having a delicious meal at your expense, you need to adhere to a certain game strategy. The most important thing when choosing a strategy is to consider which blackjack variation you are dealing with.

In addition, the most important rule of blackjack sounds so banal that many simply forget about it. The rule is to stick to the chosen strategy. Strictly following every step. Blackjack is a game based on the links of one chain. As soon as one link is broken, if the player deviates from the plan, the outcome of the game flies into a black hole.

But, unfortunately, in modern versions of blackjack, adhering to strategy is not enough. Therefore, an important comes into play: card counting.

We are talking about cards that are no longer in the game.

Let’s settle once and for all: in an online casino, this method, alas, has no power. As soon as a card leaves the game, it immediately comes back.

The main secret of the principle of counting is that cards that are currently in play mainly affect your victory.

For example, if there are more significant cards left in the round, this increases the player’s chances of a favourable outcome. If the player receives cards with a small value, they lose a strong position. If you keep tabs on the cards leaving the game, this will significantly strengthen your position.

Counting cards, as we said, is better in an offline casino. Online blackjack can be won using other methods. This principle works in other games too, like baccarat and other card games.

Secret methods to win at blackjack


Some blackjack fans go much further. They are sure that you won’t win by counting cards alone. What other tricks can help players feel more confident and win?
There is a strategy called true count. This is a two-way count. In addition to keeping an eye on the cards that are out of play, the player keeps track of the decks that are already being used.
Another interesting strategy that you have probably seen in the movies. This is the theory of an outside observer. The player counts cards, but not in their own game, in someone else’s. They carefully observe the process at another table. When the score goes off scale, the player asks for permission to join the game.
Amazingly, sometimes card counting takes on a team spirit. You can work with someone. This helps to divert suspicion from yourself. For example, when the account starts to get high, a “new” player appears at the table and takes on big bets.

Card counting: ingredients for success


The player must count well and keep in mind all the mathematical moves and calculations, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
What should a player be able to do?
First, do not give in to panic and stress. Blackjack is always about manipulation, nervousness, and public pressure. Counting and looking for a profitable option at home is one thing. Being in the thick of it and trying to get all the cards right is another thing. The player cannot relax because they may be asked to leave the table at any moment.
Secondly, a player must be able to keep a straight face. Who said that playing at a casino is not a form of art? Being an actor and mastering your emotions is a priority for a player. The one who counts the cards must put on the mask of a beginner or someone who does not really understand the principles of the game.
Thirdly, they must be able to communicate with people and influence them. In land-based casinos, there is something that you do not come across online, real croupiers. Nothing human is alien to them. They, too, can make mistakes. The player can use them for their own good.
Fourthly, you must be prepared for a tough and rather boring process. Card counting is not a quick procedure and is not exactly pleasant. But it helps with winning the game.