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It is widely believed that casinos and luck go hand in hand. In order to win and make the best bet of your life, you have to be in “the day and the moment”. This, unfortunately, does not work with blackjack.
What kind of tripping hazards fate and casinos can offer a blackjack player are covered in this article.

About new types of blackjack: for who and why?


With the advent of online casinos, games have multiplied exponentially. And classic casino table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack began to have interesting variations. This is a great option for those who love proven games but want to bring something new to their gameplay.

Today, casino users are offered dozens of exciting types of blackjack – for almost every taste. Here and non-trivial rules, and bold innovations. In some types of blackjack, only the “skeleton” and the name itself remain. But it is more interesting. Some blackjack variations may seem simple and extremely successful to beginners. The thought flashes through my head: “put, but bigger!”. Do not rush to conclusions. There are a lot of pitfalls in blackjack – you need to swim carefully.

There is a golden rule: if you are offered dozens of bonuses and privileges from the dealer in the first minute, then you will have to pay for it later.

Why are new types of blackjack dangerous? Perhaps, its versatility and complexity for choosing the right tactics. Therefore, if the player is not a frequenter of the casino and does not yet know how to deftly operate strategies, it is better to choose the old and proven version of blackjack.

Let the innovations be dealt with first by experienced players.

The best blackjack strategy


Let’s imagine that today you’ve cheated on the best online casino providers and come to a land-based establishment with real dealers. Here it is – that good old blackjack table. You’ve got your moves and your options all figured out. There don’t seem to be any surprises, because everything is calculated.
What points are worth paying attention to, though.
First of all, the advice that you have to listen to your gut and call on your intuition doesn’t work at all. They say that your main opponent in blackjack is yourself. If you follow your “seventh sense” or if you bet because you think it’s the right thing to do.
In blackjack, you can’t deviate from the plan, which is dictated by strategy, not intuition. Follow the advice and pay attention to the rules.
Secondly, be sure to check whether the strategy you choose matches up with that particular type of blackjack. There are actually dozens, if not hundreds, of modern options for which your strategy may not work. And the differences may be just minor, but they will play a decisive role.
Thirdly, stay calm. The key to blackjack is to stay calm. Anything can happen during the game: things don’t work out, bets don’t play out. The player gets panicky: it seems that the strategy is wrong and all is lost. This is not the case. If the strategy is chosen correctly, it is sure to lead you to a win, just remember that Moscow was not built in a day.
Fourthly, forewarned is forearmed. Every game has an adversary, and in blackjack it’s the dealer. He’s trying in every way to confuse the player, to lead him on a false trail. It’s best to be prepared in advance for the fact that you may be tested for strength and stamina.
Perhaps the best advice is to start preparing for the game as early as possible and calculate any options. And, of course, to stay the course in your chosen scheme.

Mistakes in blackjack: from player to dealer


Even if a player thinks he is a pro and sits down to play armed with tactics and strategies, no one is safe from blunders. It happens – and it’s better to realise from the start.
This is true for both offline and online casinos. On a website, you can accidentally mix up a button on the interface. And at the institution, you may indicate the wrong gesture, to which the croupier reacts inappropriately. Such annoying little things sometimes determine the course of the game, so be extremely careful.
The best preparation for the game is to leave “overboard” anything that might get in the way. This list may include an excessive alcoholic cocktail, which will bring all the settings in the player’s head to zero. Or, like a snowball, fatigue after a week’s work may come over a player – in which case, it’s best to wait with gambling as well.
There are all kinds of situations with a dealer. For some reason, casino croupiers are assumed to be professionals of the highest calibre. Well, everyone can make mistakes, and dealers are just as human. There are even students among croupiers who, believe me, know far less about the intricacies of the game than you do.
You are advised to keep a close eye on all the dealer’s activities. If you think you need to double-check, do so. If you hear something wrong or misunderstand something, ask again. At the end of the day, it’s a job for every dealer. And its essence is to make every player’s experience as pleasant as possible.
The choice is up to everyone: either play at an online casino, where there can be no dealer errors a priori, as there is no dealer there. Or come to a land-based establishment to get a feel for the atmosphere, but don’t forget that no one has ruled out the human factor.
In summary: blackjack is a game for the careful, calculating and prepared. Running into a casino and accidentally pointing a finger at blackjack is knowingly a bad idea.
Approach the game as a work process. Think through each step. Even if you have chosen a well-known strategy. Believe in your own strength and do not listen to the voice of intuition – only reason.

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