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Every kind of activity has its own rules and codes of conduct. It is designed to regulate people’s behaviour and to deal with different types of disputes. The gambling world also has its own rules of behaviour and codes of conduct. Common ones are: respect for each other, no loud talking, control of emotions. In this article, we will look at the player’s code of conduct in blackjack.

Basic rules of conduct for players


If you stick to these rules, you will definitely not be disqualified from the game. It’s worth noting that this is a code of conduct for gamblers, both in the classic version of the game and in online blackjack. So, let’s begin our review.

First of all, you should never touch the cards handed out by the dealer face down. In case you are playing a version with four or six decks, or maybe more, the dealer will immediately deal cards from the common deck face up, which means you will see them and not break this rule. It should be noted, however, that this method of dealing cards quickly reduces the lengthy gameplay process. In addition, it helps other players and the casino to identify and locate cheaters. In general, you should not touch the playing cards, because this action is completely unnecessary.

Next, we’ll go over another rule that will help you play calmly and efficiently. Remember, cards that you receive straight up should not be touched with both hands. Understandably, two decks are not usually handed out openly and everyone wants to get their hands on them sooner rather than later. However, it is better to take it with one hand. Experts tell us why this is the case. It’s simple as that: in gambling, everyone wants to win at all costs, and while you’re playing with two hands, your remaining deck may be thinning out. So always keep a pack of cards in one hand and keep an eye on it. After all, you won’t be able to prove anything afterwards, and will only waste your nerves, money and time. We’re sure that’s not why you’re here. Because every player wants to have fun and relax.

However, in the pursuit of maintaining the secrecy of your cards, you can violate another rule from the code of conduct without knowing it. To avoid this, never close or cover your deck with your hands, or remove it from the table. The punishment may be too severe: you may be completely removed from the game, due to cheating. And of course in this case your bet will be cancelled.

Also, our experts do not recommend that you give game chips or money directly to the croupier. Because he is forbidden to do so. Such operations in the casino are carried out purely through the main table. An important note is that this table must be in good visibility of CCTV cameras. Otherwise, these actions will not be counted. Just remember: any operations must take place under the cameras on the main table.basic-rules-of-conduct-for-players

After you have already managed to place your bet, we advise you not to touch the chips. This is because, according to gambling rules, once the round starts, the chips are no longer yours. Only after the end of the draw, you can touch it with your hands again.

As we said above, it is unacceptable to make noise or talk loudly in the casino. Therefore, use special gestures to communicate with the dealers. Make sure you learn it and actively use it. Don’t worry, every dealer probably knows it. What’s more, using gestures makes your game safer, as CCTV cameras record everything.

Experts tell us that placing personal items on the gaming table is completely inappropriate. This includes smartphones, keys, wallets, bags and even cigarettes. All these things should not be placed on the table. After all, only gambling chips should be on it. However, some gambling establishments do allow their customers to put drinks glasses and an ashtray on the table. Although ashtrays are most often built into the gaming table itself.

The last thing to pay close attention to is the placement of the chips according to their size. It is recommended that the larger chips are placed higher than the smaller ones. In general, if you are unsure about something, always ask the croupier. It’s much better than being the “black sheep”.

How to properly behave at the table so as not to face removal from the game?


We will now take a closer look at the rules of what is known as good manners for each player. Of course, you shouldn’t blame other players or croupiers for your blunders. Your reason for losing is usually either bad luck or an unfortunate mistake.
You should also not disturb players and sit at another player’s table in the middle of a shuffle. In decent establishments, this is only allowed at the start of a new shuffle. However, it’s not a very decent thing to do either. Only do this if you have been invited to a new table.
There is no need to ask for and expect any kind of privileges. If the casino really thinks you are worthy of it, they will tell you about it and bring you drinks. Usually, only loyal customers deserve such treatment. There is no need to shout and insist on it.
It is not advisable to help neighbouring players, even if you feel sorry to see someone else’s money being spent mercilessly. Let the person spend it according to their own wishes. Of course, if you are asked for help, don’t refuse it.
It is clear that gambling establishments are not the place for scandals and arguments. Often you are scandalised by mistakes, but as we said above, your mistakes are all your own fault. If it’s really the croupier’s fault, you shouldn’t shout either. Because we’re all human and it’s perfectly normal. In such cases, you can call the head pit boss and all your problems will be solved very quickly.
To summarise, we have only covered the general rules of conduct. It is no secret that establishments often have their own rules, which must also be followed. You can learn it on the official website or at the casino establishment. If you follow all the rules, you will have nothing but fun. We wish you good luck!

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