If you play blackjack often, you obviously know that there is now a new version of this game for the virtual casino. It’s blackjack with an allowed swap of playing cards between two boxes. It is usually referred to in professional circles as Blackjack Switch. However, each creator can give their own name to this version. In this article, our experts will tell what the essence of this version of the game, which features it hides. Also here we will look at the best models.

Features of the new version of the game


So, it’s worth starting with a reminder of the general rules of this gambling. We’ll talk about the basics, which work in all versions of blackjack. The calculation of the players’ points, the game itself and the cards’ privileges remain absolutely unchanged. Now, let’s find out what changes depending on the version of the game with a card swap.

Firstly, it is allowed to perform target actions only on two boxes, making bets of the same amount. Secondly, the banker can collect playing cards to his 17 points. Thirdly, it is acceptable to swap top cards for free between the boxes. Also, the calculation of blackjack winnings is considered as 1:1. Apart from that, there are some special features with double, split, and surrender, but it all depends on the specific casino brand. It is advisable to find out about it before you play directly, so that you don’t make any typical mistakes.

What are the benefits of blackjack switch?

Now let’s see if the house edge changes in the version of blackjack with the possibility of switching cards between two boxes. It is clear that here the players, thanks to this option, are immediately in a winning position. However, the casino has developed many rules that somehow compensate for this advantage. For example, a draw, in the case when the score is equal to 22 points, a set of cards for the dealer, the process of paying out blackjack and that’s not all.

This means that an average player can expect a mathematical advantage of around 0.6% to 0.2% on the house. In online blackjack, these numbers can drop even further. It all depends on your skills and the strategy you choose. If you are really good at gambling, you can play virtually on equal footing with the casino, with a zero percent house advantage.

Next, let’s focus on the ability to place extra bets in blackjack. In the version of the game we are looking at in such detail, this is allowed. To do so, you need to be on a specialised playing field and you must also naturally have classic bets placed.

Speaking of bonus bet payouts, they only occur when a player has a pair of cards, a tris, two pairs of playing cards at once, or four cards. The payout ratio calculations themselves can be as follows: even, five to one, eight to one and forty to one. Here, the mathematical superiority of the institution is immediately included. By the way, it is worth saying that here this indicator is much higher than in the main rates. It is equal to approximately 2.5%.

Agree that this is a fairly high figure. Therefore, if you are not sure, experts do not recommend taking such a big risk, because the house edge is too high.

The best companies that released Blackjack Switch


As we said above, a lot of developers call this version Blackjack Switch. The rules in all the models are very similar to each other. Therefore, if you have played one of them, you won’t have any difficulty with the other models. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to read their rules and features, you still have to do so. Of course, if you don’t want to make a mistake and lose your bets. So, below we will tell you about the most popular developers of the Blackjack Switch version.
Let’s start with blackjack, which allows the swap of playing cards between two boxes, from the very famous Playtech company. The developers have released a version that adheres to all the classic rules and regulations. They are also suitable for regular blackjack. The special features also include extra bets and some other features. You can find them out on the website. Experts point out the features of this development. First and foremost, this is a very practical and user-friendly control panel, the interface is entirely in Russian, bright and attractive animation, many variations of settings and, most importantly, the game is allowed to run not only in the browser version, but also in the downloadable version. In turn, the extreme advantage attracts many players to this particular brand.
Blackjack Switch from the developers of the brand GameScale is also, like the Playtech product, not much different from the classic version. Here, too, everything is based on the classic and generally accepted rules. Speaking of advantages, the original control panel, the striking design and, of course, the atmosphere itself must be mentioned. In this version it is special, the creators have tried very hard to achieve the effect of really being in a casino. Many players point this out all the time. For this reason, our experts strongly recommend that each of you try out this game.

Who was one of the first to release the Blackjack Switch model?


The next company that clearly deserves your attention is GloboTech. True professionals know that these developers were among the first to create a version of blackjack with the allowed swap of playing cards between two boxes. Other than that, this game is the one and only representative of European blackjack. The idea is that the banker deals himself just one playing card from the start of the game. Here, he is not in the business of checking blackjack’s presence. For this reason, the house advantage is immediately reduced considerably.
And lastly, let’s talk about the exact same version of blackjack, but with a different name. We’re talking about Swap 21 Blackjack from Betsoft. Apart from the name, this game is absolutely no different from other versions, including the classics. Experts say the interface is pleasant, the graphics are attractive, the control panel is very user-friendly and there are many other great advantages.
To summarise, this version of blackjack is suitable for players who know the basic strategy of the game. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to play on virtually equal terms with the casino, without its mathematical superiority. Make sure you understand the rules and regulations before you begin playing, as every developer company has its own ways of doing things. We wish you the best of luck!

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