Due to the entertainment, vivid emotions and unpredictability of the outcome of martial arts, they have been at the peak of popularity for a long time. A boxing fight or a MMA match has long ceased to be an ordinary sporting event: entire related industries are involved in their public coverage, holding and organization.

Often, sportsmans or their official representatives enter into lucrative contracts with sponsors. Their duties include participation in battles in a uniform with the logo or inscription of a certain company, PR of sponsorship products on the pages of their social networks or participation in an advertisement. Large advertisers make deals not only with athletes, but with a whole organization. In this case, the mention of the company-partner at boxing fights can be found absolutely everywhere, up to towels for athletes.

Streaming in this direction is used very widely, allowing you to reach the maximum percentage of the audience. Entire Internet portals have been created for such activities, and successful streamers for the most part are experienced professionals in the PR industry. Often the fighters show themselves as a talented person not only in the ring, but also outside of it. For example, they launch their own line of sportswear or develop a line of men’s toilet waters.

Betting companies are generally considered an integral part of martial arts. Betting on MMA and boxing has long been on the first lines in the ranking of the most popular in individual sports. A wide payline, favorable odds and a large amount of necessary information for calculating bets are attracting more and more bettors all over the world.

At first glance, it seems that both boxing and MMA fights follow a similar scenario. This means that the rates on them do not have fundamental differences. However, this is not quite true.

Boxing is a classic of the world sport. It originates from the time of Ancient Greece, where it was part of the regulations of the Olympic Games. Of course, the visual component has changed since then, but the essence of what is happening in the ring has remained the same. Perhaps this is the reason why bookmakers prefer betting on boxing to any other martial arts. Absolutely any bookmaker will offer the bettor a wide line of play and favorable odds.

Mixed martial arts has attracted public attention recently, but the rise in their popularity can only be envied. Due to the wide coverage on television and the Internet, the trend to the development of the industry is undeniable.

So what kind of martial arts is the most convenient for sports betting? What is it worth to choose in each case? And what fundamental differences should be taken into account when making a bet?

Boxing betting


A large number of works of art are dedicated to boxing as a symbol of willpower and steadfastness, whether it be a series of films about Rocky Balboa, setting a pedestal in his honor in Philadelphia, or music hits by Eminem and 50 Cent.
Despite the huge competition in this field, boxing does not give up its position even with the advent of modern martial arts. Fees and prizes are many more than MMA fighters. Not for nothing in the list of the 100 richest people in the world a few lines taken by boxers.
Bookmakers are vigilantly monitoring the current situation in the field of professional sports. For the bettor, a large number of offices are offered that specialize directly in boxing bets.Their analysts focus on one sport, which means that their calculations based on statistics are closer to the truth. For successful bets, we recommend choosing one of them.
Given the popularity of boxing, the game line usually covers a large range of fights not only of world importance. Boxing meetings are broadcast on central channels and have high accessibility. Of course, the main focus is on fights involving Russian athletes or top fights. However, this does not mean that less important meetings are not available to the viewer.
Any betting office will offer a bettor a huge variety of bets, from the simplest to special ones, which only an experienced player can figure out. The most popular option, suitable for beginners, is betting on the outcome of an event. In boxing, everything is clear: the meeting of fighters in the ring ends either with the victory of one of them or a draw (which happens not so often, but still possible).
Another option is round totals. This bet implies a bet on the number of rounds in the selected fight. “Total over” and “total under” can be predicted by first studying the statistics and physical capabilities of each of the fighters. If there are athletes in the ring in the “lightweight” category, and the strikes are of medium strength, it’s logical to assume that the fight will be long.
Options for the end of the fight, the outcome of individual rounds and the use of power moves are types of special bets. They should be approached with all seriousness: the odds for such bets are more than attractive, but the risk of losing the entire bank due to erroneous calculations is quite high. For the success of such bets, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances of the meeting: the physical form of the opponents, personal motivation in the victory of each of them, long breaks and fresh injuries.

MMA betting


In this case, the types of bets are not much different from boxing, but the payline is not so wide. This is due to the lesser popularity of mixed martial arts among bettors, and to the rules of the fight: 3 or 5 rounds instead of 12 in boxing.
In most cases, central TV buys rights to broadcast the most important battles of such organizations as the ACA, RCC and FNG. But the rights to show the UFC meetings belong entirely to Rostelekom.
In terms of odds, the chance of finding a value bet in MMA is much higher. The margin varies from one bookmaker to another, and therefore the odds are completely different.
No mixed martial arts organization, other than the UFC, offers comprehensive information on its members. But the lack of statistics to analyze the upcoming battle is filled with a huge number of opinions, reviews and characteristics from connoisseurs and sports critics. It is worth remembering that this is only a subjective opinion, not a guide to action.

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