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It is said that sports legends are not born as often as we would like.

In any sport, there are geniuses and just talented guys who are in their place. There are hard workers who tear their claws, jump over their own heads and strive to climb in the rating table at least in the TOP-100. There are also “passers by”: their parents brought them to the sport, left them and did not tell them how to get out. But the hero of today’s article is the one who was clearly “kissed by fate.”

Artur Beterbiev, frozen with delight and anticipation, is watched by the entire sports community and fans of MMA betting. Perhaps no one expected such results from a Chechen guy. But, here it is. The last fight with Joe Smith Jr. finally put everything in its place: we have one of the strongest athletes in MMA. We advise you to remember it well.

The one everyone is talking about


It’s not an exaggeration to say that the Beterbiev phenomenon is now being discussed by all foreign media. Journalists, experts, fans and those who are passionate about betting.

Experts gossip about Beterbiev’s latest performance: it was so great that it seems that every minute of the fight has already been disassembled into atoms.

Many experts are confused: Arthur is 37 years old but acts as if he has 9 more lives. Strong, calm, and purposeful.

The experts agreed that Arthur’s power is not only in his body and physical fitness. His strength is in character.

For a fighter, this is an extremely rare example: to be tough but at the same time gentle. Be about the force but also not forget about the mind.

Fans should have gotten used to the skill of the Chechen guy long ago. So deftly, he bypasses rivals, so competently hits right on target. But each fight is accompanied by a new wave of fame and love from fans.

Journalists gossip that Arthur can easily get the title of the most powerful and dangerous fighter.

“A monster of a new level”

Over the past few days, Arthur has obviously heard a lot of new things about himself. But, strangely enough, for the tabloids and sarcastic correspondents, there were no negative comments. Yes, it is possible!

Arthur was dubbed “a true monster of his craft”.


First, it’s a matter of age. Artur is “on the verge of 40 years”, which by sports standards is almost a pension age. But, apparently, the Chechen is only gathering pace, basking in the rays of glory and getting ready for the next fight.

Secondly, experts note the strength of a fighter. What seems to be amazing here? It is logical that the one who entered the ring has good punches and excellent power. But in Chechen’s case, it is phenomenal. If you look closely at his actions in the ring, he seems to be pulling the strings. Arthur does not lose his temper, does not tense up, and acts according to a clear plan. It’s like he’s reading his opponent’s mind.

Analysts write about this: it seems that the fighter has an unusual ability to understand his opponent. He does not choose a striking strategy. Does not attack like a hyena. Instead, he slowly cracks his opponent, sees his behaviour and knows what to anticipate in the next step.

Thirdly, experts note that the Chechen did not have any super amazing coaches or extraordinary training. So, he learned in the same way as the other fighters. Trained on the same program. It is obvious that Arthur is just one of those who were generously showered with fighting skills and talent at birth.

The secret


The media analyze the actions of the Chechen and try to work out the fighter’s signature secret. How does he manage to knock out strong opponents so masterfully?

Many opponents do not see the main thing: the Chechen is not one of those fighters who can be waited out until he’s exhausted. No, he won’t get tired, and he won’t make a mistake. Either you must act on equal terms with Arthur, or there is no point in going against him.

In addition, Arthur is not a fan of particularly long series. He boxes on point, modestly, but right on target. The athlete does not have time to feel tired, gives himself time to catch his breath and attacks again, like a cobra.

Experts note another feature and interesting detail of Beterbiev’s matches: he is not primitive. In every match, Arthur uses some kind of original tactic. It does not simply copy someone. Does not use the same manoeuvres from battle to battle. Therefore, every time it takes the opponent by surprise.

Beterbiev does not enter the ring to wave around. It seems that he treats every fight as real art. Works nicely and neatly. Competently integrates strength and balance, suddenness and slow actions. His performances can be called a show, a performance. That’s what the Western media are doing.

The most anticipated match

For every Arthur, there is a fighter who still wants to defeat the invincible. And it seems that such a competition is planned quite soon.

Dmitry Bivol. WBA world champion. Master, professional and very competitive fighter. By the way, this is well understood by the entire sports audience because the match between Bivol and Beterbiev is expected even by those who do not understand anything in MMA. Just because it will be beautiful, powerful and, obviously, with a spectacular final twist.

Artur shared with reporters that the fight with Dmitry is something that could interest him. The Chechen sees strong motivation and “a matter of principle” in the match with Bivol. This is something that can really shake the world.

Bivol himself retorts that he did not mind meeting the Chechen. But now, his thoughts are busy with revenge, and Arthur, according to Dmitry, may have other priorities.the-most-anticipated-match

However, according to foreign sources, Arthur himself is just dreaming of a duel with Dmitry. Perhaps it is interesting for a Chechen to test himself and enter the ring with a really worthy opponent.

And while both fighters are trying to “squeeze” their meeting into their busy schedule, the experts are rubbing their hands. This match is in danger of becoming the strongest and most famous in the recent world.

Well, the matter is small: to organize a dialogue in the ring at the proper level for these two most powerful athletes.

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