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An experienced casino player knows the winning formula: play what you like and choose your strategy. There are some games that can be really lucky, but blackjack is not one of them. It’s a game with “character” and charm.

There are rules for playing blackjack successfully and they must be followed. How to navigate the flow of strategies, get out of confusing situations and not be afraid of difficult hands – we discuss in this article.

A game for true connoisseurs


Blackjack is chosen by those who do not have enough intellectual puzzles in their lives – they want to test themselves for strength also in a gambling establishment. The strategies of this game can be clicked like nuts, and still get caught in the insidious network of seemingly simple rules.
A true connoisseur of this casino cannot simply memorize the mechanisms and schemes. He should be well aware of every nuance. Think over the move and your response to the reaction of the opponent. You can prepare for blackjack betting like the most important exam in your life and still be left behind. Why?
The fact is that there are situations that trip up even experienced casino visitors.
Blackjack is a multifaceted process, which each time throws up new challenges. To become a true ace and proudly call yourself a professional and connoisseur of this game, you will have to take “work at home”. Carefully deal with a particular case and work out your actions. Blackjack is important not just to play – it is important to understand and feel it.
Once a casino regular compared blackjack to good expensive wine, which is stored somewhere on the farthest shelf in a wine cabinet. It cannot be drunk quickly, on the run. It’s worth stopping here, but it’s better to pour the drink and taste it. Enjoy every sip, taste the tannins, appreciate the astringency. And get real pleasure.

Ambiguous situations in blackjack


Perhaps if everything was too simple, then blackjack was not so wildly popular all over the world. The game is called a “classic of the genre” and a hallmark of any casino with a good reputation.

Online blackjack is just as popular as games in regular casinos. With its agile twists and turns, challenging situations and star-spangled challenges, blackjack likes to tickle the nerves. But if you make it to the end, get a good grip, and become a blackjack expert, the fun part is starting to happen.

There are points that confuse even “scientists”. Here are a few of them.

Equal amounts

Some people play on the principle: better something than nothing at all. But blackjack likes to take risks and play big. Players are happy with a one-to-one payout. But they don’t think about the fact that if they keep choosing this option, they may be doing themselves a disservice, and the casino will be left with a win.

When should you agree to equal money? Only if you are in an extremely difficult position and realise that the odds are definitely not on your side.

«16» against «7»

Those who are just starting to get acquainted with blackjack actively look at the dealer’s cards. And it is right. For some reason, some enthusiastically bet on sixteen if the dealer has a ten, but decide not to do so when the dealer has a seven. They are afraid that there will be too much. The wrong move, which can confuse all the cards in the literal and figurative sense. After all, the possibility that the dealer will have more by 16 with a seven is as more as with a ten – and even higher. Because the player can easily get a small card, and the dealer will grab something bigger.

Blackjack is all about numbers and calculations, so take the time to do the math in your head. Even better, on paper.

Split of “8″ against “10″

Beginners in blackjack play very carefully. In addition to the desire to succeed, there is a terrible fear of losing, losing the pot. It’s scary if it didn’t work out at first, maybe this is not the right game?

That’s why every step in blackjack is a difficult one, and one that looks back on the experience of other players. It is known that no one likes the split of cards – after all, this is a direct ticket to doubling the loss. However, experienced players will tell you: do not be afraid – you must act. And feel free to split eights if the dealer’s hand is “10″. Why?

Because in this position, a double of “8″ greatly increases the possibility of a good resolution of the situation. Yes, it’s uncomfortable, because the risk of losing is quite high. But if you make the right move, you’ll come out of the round a winner.

«11» against «10»

Let’s move on to a fairly common situation. A strategy that involves doubling when a player’s hand is worth 11. However, how difficult it is to make that decision. Imagine a situation where the dealer sees a ten. Take it or leave it. Most people think a small card is going to come out, but the dealer is bound to have a 10.

But let’s look into the calculations and realise that the situation is much more positive than it seems and your chances are quite good.

In summary: doubling up is the most appropriate option if you have 11 in your hand and the dealer is showing 10.

«12» against «2»ambiguous-situations-in-blackjack

Another common option is when it feels like all is lost and who pulled you to the gaming table in the first place. This state of affairs, or rather cards, is particularly infuriating for newcomers.

How to be? If you take cards, there will obviously be a bust. Skip and wave your hand – the croupier has an obvious advantage.

The reality is that you should take on 12 if the dealer has a 2.

Game experts say that this is exactly the step you need: to take a card and trust that blackjack will favor you.

In addition, experts insist that blackjack and fear are incompatible things. Here you need to act: deftly, with a mathematical approach and categorically. Do not think about the percentage of the bankroll, do not listen to the seventh sense, which can also be wrong. Just choose a strategy and stick to the plan until the end.

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