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Every beginner must study all the varieties of bets before placing them. And choose the most suitable for themselves, after studying all the advantages and disadvantages, as well as features that are not always immediately noticeable at first glance.

Professionals advise paying close attention to Live betting. After all, it is a great opportunity to make quick money. However, there are also risks because losing money is also quick. This variety has its own advantages. For example, many players do not like waiting for the results for long, and here the outcome becomes evident during the game process. The owners of the gambling establishments make huge profits from bets like this since most bettors make their predictions quickly, without thinking much, influenced by emotions and desire. So, how to avoid these typical mistakes?

Rush decision is the worst one


Answering this question, experienced specialists advise following some rules. First, you should always carefully consider whether you are confident in your prediction. In case of the slightest doubt, it is better to avoid placing the bet. Haste is your main enemy; what you need to rely on are statistics and in-depth analysis.

One of the most common issues is trying to win back quickly. However, such a mistake is made in virtually all types of bets. It is clear that losing is extremely unpleasant, and one wants to make up for this annoying mistake as soon as possible. But most of the time, this leads to even greater deterioration of the situation because the player makes predictions without proper thinking about them. Having a gambling addiction can lead to disastrous results.

The first solution to this problem is setting a time limit. For example, set a rule for yourself: only place one bet per hour. This way, you will have enough time to analyse everything more carefully and make the right choice. The second decision is limiting how much money you can spend. It is necessary to determine how much you can spend per day. Once you’ve reached the limit – stop and have some rest until the next day. It’s crucial to have self-discipline. Without it, it is extremely difficult to control yourself and your spending.

The mistake of trying to fix the situation quickly is followed by this: placing va-bank bets. Imagine that you lost and decided to correct the situation quickly. Seeing high odds, you most likely decide to bet on sports. And this will be an impulsive decision, your weakness due to the gambling excitement. And this will be a mistake. Also, often, novice bettors think that they have become real professionals after winning 5-10 bets and start betting all the money they earn on one prediction. As a result, they lose all their money. Remember, you shouldn’t overestimate your capabilities and knowledge, only a reasonable statistical analysis will help you earn real money.

It’s impossible to calculate how many times the experts have said about the importance of a thorough and in-depth analysis of the team and each player, their schedule, playing grounds and much more. And still, most players rely on luck and intuition. In general, you shouldn’t rely much on instant bets, really. They’re just an additional way to earn money, don’t expect it to become the main source of income – because sport is unpredictable. For the best results, professionals study previous games, fights and more.

Why is it better to avoid betting on random or your favourite teams?


Another fairly common mistake is betting on random events. Sometimes, people don’t know anything about the team or even the sport but decide to make their prediction after seeing it on a website. Or, another scenario – they haven’t watched their favourite team’s game in a long time, but remember that the team was virtually invincible a year ago. As mentioned above, everything changes very quickly in sports, so placing bets based on old information is very illogical and dangerous.

Take a look at the Monaco football club, for example. Just a couple of years back, this team was unbeatable, and now the players’ performance is below average. And there are many similar examples.

Do you think that making random predictions is a thing of the past? It’s not. According to our experts, bettors who place bets like this still exist today. They don’t use existing statistics or analyse anything at all. It is clear what their results will be like with an approach like this. After all, relying on intuition and luck only is erroneous in the modern world. Especially considering that there are billions of resources that will provide bettors with the necessary information.

If you don’t want to lose money, don’t bet on your favourite team, especially when you know especially that your opponents have a much better chance of winning. It is better to study all the odds of betting companies in detail. Of course, low odds are not always justified. Many great teams lost right on the verge of victory. For example, Borussia was considered the absolute favourite, but just a couple of minutes before the end of the match, they lost.

It’s no secret that betting companies process a huge amount of different information every day. To date, most of the tasks workers complete are automated. The staff often doesn’t monitor whether the machines are working correctly. And they can make mistakes, sometimes significant ones. Don’t rely on them entirely. After all, for example, in, say, a basketball game, machines very often make typos: instead of 165, write 16.5, and so on. By the way, such nuances should be specified in the rules.

Of course, these are not all mistakes beginner bettors can make; experts have analysed only the most common ones. Most of the mistakes are caused by a lack of self-discipline and willpower. First of all, the player needs to control their behaviour and actions, otherwise, they will lose all their money. Remember, instant betting is not entertainment but a good way to earn some extra cash. If you do not know the team and outstanding players well, or if you have had alcohol, it’s best to avoid betting. Every time it is better to analyse everything, think it over and only then make a final decision. You will be able to make a profit only if you choose the right moment when to bet. Don’t know whom to bet on? Watch a broadcast online. This will certainly help to make the decision. By following these simple recommendations, you will be able to win more. Good luck!

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