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Slot machines have always held a special place in casinos, and some of them have even earned the title of “legendary”. Some of the machines have been around for decades, while others have only recently arrived on the gambling market. A variety of themes, excellent audio accompaniment and favourable conditions attract new thrill seekers every year.

Online casino video slots


In the 21st century, players have a great opportunity to enjoy playing their favourite slot machines anywhere, 24 hours a day, with an internet-enabled mobile phone at their fingertips. Online casinos exist in almost every country in the world, offering their services to an interested audience.

With the advent of online venues, interest in gambling has increased manifold. To encourage new players and active regular users, each casino has its own loyalty programme. Some bonuses are of little value to the player, while others can be used to maximum advantage. The most common gifts are free spins, freebies and top-ups to the player’s deposit account.

The developers of the sites do their best to convey the atmosphere of a real casino. Bright design, cheerful music and an incredible number of the highest quality games are a must-have basic set for any casino. The main goal of the vast majority of users is to have an unparalleled experience of playing their favourite slot. This means that the environment must meet the high expectations of today’s customers.

The quality and quantity of slots on offer depend directly on the financial possibilities of the gambling establishment.

Nowadays, players are fully supplied with all the information they need in the gambling industry. Entire online portals are devoted to choosing reliable casinos, and tips for playing professional card games and video slots are available in seconds. In addition, before making a first deposit, a newcomer can read reviews from real customers of the chosen site. Here you can ask questions and ask the opinion of more experienced “colleagues”.

That’s why a casino that is seriously interested in its own ranking will never skimp on the quality of the games it purchases. Online casino software providers represent one of the most emerging and modern industries in the IT world. They actively keep in touch with casino administrators and users, in order to keep up with the interests and preferences of their customers.

Often players have doubts about the integrity of online casinos. There are a lot of rumours on the Internet about the scamming of slots by casinos and even the developers themselves. It is worth noting that if there is no confidence in the integrity of an online platform from the beginning, it is not worth cooperating with.

In addition, all casinos with an official gambling licence are periodically inspected. Player protection organisations pay special attention to checking the RTP data obtained against the figures declared by the producers. Some providers protect their games from any external interference in order to avoid scandalous stories mentioning their developments.

Most of the best software developers over the years are a kind of quality indicator: rankings of the best online platforms sometimes take the number of games from a particular provider as a basis.

A video slot that deserves attention can be seen from afar. First of all, this is a convenient and well-thought-out functionality: even without translation into their native language, the player will easily understand the nuances of the slot machine options. The rules of the game are clear and cannot have an ambiguous interpretation. The description of the video slot contains all the necessary information for a pleasant and comfortable game.

Major developers are distinguished by simply incredible performance: new products are released with enviable regularity almost monthly. Among the providers there are those that specialize in topics that are unusual for a casino. Take Christmas Day or Easter Sunday for example. There seems to be nothing in common between casinos and religious festivals, but slots featuring painted eggs and Easter bunnies have won players’ approval.

The main nuances of using video slots


All online casino slots have a common component in the form of reels and paylines. The essence of the game is approximately the same: gather a winning combination of symbols and get the winnings according to the rules of the game. However, the details of the game differ dramatically from one machine to another.

  1. The RTP and volatility of a slot are the main indicators of the solvency of the machine. The higher the reported volatility, the less often the slot will please users with winning combinations. However, if you win, the amount will be larger. Conversely, the lower the volatility, the more often the video slot will dispense smaller winnings.
  2. RTP is a percentage of the amount of all bets made by players, which will be returned to lucky users as a win. The higher the RTP, the more profitable the game awaits the customer. RTP is calculated for a certain period of time, which means, the more popular the slot, the more often the required payout cycle will occur.
  3. The choice of bet has a direct effect on the terms of the game and the amount you are likely to win. For example, to be eligible for the cumulative bonus, bets must be placed within a certain range.

The player can choose his own bet amount for an entire round or a single payline, depending on the machine model. There is also the option to bet on a single spin.

The most user-friendly video slots are the ones that let you choose the number of lines, the amount bet per payline and the denomination of the payout.

  • Setting the number of lines

Not all slot machines offer the player to choose the number of active lines. However, if such a function is available, it will definitely add to the attractiveness of the game.

Players can set the required number of lines using the proposed elements on the panel or by pressing the button: how many clicks, so many lines will be added. The best option is a separate window with the choice of the required number of lines and the amount of the initial bet.

  • Turbo mode and autoplayturbo-mode-and-autoplay

Some video slots offer the player to use the turbo mode: the speed of the machine increases by 2 or even 3 times. Professional players practically do not use this opportunity, since the mathematical superiority of the casino exists in video slots, even with the highest RTP.

Another additional feature is the automatic mode. The slot independently produces rotations, and the player can only passively observe what is happening on the screen. The user can enter indicators that will stop the automatic game: the start of the bonus round, receiving free spins. There is no consensus on the use of auto mode; Each player independently decides whether to use this feature or not.


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