The professional activity of the bettor is inextricably linked with the serious information awareness of the player. Without a preparatory stage, the probability of making a profit at a distance is much less. Finding insider information, comparing sports analysts’ assumptions with your own opinion, choosing the best tactics – that’s all part of a player’s daily routine.

The bookmaker is a serious opponent: only an experienced bettor can resist the experience and skill of specialists in the field of gambling. That is why it is so important to keep abreast of events every minute. The age of technology offers players excellent conditions for betting: mobile applications with a wide payline and a profitable bonus system, a loyalty program for beginners and regular customers, and real-time gaming.

Yes, and getting the necessary information has become much easier. Large-scale events receive wide coverage in all sources of mass media: television, the Internet, print media. First of all, you need to learn to separate the truth from subjective assumptions and rumors: false information often leads to the failure of the whole game.

Bettors without personal experience pay a lot of attention to tips for successful bets from professionals. It is also worth being careful here: not all of the skills outlined may be useful at the initial stage. For example, aggressive strategies such as Martingale require skill and a large bankroll. Not all experienced bettors consider such strategies suitable for work.

In addition, each sport has its own betting features. Details that seem insignificant at first glance can be decisive. And other way round : the most obvious option does not work, leaving an inexperienced player at a loss. Both individual and team sports need to be dealt with separately. Betting on tennis is fundamentally different from betting on hockey, and betting on MMA fighters has little to do with boxers.

Basic nuances of tennis betting


Tennis is popular with bettors from all over the world. The largest gaming line is presented for sporting events within major championships: the Davis Cup, the Grand Slam tournament, the Olympic Games. Continental and national championships attract much less attention, which means that the bookmaker’s offer will be more modest.

Tennis is an individual sport, where the emotional and physical state of the player and his opponent have a direct influence on the outcome of a match. In a 10-man team, a player who has a bad streak can be replaced without affecting the game, but in tennis it means losing a bet.

On the other hand, for comprehensive preparation for a sporting event in football or hockey, the player needs to analyse the play of each team member. And one must not forget about the opponent. Naturally such preparation requires a great deal of time and effort. In tennis, only two players need attention.

Tennis, especially in women’s competitions, is an unpredictable action, which is a disadvantage for beginners in betting. Here, even the most promising option has a high chance of not passing: a change in time zones, an injury or an unexpected refusal of a player to continue the match make the bettor think about whether it is worth risking their own finances. But this situation helps experienced players make good money on the dynamics of the coefficients and dropping odds of the outcomes.

Another difference between tennis is the enviable regularity of championships. Even major competitions such as the Grand Slam tournament start a new season 2-3 weeks after the end of the previous one. And small-scale events do not count at all.

Large bookmakers usually offer a wide line of play for tennis. The most popular bets among bettors:

  • bets on the outcome offer to guess the winner of the upcoming match;
  • the final score for the games is determined by the bet on the number of sets;
  • total: the total number of sets and games;
  • handicap: plus for the underdog, minus for the nominal favorite;
  • bets on statistical indicators: the total or individual number of aces, breaks and double faults for a predetermined period of time (set, game, entire match).

What does betting on aces mean in tennis?


Ace in big tennis is a pitch, when the opponent simply does not have time to touch the ball flying at high speed with the racket. Not all professional tennis players possess such skill. For a strong and fast pitch, you must have certain physical data: high height, physical strength and endurance.

Logically, the number of aces in men’s tournaments is much higher than in women’s competitions. Although there are exceptions to this rule as well: it all depends on the health and fitness of the athlete. The average number of aces per match for men is 13-26. Women usually have around 7-13 pitches per game.

Bookmakers offer players not only bets on the total number of aces, but also such specific options as:

  • the probability of winning by aces;
  • number of aces for the selected set, game;
  • which of the athletes will perform an ace first;
  • handicap for aces of one of the players.

If you have chosen to bet on aces, you should carefully prepare for a bet with a bookmaker. First you need to find out what form your favorite is in. Physical and emotional exhaustion does not promise an athlete a good game: it is hardly worth counting on a large number of strong pitches.

An important point: if a tennis player has an important match scheduled in the near future, you should not expect him to play intensively in a little-known championship.

Each athlete has his own statistics: the protocols of past matches include data on the total score, the percentage of successful innings, the number of aces and breaks. After analyzing the last 10-15 games, it is possible to predict the number of probable aces in the expected match with a minimum of mistakes.

It is worth paying attention not only to the chosen tennis player, but also to his opponent. Some athletes are great at receiving the ball, which can completely change the course of the game.

The results of the meeting directly depend on the coverage on the site. The ground slows down the bounce of the ball, so it will be more difficult to make an ace, but it will be much easier to take it. With grass and hard, the situation is opposite.

“Live” mode is actively used by bettors in betting on tennis. The dynamism of the game is quite high, and from the beginning of the match it is difficult to predict exactly how it will end. It will be much more logical to see how well the player will enter the party. And on the basis of what you see, make an informed decision about the type and amount of the bet.

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