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Published: 13-01-22
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    Some people do not play football, do not watch it, and are generally not interested in the ball that the players are chasing. But at least once, at least with half an eye, you have definitely witnessed the actions that unfold on the football field.

    Football life is full of adrenaline, discoveries, resounding victories and annoying disappointments. Moreover, this kaleidoscope of feelings concerns both players and fans. Every match is a tiny life that the football players live through and the fans so zealously watch. And it’s not just watching but also making assumptions, predicting the outcome of the match and placing their bets.

    In this article, we will discuss what it’s like not just to love football, but also to receive good dividends for it? Are there any win-win betting strategies? Let’s speculate whether football betting can be considered a stable earning.

    There is such a rhetorical question: “where shall I start?”. And no less rhetorical answer: “start from the beginning.” Every experienced fan once watched his first match and had to make a responsible decision placing a bet for the first time. Yes, there’s always the path of trial and error, and perhaps, any other way wouldn’t be as interesting and exciting. But strategies that we will talk about today were created based on learning from the mistakes made.

    The basic rules of successful betting


    Do you know the saying “no risk, no gain”? But he who does not risk – does not risk. If you want to increase the balance on your card, we advise you to be careful. Why throw yourself into the abyss headfirst and bet the amounts that exceed your monthly salary if you can manage funds with caution? A rule of thumb for an experienced bettor is to go for the sum of money that you don’t mind parting with. Of course, there are times when you want to “bite off a bigger chunk”. But this must be approached with a clear plan.

    Three pillars on which any strategy must be based are the analysis, information about how prepared the team is, and the current game statistics.

    These are the pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to see the picture clearly. First, you analyze the previous games and understand how the team behaved in certain situations. Take into account any points that seem essential for you. Next – look at the players’ physical fitness and the composition of the team. Everything is of great importance here — recent injuries, health status, possible replacements in the roster. It’s like you become an invisible player and live inside the team.

    And, of course, look up the data about the current match to determine the favourites and the outsiders.

    Hoping for luck or preparing well?

    Unfortunately, in betting, as in any other field, you cannot rely on the seventh sense, the third eye and different psychic abilities. As we said above, the most important thing for you is preparation. Your primary focus should be on the analysis of the teams. So, what do you need to know?

    Team analysis is not a one day task, not even a month one. This is responsible and, sometimes, routine work. After all, you will need information that goes beyond just the latest matches. But we are ready to share small analytics cheat sheets with you.

    For example, don’t forget to take the weather forecast for the matchday into account.

     Weather conditions are an important factor. So many different awkward situations happened on the field due to thunderstorms, heavy rains and other climatic vagaries. 

    The place where the match will happen also should not be overlooked. If there is a long-distance flight, especially with a different time zone– it is quite possible that this will impact the performance and strength of the players. It can give you an idea about the team’s state and mood.

    How many days have passed since the previous match. It might seem like such an unimportant point, but no. If the team didn’t have the opportunity to take a breath and rest between games, it’s not so good. Not every player can play non-stop, work seven days a week and keep up his performance. Please take this into account, too.

    No leader – no team? This might be a controversial issue, but it does suggest that the team’s composition can change quite often.

    These points will help you make the analysis deeper by considering the commands from all aspects. You are forewarned, which means you are forearmed.

    The most popular betting strategies

    Being the groundbreaker is an honour, but it can be costly sometimes. It’s much nicer to use someone else’s knowledge.

    There are several strategies that bettors use most often.

    Betting on a draw

    One of the most popular and successful strategies. Statistics are as solid as facts. And the percentage of games that end in a draw is now quite large. The draw coefficient is usually not lower than 3.

    Betting on the outcome of the match

    There may be several betting options here. For example, “12” will be a winning bet if any team wins. Please note that when betting on the outcome of a football match, the results in normal playing-time are taken into account. Sadly, everything that happens during overtime does not count anymore.

    Bet on the leaders’ goals


    This bet also takes good preparation. First, make a table to understand how many goals the teams scored and conceded. And even if the team met the target on goals, but the opponent keeps both eyes open and pretty much does not lose goals – it is better to avoid this type of bet.

    Whatever strategy you choose, prepare for it in advance. Alter the strategy according to your own opinion and vision of the situation. The most dangerous outcome of betting is not at all losing. It’s an intoxicating feeling of success and delight when it seems that you can win all the bets in the world. Football games are great, but you have to be careful with gambling games. 

    The best bet is not a six-figure one. It is a bet that you are confident in.

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