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The most important transfers of this summer


The 2021/2022 season is officially over. So, it’s time for rotations in football clubs. Sportswriters, critics and head coaches paid attention to the achievements of young football stars and legends throughout the year without getting tired. Strengthen the team’s composition, create the right combinations and develop the right strategy – these are the main tasks of the coaching staff in the offseason.

Some clubs have prepared in advance for meeting new players and said goodbye to those who decided to leave the team for whatever reason. Many bookmakers offer a wide selection of statistical sports betting at favourable odds.

The other day, the official transfer of Barcelona midfielder Philippe Coutinho took place. Aston Villa will give 20 million euros to the Brazilian. Currently, he plays on loan, but from July 1, he will become a full member of the English team.

Borussia Dortmund star striker Erling Haaland has taken the big step and signed a contract with Manchester City. Haaland has never hidden his intentions to move to the English club. As part of Borussia Dortmund, Erling scored 86 goals and 23 assists.

Jeremie Boga leaves Sassuolo to join Atlanta. According to the player’s agent, the transfer cost the Italian club 22 million euros.

Will Sadio leave Liverpool this summer?

The players listed above have already signed new contracts and are ready for a new stage in the professional field, but everything is not so clear for the Liverpool striker.

Talking to the press on the eve of the game of his national team, Mane paid much attention to the opinion of his compatriots. According to him, the vast majority of the Senegalese spoke positively about the player’s transition to Bayern Munich. Sadio approached the situation in such a way that he is playing a minimal role in his own transition.

By the way, rumours about the desire of the 30-year-old striker to leave Liverpool after six successful years have been around for a long time. However, the public did not receive confirmation from either side.

That is why the departure of Sadio wasn’t an unpleasant surprise for the fans. But no one expected the pressure and aggression that accompanied the negotiations from a modest and intelligent athlete.

The main reason the football player nevertheless decided to take such a step is the frivolous attitude of the English club towards the star striker. Objectively, it is worth noting that the player is not allowed to participate fully in most of the games.

The coaching staff and the club’s fans have always treated Sadio respectfully. They love him for being so easy-going, his craving for victory and sometimes even excessive modesty. He gets on well with the other team players. Throughout his career, Mane had never been involved in a scandal.

The first thing to mention as advice for beginners in sports betting is to prepare well, get all the necessary information, and pay close attention to the statistics. As it turned out, the Senegalese athlete had had an unpleasant incident with the former club.

But no matter how much Mane wanted to get the role of the main star of Liverpool, someone else was always there before him. For example, Mohamed Salah appeared in the team a year after Sadio and set an incredible pace of play. Or Roberto Firmino, whom the head coach openly called more important than all the other players combined.

The financial side of the transfer


At first glance, Liverpool, an old and powerful English club, does not pay much. Mohamed Salah was no exception: he stated that the main reason for his departure was the fact he was not paid enough for his work.

The Munich club currently offers the striker 20 million euros a year. This is almost two times more than he has now.

But the English club has developed an excellent bonus system, which does more than compensate for the pay outlined in the contract. And given Sadio’s good performance over the past couple of years, it’s safe to say that the Senegalese are unlikely to get much more at Bayern.

Sadio’s contract with Liverpool will expire next summer, and the club’s management can release him without paying anything. However, the problem is that Mane refuses to spend another season in the English club.
This is completely understandable: the football player is already 30 years old, and no changes in his career are expected in the near future. Bayern could be a great option for him in terms of personal ambitions.

According to the experts behind the deal, Bayern is offering Sadio a striker position for 20 million euros a year. According to the most conservative estimates, this amount is twice as much as his current salary.

But the clubs still cannot agree on the cost of the transfer. Liverpool is not ready to let Sadio go for the offered price of twenty million. Club representatives believe the striker will bring much more dividends to the team in the coming year. In turn, Bayern does not intend to increase the transaction amount even for a single dollar. And this is not to mention the sky-high figure of 50 million demanded by the British.

History repeats itself


It turns out that Sadio has already had a similar situation when moving from Salzburg to Southampton. When the club’s management denied him an early contract termination, the striker simply began to skip training and matches. The Austrian club had no other option but to give in to the player’s demands.

In Liverpool, Mane also did not really control his emotions, sometimes provoking serious conflicts. Any moment of the game in which Sadio failed to participate fully could have become a reason for it. And the inconsiderate expression about the head coach, blaming him for little time on the field, became the reason for the public censure of the athlete.

For Liverpool, this is also not the when they face a problematic Senegalese. Back in time, El Hadji Diouf also publicly made extremely negative statements about his former colleagues and the head coach for a long time after breaking the contract with the club. If the same thing happens with Mane, it will not be a good situation.

In his last interview, Sadio said with a smile on his face that the conversation about the desire of the Senegalese people to see him in another team should be treated with humour. However, the situation between the clubs is so heated that it is unlikely that it will be possible to resolve the conflict peacefully.

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