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The history of football is multifaceted. Football betting is the millions of dollars that are circulating in this industry. It may seem that everything is very simple. But it’s not.

It’s not enough to love football for betting success. You have to know how to work with it: clearly, competently and professionally. No wonder many players make betting their main job – because it really is a profession. Or even an art. You have to be clever with knowledge, understand the intricacies, learn the strategies and pick the best and most appropriate ones.

It can be objected: are there really so few winnings that shoot out due to the “seventh sense”? No, they are enough. But it is impossible to guarantee a permanent result by betting on football “at random”.

Today we talk about how to professionally research a football match through the eyes of an experienced bettor.

What points affect the analysis of the match?


In fact, a lot of points have to come together to make a whole picture. A system is important here. It’s not enough to look at the line-up and the latest results. Only pay attention to whether the encounter is at home or away.

That’s why sports betting is called work – it takes a lot of time to put everything into place.

For your convenience, we have prepared a “checklist”, which is the easiest way to analyse a match.

So what aspects to look out for.

Who goes against the team?

The first thing to keep under control is the opponents. Let’s be honest: it’s not enough just to look at how the team played the last two or three matches. It is better to dig deeper: evaluate the players, transfers, and the age of the participants. If there is information about the club’s financial well-being, that’s great. Of course, money is not a panacea for everything. But according to statistics, the club that has the right wealth has a better chance of winning.
It is better to pay more attention to the players themselves. Who is on the main team? Who just arrived? Is there a strengthening of the team?
Let’s move on to the coaching team of rivals. Obviously, the coach is a leader of opinions. Too much depends on it. If the team has a strong and experienced coach who cracks tactical decisions like nuts, this is a great signal.

What level is the team at?


You can talk about the future as much as you like, remember past results, but the main thing is now. Yes, the club may have good prospects. It is predicted to have a great place in the league. But if now the team has fallen “to the bottom” – they still have to get out of there.
To understand at what approximate level the team is stuck, you just need to look at the results of 5-6 games. But we look not only at the final result, but at the behavior of the players during the game. Such nuances as ball control, passes, removals of players, the ball on goal form an idea of ​​the team’s match.
If a strong team suddenly loses, it does not mean that it is in crisis. That is why it is worth taking at least 5 last meetings as a basis. Do not forget that the state of the players can be affected by a busy schedule. Therefore, it is better to evaluate the calendar of games.
And the opposite option: if a weak team suddenly won, you should not sharply write it down as a favorite. Perhaps the leaders simply relaxed at the meeting with this team and “allowed” it to win.
Ignoring such “trifles” can put the bettor on the wrong track. Therefore, we advise you not to make sudden conclusions and study all the circumstances of the victory or loss of the team.

Match scheme

Each team chooses its own style of play. Some teams attack aggressively and “snatch” the ball from their opponents. Some are quick to defend their territory. And there are teams that masterfully integrate defensive elements into their attacking style of play.
By the way, the scheme may depend on the site. On the home field, the team feels more relaxed, so they allow themselves to attack. Away from home , the morale fades a little – the players put defense as a priority.


Here, it is important to control not only the physical preparation of the players, but also the psychological mood in the team.
What are we paying attention to?
The first is injuries, diseases, stress. If the team loses a strong player, for example, a good striker, these are big questions about the result of the match.
Secondly, what kind of relationships have been formed in the team. This point is often overlooked by newcomers, thinking that “everyone is a grown-up, they will go out on the pitch and get their act together”. But it is not so! Players often bring conflict situations with them into the football arena. This has a huge impact on the outcome of a match.
The issue of relations within the team is a very sensitive one. But believe me, the media will not miss an opportunity to write about a conflict, if there is one. They will also write about it in great detail. Sports columnists are the bettors’ work material.

The nature of the confrontations

It is not enough to understand how the match ended and by what margin. Here we look at several factors.
How the players play: the nature of their behaviour. Rough or neat, principled or condescending.
The result – of course, the finale of the whole epic should be borne in mind.
Extra time – some teams seem to deliberately pull until overtime. This may be the case when the club is much weaker than rivals and is trying to “starve out” the opponent.

And who are the judges?

This is such an additional factor that plays a significant role in football history. There are judges who evaluate teams too strictly and incorrectly. And there may be those who will “close their eyes” for some moments.

Weather and other matters


You should not completely trust the match to the players. There are those conditions that greatly affect the outcome of the game.
These may be incredibly talented players, but they have come across an unprepared bad field. If the host country does not have the capacity to prepare the field with high quality, this raises big questions about the effectiveness.
Weather. No matter how humanity tries, it will not work to predict 100% whether it will rain at 19.40 or not.
Additionally, you can pay attention to the interviews of football players: sometimes, they share some moments that will help the better to make a general portrait. Do not forget about personal life: the emotional background of a football player directly affects the style and quality of his game.

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