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The football community is well aware that every season introduces us to newcomers to the league. These are the teams that were able to prove themselves and take a step further. They are bursting with pleasure, anticipation and intrigue: what’s next?

The theme of intrigue is also supported by bettors who are interested in tips for successful bets. Obviously, everyone is curious about how newcomers will behave. By the way, many fans of sports betting are very sceptical about the “newcomers”. But in vain. The potential of such teams, at times, shoots much further than you might think.

The hope of the season or a “punching bag”?


It is clear that new teams in the league are different. There are those who immediately take a course for a glorious future and strenuously rush forward. And there are those clubs that, as it were, “came to say hello” and quickly leave the season.
Today we will talk about how to assess the possibilities of newcomers, what points to pay attention to and how to correctly bet on new league teams.

Who’s on the new guy”: how to assess new teams

Imagine what it means for a club to move to a higher league.
Firstly, it is recognition. Secondly, opportunities. Thirdly, a significant increase in income. Therefore, the first entry into a higher league is really an event for which players prepare carefully.
Many factors have a huge impact on the outcome. The composition of the team, their motivation, the coaches, the budget – there are a lot of puzzles to put together in order to get the perfect picture.

What criteria should you look for when analysing a rookie?


To begin with, we look at the financial capacity of the club. As harsh as this may sound, not all clubs can afford to play in the top league. Of course, finances do not always rule the ball, much depends on the talent of the players. But money also has a “strong word” in football.


Football betting does not like misses. Therefore, it is important to understand the squad the team came into the season with. Were there any profitable transfers? By the way, competent coaches know very well how important it is to strengthen the “newcomers” and they buy good players to make the core of the team feel more confident. If such manoeuvres haven’t happened, it’s cause for the bettor to wonder.

Coaching staffcoaching-staff

Definitely one of the most important points. New league – new coach? Rather yes than no. A coach who has taken a team to the next level can be a very tough nut to crack. But he simply does not have enough experience to drag the team. But further, as you know, more difficult.

If the team management takes an experienced person to the new league, who can bring his wisdom, knowledge and proven tactics to the team, this is only a plus. A signal for those who are worried about whether the team will remain in the season.

Team preparation

To get an idea of the level of the players, watch their friendlies and assess the results. Pay attention to who the team played against: strong leaders, strong midfielders or underdogs. How the players behave with this or that club. Which schemes are more valuable. How the attacking side and defence behave.

Betting on the rookie: three important points

There are three key episodes on which to base a bet on the league rookie.

Beginning of the season

It is obvious that the players are waiting with trepidation for the start. The first matches in the league are very exciting. Increased degree of responsibility. Footballers are worried and try very hard. This is clearly seen if you look at the training of the club: the players squeeze the maximum out of themselves. The mood of the team also changes: nervously, tensely, emotionally.

The phrase «sow and reap» acquires a new meaning. It’s true: how you start the season, that’s how you’ll play it. It is very difficult to recover from mistakes or embarrassing situations at the beginning. And if people are greeted by their clothes, the players are greeted by their first matches. How will they present themselves? Will they introduce themselves? Interested?

Under the auspices of “beginners are lucky,” new teams can deftly play well. They are “on adrenaline” and incredible emotions that push them forward.

Therefore, all those who intend to bet on rookies should not underestimate the “young”. Sometimes, they show amazing results. With the coincidence of all those factors that we talked about in the previous section.

What to be afraid of at the start? Rookie and leaderboard games. This is completely unpredictable. It is unclear what will outweigh: the fervour of the newcomer or the motivation of the leader. A good favourite can easily crush a newcomer. Or vice versa, underestimate the opponent and lose the match.

Therefore, it is dangerous to bet on such fights. Exception: teams meeting at the rookie’s home arena. There are good chances for the “new arrivals” to win.

It is advisable to take the course for opposing new teams and good average teams. These are the matches that usually end in a draw or a win for the newcomer. A great start and a good bet. A seemingly well-known fact, but the odds will still surprise you.

Matches at homematches-at-home

The home field is always a special and awe-inspiring moment. And even more so for newcomers. Homes and walls heal? It is a fact. In football, home ground has a magical effect on the players.

In addition to the usual field, there is a very important episode – this is the strength of the fans. Imagine the roaring stands cheering their local team into a new league.

The team is motivated. Football players understand what kind of game is expected of them and simply cannot let their fans down. Plus, it’s extremely disappointing to lose on your own territory. This will spoil the reputation of the team at the very beginning. Who needs it?

Games with favourites

A situation of heightened attention. Not only has the local club been promoted to a higher level, but a certain favourite is coming to visit them. Of course, such an event excites the club, the coaching staff and the fans alike. The arrival of a top team to a newcomer’s city is the signal to bettors that there will be a real fight. The newcomers will fight to the end to show what they can do.

Once again, the one point that bettors and strong opponents themselves do not underestimate. A rookie who is preparing to face the leaders on their own turf is a wild beast who will tear up an opponent.

What are we paying attention to here? To the level of preparation. If the new team is weak, there is very little chance of success. If there is potential, beware, a strong club.

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