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Despite the huge number of negative rumors and speculation, it is really possible to make money on sports betting. Initially, bets were offered to enhance the excitement and emotions when watching sporting events. Sports betting is a separate type of gambling entertainment, which, with the right approach, promises the player a good replenishment of the bank.

Conditions for successful betting


Only people who have never gambled before can claim that sports betting is an easy and carefree source of income. To maintain profit over a long distance, the player must have special skills and knowledge.

Successful betting must include:

  • a clear working strategy that has stood the test of time. Without a conscious structured approach to sports betting, a bettor can only expect fleeting wins.
  • Experience in betting. Moreover, both positive and negative experiences are equally important. The bookmaker’s office is a strong contender; professional extras, columnists and even journalists work there. You can’t go to extremes and put the whole bank on an outcome that is 100% true in your opinion. But betting once in six months will also not be helpful in professional betting.
  • A solid bankroll. At first, it is unlikely that it will be possible to significantly increase the bank just from winning. First, you need to develop a strategy, choose a sport and start monitoring the latest news. Therefore, the bettor should have an impressive financial airbag.

Influence of coefficients on the number of bets

Both the online sports betting and the bookmaker’s office cannot work at a loss. Therefore, they get a profit by putting a certain percentage of commission into the odds. That is, from each transaction, the bookmaker receives a profit in the form of margin.

Offices are extremely different if you look at this indicator. For example, some institutions specialize in a particular sport, offering the widest line and favourable odds.

We must not forget about the search for value bets, when the office employees incorrectly determined the probabilities of the outcome of a sporting event. For an experienced bettor, this situation is an opportunity to make good money.

In addition, the frequency of mandatory transactions depends on the range of coefficients on which the player bets. Beginners try to secure their bet as much as possible, and therefore prefer playing with low numbers betting on obvious outcomes. However, experienced players believe that such a long-range strategy inevitably leads to bankruptcy.

Often in big sports even the most probable bets do not work. If you bet on odds below 1.5, with one loss you will have to make another 8-10 successful bets in order to at least make it even. It is a vicious circle: the more bets are made, the more bets do not play. And if with high numbers this situation can be justified, with low numbers it is not the case.

Hence the main conclusion of successful betting: the lower the odds the player chooses, the more often he should bet and win.

Appropriate gambling strategy


To date, a huge number of working strategies for gambling have been developed. They are applicable both to casinos and bookmakers. If a player bets only for their own entertainment, they are unlikely to spend all their free time getting acquainted with mathematical betting models.
A completely different situation is when the first task for a bettor is to get a tangible profit from each bet made. Like any other profession, betting requires time and attention. To choose the actual betting system for yourself, you need to try and test each one of them.
Knowledgeable players do not recommend placing real money bets while testing a strategy. First you need to understand the essence of what is happening, identify the weak points of the system and try to eliminate them. It is worth cooperating with a bookmaker only after one-two months of regular positive results.
Some people prefer to play big: Martingale and Jones systems are great for them. Beginners don’t want to risk their entire pot, preferring a slow but steady rise. Ladder and flat are most suitable for them.
Do not forget that to deviate from the intended path means to risk all the money earned before. Every bet you make, especially on parlays, must be based on cold calculation, not emotions.

Bettor’s experience in gambling

Stress resistance, emotional stability and lack of greed are the main character traits of a successful bettor. Under no circumstances should you succumb to the desire to win back in a hurry or make an extraordinary bet. Only an amateur can allow themselves to succumb to feelings, not a professional.
In accumulators, one unsuccessful bet jeopardizes the entire chain of events. I lost one bet – the whole chain failed. For comprehensive control, it is necessary not only to count successful bets and net profit, but also to set limits on losses. Often, players do not have enough self-control to stop at the right time.
We are talking about a break in the game when the pre-set parameters are reached. For example, in live betting it is recommended to stop the game if the loss per day was 20 or more percent of the bank.bettor's-experience-in-gambling
Such a method does not allow emotions to take over and try to heal the hurt pride with another bet. In addition, the player will have time to analyze the mistakes in the chosen strategy. Problems may arise due to improper budget allocation and the irrational value of the initial rate.
Another option when it is a good idea to stop and continue the game at a different time is the loss of over 40% of daily net profit. When a bettor is simply lucky, and their bets go through one by one, there is no reason to finish the game. However, you should be careful here: luck can be tricky.
Every experienced bookmaker client will agree that rushing the bets is the biggest rookie mistake. To beat the bookmaker and get the winnings, you need to constantly be aware of important events in the chosen sport. There is no unnecessary information: sports magazines and websites, interviews and social networks nowadays contain all the necessary information. You just need to learn to distinguish rumors from verified facts.
No one will be able to tell you exactly how many bets per day or week will lead you to success. If today there are no events of interest to you, then you need to try tomorrow. And if there are 10 profitable offers, then there should be 10 bets.

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