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Imagine the situation: you browse an online casino website that you know, looking forward to a good evening in a familiar environment. But suddenly, something goes wrong: a completely different address is displayed in the browser. First thought: scammers! Internet platform hack! Cybercriminals attack! You’re panicking while trying to think whether the card was linked to the account and how much money is there. Can pleasant leisure turn into an unpleasant situation?

Don’t worry; there’s no reason to panic: you have probably landed on a mirror version of an online casino.

Why are players transferred to a working mirror, and why does the casino need it? We’ll go through this in the article.

What is the mirror version of the casino?


It’s pretty simple – a mirror is an identical online casino platform that exists under an altered web address. You can call it a copy, a mirror, a twin – the essence stays the same regardless. The website has the same functions, interface, colours, and design as the main version – basically, it looks like a twin, completely identical. It’s just like being home – all slots, your bonuses, free spins, loyalty programs, and jackpots are with you. The only difference is the domain name. And if the visitor does not glance at the address bar, they may never understand that they are on a twin site. The developers’ trick.

Perhaps every gaming establishment that operates in the online space needs such a mirror. This is a plan “b”, insurance, a fallback plan – a must in a casino strategy.

The main goal of the mirror is the safe operation of online casinos without any issues. The internet brings millions of people from all over the world together. Each country has its own restrictions and rules. The mirror allows you to maintain uninterrupted access to the site, regardless of the player’s location. In addition, the twin helps to avoid hitches and technical problems. Any interruption in the website work negatively affects the rating of the online institution, which earns the trust of the users little by little. Whatever happens to the main site, there is always a twin that will provide quick and high-quality access to the casino gaming universe.

The main reasons for creating a casino mirror

Some countries restrict access

Sadly, this is a well-known fact – the law of some countries prohibits online casinos and restricts access to their citizens. To avoid unpleasant subtleties and enable customers to use the institution’s services, casinos turn to the mirror version. Since the site twin is developed and registered on foreign servers, it is impossible to limit its operation.

Competitors are on the alert

And it’s a fact: tough competition rules in the casino world. Everyone fights for their own tasty morsel and a place in the sun. New online establishments appear every day and try to instantly attract new customers. Of course, some casinos work exclusively with honest methods, using marketing tools, pleasant bonuses and loyalty programs to get new customers. But not everyone chooses to go down this path. Some try not to remove competitors instead of trying to offer more than them. Disabling an opponent’s website is an easy way to deal with it. The mirror helps to protect the website from such attacks.

System failures

Competition may not always be to blame, server problems can happen for all kinds of reasons: even things like a flood or a hurricane. After all, the website can catch a virus or get blocked. The mirror version will continue working if the main website crashes.

Technical issues

Sometimes the website needs a repair. If there is a mirror, the user will not have to read the notification “we apologise for any inconvenience caused” but will be automatically redirected to the twin site.

Mirrors are an airbag and a shield for online casinos. It can be helpful even if a website just has more visitors than usual, the influx of customers goes through the roof, in which case the mirror will help with the load and avoid freezing.

The good news for casino customers

Casinos with a high rating, or those that are trying to get to the top of the gaming Olympus, do everything they can to maintain a good reputation with all their might. The main difference between a good casino and an average one is comfort. The client should feel good under any circumstances. And, of course, some causes are out of the managers’ control – those attacks by competitors mentioned above, for example, or server failures. Therefore, having a mirror is not just a whim but a forced necessity.
Mirrors are good not only for the establishment but for the players. What “goodies” does the client get if there is a mirror version?
First, it’s stability. The player will always be able to use any casino service, no matter what happens.
Secondly, the player won’t have to go through confusing questions to log into the profile.
Thirdly, there’s the confidence that the money in the account is safe there.

Is the mirror safe?


We are talking about the twin created by the organisers themselves. If the mirror is officially registered, there is nothing to worry about. The twin platform only guarantees the uninterrupted activity of the organisation. Players can keep calm, knowing that all their accumulated bonuses, codes, and chips will remain with them on the twin site. Not to mention the security of funds.
Can there be a mirror version of the site created by scammers? Of course, there’s always this risk. If anything raises concerns, it is better to contact the support service or the manager.
If you hate the thought of the reserve website, you can always find a way out. There are ways to bypass the blocking. But a mirror is a safe and comfortable method to keep in touch with trusted establishments. You should not abandon your usual platform just because the casino gives you a mirror site. The organisers take care of your comfort and safety. In addition, usually, the client doesn’t need to do anything. They get to the site double automatically. Trust me, you won’t notice any difference.
There are several ways to go to the mirror site.
We talked about the fastest method – when you click on the official site, you are immediately redirected to the mirror version. In this case, the player doesn’t need to take any extra steps.
Studying online casino reviews is a good way to get acquainted with official information. Generally, the address of the twin site is usually written in the description of the institution.
Twin versions exist not to deceive customers but to keep their peace of mind. However, it’s still important to stay vigilant.

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