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Philippe CoutinhoAny change is always stressful. Whether it’s moving to another town, moving to a new job or, when you’re a football player, transferring to an unfamiliar football club. It would seem that all change is for the better, but it’s not always like that. The «heavy burden» of uncertainty begins to weigh on many problems with adaptation in the new team. In these moments, absolutely everyone’s support is important, even if you have an experienced player in front of you.

For example, Sergio Ramos was seriously injured and now he is receiving psychological help from: loyal fans, professionals and relatives. By the way, Mauricio Pochettino advised Ramos on the speedy recovery and return to the football field. Especially ,the sportsman has not yet had time to get used to the new conditions and the team of the new club.

In football, it’s often expected that the transfer of a player to a new national team will improve not only his results, but also the performance of the team. However, such expectations are not always justified. Most viewers wanted to see this great transition of Brazilian Ricardo nicknamed «Kaka», expecting that he would save the new team. Experts even managed to make new football betting predictions. But after the transition, Kaka’s quality of play completely decreased and his results deteriorated significantly. Then he changed a few more teams, but the previous performance never returned to its owner.

And there are many such examples.Here is another: the transition of Alexis Sanchez to the football club “Manchester United”. He’s considered the top scorer in Chile. The experts were confident that Sanchez would lead the team, but it didn’t happen. It’s understandable, because one footballer has a huge responsibility for his past team and for his results.

Revealing Philippe’s talent

Not everyone can master their feelings and emotions, so a lot of people break. For example, Philippe Coutinho, who failed to reach his full potential in the “Barcelona” national team, despite the fact that the team and the head coach did everything to adapt him, but it still didn’t help. Interestingly enough, Coutinho felt great playing for the other teams. So far, the sportsman has changed several clubs and now number in the ranks of «Aston Villa».
Philippe's talentPhilippe’s sports career began with ordinary street games, where guys played yard football. By coincidence, his house was not far from the main Brazilian sports stadium “Maracana”. A very young athlete often liked to match how his older brothers chased the ball for hours. Soon, the grandmother recommended her grandson to start doing what he loves in a specialized section. After that, the whole talent of the young player was revealed. The first serious football club was “Inter”. By the way, his leader will specially fly to the capital to see the promising Coutinho with his own eyes.
At that time, a real hunt began for the player, since several teams considered his candidacy at once. Together with the “Inter”, the sportsman was carefully examined by the head of the “Real” football club. However, in the end, the Spanish club chose another candidate, and Philippe became a new member of “Inter”. By the way, the footballer was not yet 18 years old, so he was still forbidden to play in serious competitions by the international charter. He moved to Italy in 2010, when the player became an adult.
But there were also some difficulties that prevented the player from beginning to conquer Europe. It all started with various injuries, because of that the footballer went on the field only 18 times in 2 seasons. Philippe speaks quite positively about that period of his life. He says that everything was going his own way, during this time he managed to gain experience and become a real person. Experts believe that this number of injuries was due to a turning point in his life, namely, the move. Because, a very young player was completely alone on other content.
However, the sportsman relatively quickly adapted and managed to prove to everyone that he is here for a reason. The head coach and the national team didn’t press the player, they accepted him with all difficulties. In 2012, in order to defuse the situation, it was decided to lease Coutinho for six months to play for «Hispaniol». The head coach of this club noticed a distinctive feature of the Brazilian footballer – these are his fast legs. Pochettino also said that Philippe is a very open, honest, devoted and good person.

Little Magician of Liverpool

The peak of his career came at a time when the sportsman was a member of the football club «Liverpool». That’s when Coutinho became a great player with a worldwide reputation, scoring 54 goals in 201. Such results even led the national team in the fight for the Cup of England, as the team reached the final of Europe. However, Philippe didn’t take part in the decisive game, because he was already playing for «Barcelona». At the same time, he showed amazing results in the Champions League.

Playing for the “Liverpool” football club, he received the nickname “Little Magician”. By the way, the management of the club was so impressed by his game that they decided to turn to a psychic. And he confirmed that the Brazilian really has supernatural powers and can read the minds of others. This fact surprised many, especially those who bet on sports. Since the player could now radically influence the outcome of matches.

As we mentioned above, the Brazilian started playing football because of his grandmother, parents and brothers. Later, Ayna’s wife joined the list as well. Their names became tattoos all over his body, for these people helped him to achieve such high results. Thanks to relatives, all the problems that arise are immediately solved, so the tattoo of Mickey Mouse symbolizes the fabulous life of the player.

His wife Aina always supports and helps in difficult times. They met at a mutual friend’s party and fell in love at first sight. They legalized their marriage in 2012, they have two children. Many media believe that this story is really about big love, support, care and mutual respect. The head coach of the team used a very interesting method of motivation: through family letters. Thanks to this, the players began to show better results.


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