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It is known that blackjack, like no other game, equalizes the chances of players and casnos. Moreover, skillfully using certain techniques, you can even achieve a mathematical advantage in your favor, which will allow you to get a stable positive result. However, for this it’s not enough to follow a certain strategy and even count cards according to one of the systems.

An important component of success is the psychology of the player. Some even experienced masters develop certain beliefs and complexes that run counter to game discipline and interfere with an effective process.

Moral instability, psychological complexes and other similar nuances greatly complicate the game and reduce the chances of winning.

Let’s look at the most typical moments that all blackjack fans without exception face. Remember how you behave in such situations. Think and draw conclusions whether your behavior interferes with you. Perhaps you need to change something drastically. Bad habits and the inability to resist the psychological complexes that have appeared can become a real obstacle to regular victories.

Playing under pressure


This is the worst thing that can be. If, while playing, you know that you need to win at any cost in order, for example, to repay a debt, you are unlikely to be able to maintain your sanity. You will subconsciously make only the most cautious decisions, begin to doubt the validity of various provisions of the basic system, stupid mistakes will appear in your game, and so on.

Any kind of pressure, phobias, fears and other moments that create discomfort directly affect the quality of your game.

Try to calm down at any cost, but not with alcohol, drugs and medicines, because this will not bring clarity of thought. Even if there is an angry creditor behind you demanding a refund today, step aside from this situation and play strictly according to the basic strategy, correctly operating bets and keeping score if you practice it. This way you are most likely to get up from the table with a win.

It would be completely wrong to trust fortune in such a state, to raise the stakes and play risky.

Yes, history knows many cases when people acted out in this way. But if you trace their further fate, it is unlikely that anyone will want to repeat it. Having won a couple of times in this way, they forever became adherents of risk and instant gain, which led them to collapse.

Run of bad luck

Even playing strictly according to all the recommendations, you can periodically endure a series of defeats. None of the honestly playing casino visitors can know for sure which card will come out next. You need to be prepared for this from the very beginning, so as not to lose your head and not panic later.

An experienced player knows that in case of bad luck, you need to keep your cool so as not to add additional problems to yourself.

He knows that these are temporary difficulties, so he follows his strategy judiciously and does not allow himself to take risks.

In addition, the more perfect your game becomes, the fewer such periods you will have in the future.


Blackjack is a very conservative game. Its most profitable varieties have long been known to experienced users. The most effective systems and techniques are also not a secret. But this does not mean that you should always act the same way.

Do not go to the same casino.

Test the achievements of other professionals.

Try to solve a problem by looking at it from a different angle.

In other words, improvise, but remember that in blackjack the main thing is mathematics, not fortune!


Not to be confused with self-confidence. Even if you think that you know all the smallest intricacies of the game, this will not insure you one hundred percent from losing.

Professional casino managers can deprive you of the opportunity to effectively use all your knowledge.

And if you cannot count cards, use tracking, sequencing and other tricks, the result of the game will largely depend on luck.

So be aware that you are not omnipotent. This will allow you to avoid your own indiscretion, which so often leads to complete collapse.


Never give in to these enemies of the players. Nothing should have a significant impact on your psychological balance. Neither the croupier’s mistakes or drunk partners on the table, or the successes of beginners who have not heard anything even about the basic strategy, but win and allow themselves to give you advice.

Yes, sometimes you really want to blame someone else for the failures or take out your anger on someone. But remember:

They can annoy you on purpose to make you make mistakes and lose.

All these are side factors that should not interfere with you. If you can’t disconnect from it, temporarily stop the game. It is dangerous to continue in a high emotional state. Despair, irritability, rage – all these are the enemies of the player.

Unwillingness to grow

Many professional blackjack players settle down too soon. After learning the basic strategy, learning how to adapt it to the current situation, and mastering a couple of additional techniques, they stop learning.

  • Some people think that their current knowledge is enough.
  • Others do not believe in the existence of more effective ways than those they own.
  • Others are just lazy.

This is an unforgivable mistake. No matter how long you play blackjack, there is always something to learn. Get acquainted with new counting systems, communicate on thematic forums, improve your skills – in a word, never stop.



We have already agreed with you that we will always follow the basic strategy and give up our own improvisations. Superstitions are even more harmful. This not only looks ridiculous, but also destroys all the basic provisions that equalize the chances of a player to win.

If you have defined mathematical calculation as the main criterion for yourself, discard all possible prejudices.

Even the most harmless of it have a certain psychological impact on the players and force them to do stupid things from the point of view of logic.

Listen to these recommendations, analyze your behavior, make the necessary adjustments to it – and the quality of your game will noticeably improve.

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