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A casino is a string of chances, happy occasions, wins and losses. But the most important thing that any gambling establishment or online casino makes clear is that the gift truck can roll over on any street. And on yours too. Every player who downloads the gaming platform or comes to the casino has a chance to walk away with a win.

Perhaps every player has had moments when they are faced with the choice of taking their cash prize and ending the session, or continuing on. Of course, the option of “laying on” entails certain risks, as the odds are 50/50. Therefore, if the customer realises that his or her strength, optimism and cold mind are no longer on alert, it is better to settle for what is available. However, there are those who are not at all intimidated by the risk play.

The house tries to diversify the process itself, whether it is online casino bonuses or a risk game.

Today we are talking about what a risk game is, what variations there are and what can come of it.

Risk game: what is it?


Let’s start with a basic concept so that it is very clear what we are dealing with.

Basically, the risk game starts after the final main round. The player has bet and succeeded: the winnings are already behind him. At this point, the customer of the establishment or online casino faces a fair question: take their money or continue on?

Participation in the risk-taking phase is completely optional. It is like the after party – whoever wants to go goes. You can simply withdraw money from your account and not go to the “party”. It is important to assess your capabilities and mood so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

What is the point of the risk game? This stage can greatly increase the winnings. That is, of course, if the player does everything without making a mistake. What is dangerous about the risk game is that there is no right to make a wrong choice.

If you answer incorrectly, the money you win will fly out of your account. So it’s best to weigh up the pros and cons before you press the button and play on.

It is important to know that the player and the casino are real opponents here and are fighting against each other. Chances are 50 to 50 percent.

The classic version of the development of events assumes that the player is obliged to wager all his previous winnings. Somewhere they offer to separate half of the payment. In some casinos, we are talking about only a third of the payout. In this case, the risks are not so great.

Popular risk game options


A good casino has always boasted a large arsenal of games. The same applies to the risk game: there are many interesting types, and each of them may be of interest to casino customers.
Let’s start with the most elementary, but believe me, it’s not a boring risk game.
This variant will definitely be well known to casino-goers who remember the old Soviet machines well. Even stylistically, the game has remained the same – like echoes of the past. The essence hasn’t changed either. Once the player has completed the main round, an inscription appears on the screen that suggests continuing on. If the customer decides to try his luck, he simply bets and presses yes. The software itself determines in what mood the player will go home. If all is well: the bet is doubled. If not: the money is burned.
In the event that the player is lucky and the bet is doubled, he can go further up the ladder. And so on until the player says to himself ‘stop’ or loses.
What colour?
Simple and tasteful – this is about this option. From the name it is clear that the player will be prompted to choose a card to choose from: black or red.
There can be no “draw” option here. If the color was chosen correctly, they won, if not, then no.
Color or suit?
In some cases, the risk game may offer you a choice. What exactly do you want to guess: color or the same suit. The suit is more expensive: if you choose the right one, you can increase the pot four times.
Card, show yourself!
Card selection is a favorite risk game option. If you don’t surprise the player with the color and suit, then you can compete in the size of the card.
There is an empty field with cards in front of the casino customer, only one is open. The player is prompted to choose one hole card. If it turns out to be more than the card that is already available, then the winnings are multiplied by two. If not, then the bet is lost. And this is the rare case when there is a “draw” option: if two cards match, then the player himself decides whether to complete or continue the round.

Interesting versions of the risk game


We have talked about the most popular options, but the range of versions of the risk game is not limited to this.
It is impossible to stop at each one – there are countless of them. So let’s talk about the most popular.
Video Slot by Microgaming
Colorful, stylish, exciting – these slot machines have their own charm and originality. Here the player is transported to the world of wild animals. The casino customer chooses on the map a place where one of the animals or birds lives. Once the choice is made, a special clock-like device starts to move. If it freezes in the place where the client indicated, the bet was successful. The larger the part of the card pointed to by the player, the greater the win.
Version by Betsoft Gaming
These slot machines deserve attention and testing. Three-dimensional image, luxurious graphics and colorful characters. Yes, the risk game can be like that. Here the concept is to directly interact with the main character of the game. As a rule, the customer is offered to play various, perhaps even children’s games, according to the “heads or tails” principle.
Slots from Gold Strike
Stylish video slots that are based on the search for gold. To begin with, the customer will be offered to take part in a special draw. And then – to return to the origins of the risk game. Decide on the color or suit of the card.
The choice is always up to the player: yes or no. Many casino customers are initially categorically against the risk game. To some it seems boring, to someone obviously losing. The risk game can be completely different. Rather, it is an interesting end to the main round, a spicy continuation that can increase the winnings.

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