Every self-respecting player, whose favourite exciting game is roulette, won’t tell their secrets to anyone and everyone. But there are exceptions. And this is such a case because when you are confident in yourself, there is no need to hide your secrets.

There are ways that will help make roulette easier. Of course, not everyone uses some kind of method and technique. And when they do, they don’t do it every single time – it is difficult to find a player who regularly follows the same system. But it is also near impossible to find those who have never used any schemes to win.

How to succeed at roulette


Is it possible to win at roulette? This question has been posed by many generations of fans of casino games. The popularity of slots has increased significantly over the past years, and roulette is no longer the predominant casino game. However, it still has its devoted fans in classic and online casinos. So how can you win at roulette? Are there any effective methods, and do they really produce results? Let’s start with the main points.

How to win online roulette:

The main advantage of online roulette is the unlimited number of free spins during the game. You can, for example, simply watch what other players are doing and wait for the best time to use a specific strategy. For example, you can bet against the sequence that just came up. To do this, you need to make the smallest bet on black after 14 reds; then, you should double it in case of defeat and repeat this every time. Everything depends on the power of observation and your persistence.

The best circumstances to use different methods in roulette are the following:

1) 3 identical numbers came up in a row

2) 14 numbers of the same colour (big or small, even or odd)

3) 12 numbers from the same column in a row

4) 10 numbers from one six line in a row

The main secret of roulette

The first secret to focus on is the method that came from the traditional European roulette. The idea is that it is necessary to bet in turn, according to some instructions, switching between red and black. For example, you need to place a 10 euros bet on red, and if you win, go to black. In case of loss, it is necessary to double the bet to 20. This should be continued until you reach the maximum bet limit. This method is ubiquitous due to its simplicity, but it is near impossible to win large sums of money this way. It is good for those who prefer not to suffer loss and are ready to play for a long time in order not to lose money. But for such players, roulette does not always reveal its secrets.

Roulette Strategies

What are the most common methods of winning in roulette?

Certain methods promise the opportunity to earn 500 dollars per day. Scammers sell such advice stating it is a big secret. But what methods actually work?

The traditional Martingale Method

The Martingale system has been popular since the middle of the 18th century. It consists of the following: the bet size should be doubled after defeat and reduced up to the initial betting size after success.

Results of the Martingale method

This method can work, but only in theory. In the absence of zero and other alternatives to loss, the mathematical expectation still remains a zero. In addition, the casinos have limits deliberately to prevent players from using this system. If the minimum bet is 1 dollar, the highest it will go up to is 100. If the casino visitor wants to play bigger, then the largest amount will be 1000, if the smallest is 10 dollars. In other words, increasing the initial bet by more than 100 times is impossible.

The Martingale Method and scammers

The scammers often present the Martingale system as a guaranteed way to win in the online casino. Many sites and videos on the web talk about the simplicity of getting a high income: 200 dollars per hour or even more. But it should be remembered that frequent small winnings will be the same as a single huge loss. And thanks to zero in roulette or Blackjack, the method will be negative for the player and profitable for the casino.

The deal against the croupier

In this method, which is still common, it is necessary to understand what a wager is. Two players place big bets on different odds at the same table. The idea of this method is simple: to win the wager back faster and divide the income from the bonus between each other.

Mirror numbers

For players who prefer to engage in calculations to select suitable options, there is a method called “Mirror”. In this case, you can really test your strength. It is necessary to list the options that have mirror numbers, such as 6-9, 12-21, 13-31, 23-32, as well as two “flip” numbers: 16-19, and 26-29. They can be remembered easily and used for your enrichment. The principle is as follows: when a number that has a mirror value comes up, you need to bet on its pair from the 10th bet up to the 20th. Then wait for the next such number to come up. A lot of players use this option, but it’s a matter of taste and habits.

System numbers


In this method, you need to look for a system in numbers. For example, let’s say the number 14 came up, and then after a while, 24. The numbers 4, 14, 24 or 34 should certainly come up in the next hour. That’s what you need to bet on. If the numbers 1, 3 and 5 come up (they can be in any order but one after the other), you should expect the numbers 2, 4 and 6. It is necessary to look for patterns and be observant because only the persistent can notice the secrets of the roulette.

Game on chances

It is essential to pay attention to the change of dozens, colours or columns in this case. After they started moving around, never bet on the previous one. For example, if the 3rd dozen comes up, you should bet on the first or second number or both at the same time. The system is the same for columns. But with the colours, it is a little bit different. If they interchange, you need to place the next bet on a different colour. If the same colour consistently comes up, you should bet on it.

Roulette can reveal its secrets to everyone who wishes for it. If you watch and pay attention to all hints, that’s all you need. These are the most thorough and time-tested roulette secrets, which will be quite enough for a long time because you will need a few weeks to test each method until you get successful results. The vital thing is to believe in the result and keep your head; then, everything will work out.

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