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It is not a secret that many think of the roulette game as a “hit or miss”. This category of people responds to a win with a loud “the luck was on your side!” and to a loss with “well, this time you were unlucky”. Luck, luck: everything is about luck. But what if it isn’t?
What if there is a clear-cut plan, following which you can increase your chances of winning and tame the roulette?

This is how you can distinguish a beginner from a pro: the latter always has several ready-made strategies up his sleeve. In other words, you need to keep a pre-prepared betting scheme in mind all the time and deftly manoeuvre it. Then you will know in advance how to react to a specific loss and be ready for any turn of events in the game because you have figured out in advance how to get out of it with the best outcome. You will be armed and determined to win. By the way, this is the same for all spheres of life. Forewarned is forearmed.

What is attractive about online roulette? It requires much less skill than the legendary poker, blackjack or other gambling games.

We have prepared a list of the most common roulette strategies. Please get acquainted and choose the most attractive one for you.

Martingale Roulette Strategy


Let’s begin with the most famous strategy. Why is it so popular? Imagine that you walk into the strategy store and say: “Can you give me something that is simple, effective and easy to understand, please?”

And here it is – the Martingale strategy. And what strategy would become popular without an inspiring legend? And legend has it that a certain owner of a famous gambling house, Mr Martingale, once strongly insisted on adhering only to this game plan in his establishment. Since then, the strategy has become known worldwide, and the regulars of gambling houses have played only by its rules.

The main idea of the strategy is simple – double everything. Yes, after any loss, double the bet. If you follow such a multiplication, sooner or later, you will cover the previous losses. And after that, go back to the original bet amount.

A few basic rules of strategy that you need to remember. The first is to start with a small bet. After all, you will have to double the bet if you lose.

Secondly, according to tradition, this strategy is especially good for even bets. For example, even/odd, red/white.

Labouchere system

One of the most valuable opportunities in life is the opportunity to choose. Therefore, we are moving on to the next scheme – the Labouchere system. It is similar to the previous strategy, but it is less prosaic.

The system, named after the famous British politician, is designed for players with strong nerves and patience. It is based on negative progression. In other words, the bet increases after a loss. However, there is more to it than that.

With the Labouchere system, we recommend that you decide in advance the amount you intend to win today. And, of course, it is better to start with a small and reasonable number.
So let’s say you want to win 10 euros. Great! Take a pen and write down a sequence of numbers that add up to 10. The first and last digit in the sequence is your bet. If the bet has won – cross out the numbers and follow this rule until the end. If it has not, write the lost bet (for example, 3 euros) at the end.

So what’s next? Next, slowly but surely continue following this formula until the numbers run out: the bets that have lost need to be put at the end. The bets that won need to be crossed out.

Remember that the system only works for betting on equal number money! And it is definitely a bad choice if you are in a hurry. Staying calm, patient, and consistent using your notepad is your way to success here.

D’Alembert strategy

Or, in other words, little by little, one travels far. We recommend this scheme for those who prefer not to risk and not venture. This plan is especially suitable for novices.

The strategy bears the name of a great mathematician and follows the rule of one euro. So what is the rule?

Again, this strategy works for equal stakes. If you lose, you add 1 euro to the bet. If you win, then you take it away. And since you have to use the bet multiplication again, it’s better to start small.

Paroli system


Let’s get acquainted with another type of the famous Martingale strategy. It was nicknamed “reversed Martingale”.

Here you will also need to double the bet. But this time, it is not when you lose, as in the original strategy, but when you win. The point is that with several doubled bets such as this, you will be able to win and finish the game in a good mood without losing money. Generally, you will need to place at least three bets.

There are quite a few good schemes worth noticing. But there is one main rule regarding all strategies – do not bet large sums of money. It is better to collect happy moments, not losses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Rumour has it that roulette started being popular at the end of the 17th century, thanks to the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. “Ferris Wheel” is the other name of the game – in French, “roulette” means “little wheel”. It was also called “the Devil’s Game” because the sum of all the numbers on the wheel is 666.

There is also another prosaic version of how the game was invented. Allegedly, roulette appeared with the help of the French state, with the purpose to shift the attention of citizens from playing cards to something else.

The player’s goal is to guess the number that will win and bet on it. Those gathered at the table can place their bets until the second the ball falls, and it can be more than one number. Technically, you can bet on all the numbers at once. And make it into history.

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