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No one will promote your account with a bookmaker better than you.

Surely you have come across ads on the network with offers to promote your account, all backed up by a bunch of guarantees, reviews, and evidence of honesty. Have you ever thought about giving your account at a bookmaker to a capper for promotion? We do not recommend it. There’s a 99% chance that you will lose your funds. In this article, we will tell you how scammers deceive gullible players.

How dishonest promoters attract customers


The first proof that is usually presented is numerous screenshots of bets with only successful promotions. There are many winning streaks, examples of how a capper increased the funds from 1,000 roubles to 100,000 roubles or even up to a million.
If you look closely, you can find a bunch of inconsistencies because these screenshots are usually drawn in Photoshop. Some fake screenshots are of better quality, others look worse.
There are other tricks usually used by poor students. Photos with bundles of money (all fake, of course), expensive cars (rented at best), and various photos of a beautiful life. As a guarantee, the scammer can send a photo of their passport. But this passport, as you probably already guessed, will not belong to the capper. The picture is either photoshopped too, or just a photo of a document bought on the black market.
Any self-respecting promoter has a website or group on social media full of positive reviews. But if you analyse the pages of those who wrote these reviews, you will quickly realize that they are unlikely to belong to real people.
The very first question that may arise is: if they have such amazing abilities, why don’t they earn money on their own? The promoter is usually ready for such a question: they will tell you about how the evil bookmakers got tired of putting up with his victories and blocked all their accounts, so they have no choice but to help people for 50% of their profits in exchange.
Everything seems complicated. But, in fact, the unsurpassed talent does not have money even for the minimum deposit. And they will definitely say that the larger the amount you deposit, the easier it will be for the scammer to work.
Important! Even if suddenly the promoter succeeds and can promote the account, the bookmaker has the right to block the account. In the rules of any betting company, there is a clause prohibiting the transfer of your data to a third party.
It is impossible to directly trace the fact that an outsider entered your account, but there will definitely be indirect signs. So, don’t say you weren’t warned. Remember that when registering, you accepted the rules of the bookmaker.
But this is a lyrical digression. Let’s talk about how promoters scam people.

Retro scheme with account hijacking


This scheme is as old as the world and almost does not work today because bookmakers protect their clients. Yes, while you are thinking about how to beat them, they are doing everything to protect you.
It works (or rather, it worked) like this: after receiving a login and password from you, the scammers entered your account, changed the password, and withdrew money to their wallets. Now, this almost always does not work since the bookmaker does not allow withdrawing money to an account from which there was no deposit. In theory, you can put effort into it and deposit funds from the scammer’s account, but this may cause the bookmaker to be suspicious.

Promotion with zero result

This is the most common type of promotional scam. You give the betting account for promotion, you look forward to a quick profit, after a while you log in to see how things are going, and you find zeros on your account balance.
In general, nothing can be done in this situation, because all promoters adhere to one rule, which they will definitely inform about. In the highly unlikely event of a loss, the deposit is non-refundable. And you signed up for it.
But then how does a fraudster earn if they emptied an account? Very easily. The scammer recruits a few people for promotion and really tries to get the job done. To make a profit, it is enough for them to promote one account. But in reality, only 50% of accounts will succeed because you can bet on opposite outcomes.
Half of the customers will get a promoted account, give the scammer their fee, and write a good review. Then the player will make an even larger deposit and invite friends. But the risks will be much higher because those who are not lucky will no longer be interesting to the promoter. They will be blacklisted.

Sports investing, an advanced scam


This is a much more advanced scheme that requires investments from the fraudster. Everything looks legit with a website, advertising, and targeting. A new way to make money is celebrated all over the Internet.
Importantly, scammers need to attract as many customers as possible to the project. The more of them there are, the longer the project will live. This, as you may have guessed, is a full-fledged financial pyramid.
The official version is as follows. Clients invest money, and a group of professional cappers promote accounts. The entire project management team receives a salary from the profits, and investors receive income in the form of interest.
The reality is much simpler: this is a classic pyramid scheme. As a rule, there are several tariff plans. The principle is simple: the more you invest, the more income you get. At the same time, you will not be able to return your deposit immediately, but, for example, in six months. Usually, the project closes before a deadline.
But you can usually receive interest once a month, on a certain date. And typically, the first payment actually arrives. Because scammers need the scam to reach its full potential and create good publicity for the project to attract as many people as possible. A big flame burns fast.
And then actions begin that start looking like a scam. Disruptions in payments are attributed to technical failures, bank errors, and even account blocking. The most fashionable excuse for today is DDoS attacks. At first, customers wait in silence, then they begin to express their dissatisfaction.
This is where the fairy tale ends: the scammers stop responding, all the traces are erased, and the money is gone. Of course, you can contact the police, but it is unlikely that they will help you in this situation.
Remember: the promotion of a betting account is almost always a scam. The probability of making a profit is negligible, but the risk of losing money is huge. Think with your own head and contact only honest cappers. Successful bets!

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