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RTP RTP 94.11
Bet range Bet per Spin 0.15-300.00
Slot paylines Paylines 15
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    Developed by Slot Factory, the Big 7 Slots slot machine is based on a classic fruit theme. With special features such as Tower of Power and Mega 7s, this slot will keep you entertained for quite some time. The slot machine has four separate power towers that offer multipliers and free spins. Furthermore, the slot is also loaded with wild symbols, free spins and five reels, with four symbols each.

    The game offers no more than 15 active lines because the reels are five by three, featuring 94.11% RTP with medium volatility and a hit frequency of 51.24%; the Big 7 Slots isn’t only fun but also profitable. It can be played on any device, including a computer, tablet or mobile phone. 

    Big 7 Slots game logo

    What We Like About This Online Slot 

    There’s nothing complicated about the basic concept and even less complicated about the design. We like the graphics and design of the game because they’re excellent. The bonus features are just out of this world; their concept is unique, making the game exciting and profitable.

    Big 7 slots

    Where to Play Big 7 Slots for Real 

    A little further down in this review, you’ll find a comprehensive list of some of the most trusted online casinos where you can legally play Big 7 Slots. Selection criteria included reputation, selection of games, bonus features, software provider, payment methods and support.

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    Big 7 Slots Theme

    Big 7 slots symbols

    There’s something distinctly 1980s about this game: It’s bright, flashy and vibrant. The majority of this design is blue but pops of green, orange, pink, red, yellow and even purple ensure the full spectrum of colours. A five by three reel table occupies the centre of the screen, while the game name appears at the top next to a red and orange Mega 7s counter. Multipliers and Free Spin Wins are displayed on the Tower of Power. It’s a classic slot machine theme with fruits including lemons, limes, cherries, watermelons and a lucky seven.

    Sound & Soundtrack

    When it comes to the audio, you can only hear the sounds of the spinning reels and the background sounds of people talking when you’re playing.

    Bonus Feature

    Big 7 Slots comes with exciting bonus features, including Mega 7s and Tower of Power. In addition to this, you can also get your hands on some juicy Wilds and Free Spins.

    Wild Symbols 

    Big 7 slots wildYou might get the star treatment when you see a Wild symbol appearing on your reels. Except for the Tower of Power symbol, they can take the place of almost any other symbol to try and pull you into a winning spin.

    For instance, if you spin in two Lemon symbols on a win-line, you may feel disappointed since you’d have just missed out. However, the Wild symbol will substitute for a third Lemon symbol on the winning line, giving you a multiplier bonus.

    Even though this wild slot machine has some serious star power, it can’t spin in the progressive Mega Jackpot. All five Jackpot symbols must appear on a win-line to get the jackpot.

    Tower of Power

    Big 7 slots free spin symbolThere are four different Towers of Power in this fruity video game: Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts and Spades. Each Diamond and Heart Tower contains multipliers, while each Spade and Club Tower contains several free spins, increasing in value as you advance up the towers.

    Each time you spin the reels, the Tower will light up, and the feature will be triggered when three symbols appear anywhere on the reels. When the Wheel of Fortune begins to spin, the symbol landed on will determine the Tower where your prize will be awarded. The reels will begin to spin as normal when you receive your multiplier or win your free spins.

    Mega 7s

    Big 7 slots mega 7s

    You’ll see the Mega 7s bar light up between sections one to seven after every spin of your reels. You’ll trigger the Mega 7s mode if all seven tiles on your spin are illuminated. You’ll receive five free spins once you enter the seven-bar light-up. 

    The reels are also accompanied by two metres with free spins and multiplier values, one per reel. The ‘Spins’ metre decreases with each spin, but you can still earn additional free spins if you spin in Mega Spin symbols during this time.

    With every win, the Multipliers Values metre will rise, so you’ll soon be able to spin for mega multipliers. After taking all your Mega Spins, your winnings will already be included in your on-screen credit.

    Free Spins

    When the Tower of Power feature is enabled, you can win up to 30 free spins on every spin when playing Big 7 Slots. This feature will trigger the Wheel of Fortune to spin as soon as activated. On the Wheel of Fortune, you’ll win free spins based on the colour of the green club or blue spade symbol.

    There’s no charge from your in-game credit for the free spins you win, as they’re a gift. The value of the free spins you win will depend on the last spin you played, but don’t worry; you won’t be charged from them.

    You’ll be unable to activate the Tower of Power feature during your free spins. As soon as you finish spinning the reels, you’ll be taken back to the main game screen, where any winnings have already been credited to your on-screen balance.

    Pros and Cons

    There’s no doubt that video slots are among the most popular games available at any online casino. Thousands of players benefit from these games every day and are amazed by what they can accomplish. Video slots have many advantages, but they also have some downsides. Like any slot machine, Big 7 Slots has its pros and cons. We’ve listed some of them below.

    Low minimum betting limit
    Considerable high maximum betting limit
    Tower of Power Bonus Feature
    Mega 7s Bonus Feature
    Free Spins Bonus Feature
    Hit frequency of 51.24%
    A medium level of volatility
    Mobile compatibility
    Low RTP
    Max payout of 231x
    No soundtrack

    Tricks of Big 7 Slots

    The game offers 15 active lines with five reels and three rows. With a bet between £0.15 and £300, you stand a chance to win a payout of up to 231x your bet. The RTP is predicted to be 94.11%% and volatility to be medium.


    Knowing how the Big 7 Slots works is crucial for your success in this game. The following expert tips can increase your chances of winning when playing games involving a lot of luck and randomness, such as Big 7 Slots.

    • Creating a Casino Account: The first step you need to take if you’re not familiar with casinos is to open an account. We’ve compiled a list of the top online casinos in this guide as a starting point. You can select the casino that you prefer and sign up.
    • Practise: Before you play Big 7 Slots for real money, you should test the demo version. If you’re new to the game, you should practise with the demo version until you become familiar. Only then should you proceed to the real money version of the game.
    • Knowing the Paytable: The paytable on slot games can differ from one game to another. Big 7 Slots offers unique paytables. The symbols’ values are also listed in the table and their winning combinations.

    Additionally, it’s important not to spend too much money when playing. You should limit how much money you can afford to spend and be sure you don’t go over your budget. 

    RTP of Big 7 Slots

    A potential return to player (RTP) of 94.11%% for Big 7 Slots, with a good hit frequency of 51.24% and moderate variance, makes it a good option. Since the RTP is slightly below average, You can extend the duration of your slot session with medium-variance the slots offer with enough wins to keep you going and perhaps even bring home some money. 

    Should You Play Big 7 Slots

    All types of online bettors should consider playing Big 7 Slots. The layout consists of a normal five-reel three-row format, 15 paylines and a high hit frequency. This game is compatible with any platform, whether a mobile device or a computer. The following are a few more elements you’ll like about this game:

    • Exciting bonus features; from the Tower of Power to the Free Spins.
    • Multipliers
    • Excellent graphics

    Software Provider

    Big 7 Slots was developed by Slot Factory, A reputable and large company that specialises in the development of software for online casinos, as the name of this supplier suggests. In particular, it offers a range of slot machines to suit every taste. With over 200 products in their library, there are plenty of surprises for players to discover and keep them interested.

    How to Play for Real Money

    To play the Big 7 Slots for real money, You’ll have to create an account and log in. The following steps will help you play for real money after you’ve registered:

    • In the library of the online casino, select Big 7 Slots.
    • Set your bet: If you wish to change your stake amount, press the bet button at the bottom of the screen, then use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the bet size. You’ll see a default bet value of £0.15.
    • Check out the paytable: There’s information about all the winning combinations and multipliers that apply to the symbols in the table. Under the menu at the bottom right-hand corner of this screen, You’ll find the paytable.
    • Learn how the game works: Winning is based on which symbols you get and how many appear on the winning line, which multiplies your bet-per-line amount. Big 7 Slots require three or more of the same symbol to line up for a win. Visit the paytable to learn more about each symbol for this online slots fruit game. You’ll see all winning combinations highlighted on your screen, with all winnings automatically credited to your account. Wins pay from left to right on the reels.
    • Play: Start spinning.

    How to Play for Free

    Big 7 Slots is easy to play for free and only requires a few steps. Below are the steps to follow:

    • Go to an online casino: Big 7 Slots and other online slot games are available there. This guide lists online casinos that offer Big 7 Slots. Visiting any of them will give you access to Big 7 Slots.
    • Practise or demo: The options you see will allow you to choose either ‘Play For Real’ or ‘Demo’. You can play for free with a demo.
    • Bet: You can adjust the number of lines and the amount you want to bet using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons below.
    • Play: Start playing by clicking on the “Spin” button. Once the coins run out, you can refresh the page to replenish them.

    5 Casinos Where to Play Slot Big 7 Slots

    You can play Big 7 Slots at the best real money casinos right now by going to the online casinos below. Furthermore, You’ll have the opportunity to access a variety of slot machines, progressive games and bonus slots.

    Final Thoughts

    With its fun graphics and exciting bonus features, Big 7 Slots is a solid game. Many slot players will enjoy this game; two features that stand out include the Mega 7s and Towers of Power, offering free spins and multipliers. The substitution Wilds win additional highlights of the game.

    Big 7 Slots FAQs

    New players often have many questions when first playing online slot games at an online casino. They can usually find answers to these questions in the FAQ section. In this section, you’ll find all the answers to players’ common questions regarding Big 7 Slots. 

    1. Is Big 7 Slots safe to play? 

      Yes, it’s safe to play Big 7 Slots. You must play it in a reputable casino that offers the game if you want to play it safe.

    2. Do you know of any other online casinos that offer Big 7 Slots?

      Below you’ll find more online casinos where you can play Big 7 Slots:

      • 888
      • Casumo
      • Videoslots
      • Spades Planet
      • MrQ
    3. How do you win when playing Big 7 Slots?

      Because video slots are legally designed to generate random results, winning is only a matter of luck. All the possible winning combinations are displayed in the paytable.

    4. When is the best time to play slots?

      You can play Big 7 at any time of the day. The odds of winning are the same regardless of what time you play.

    5. In what category does Big 7 Slots Slot fall?

      Big 7 Slots is a video slot game.

    6. When was this game released?

      The Big 7 Slots was released on March 17th, 2021.

    7. What are the values of the Wilds symbols?
      • Five pay 400x your bet
      • Four pay 100x your bet
      • Three pay 60x your bet
    8. What are the lowest paying symbols in the game?

      Low paying symbols include oranges, watermelons, cherries, and lemons.

    9. Is it possible to cheat at Big Slot 7?

      No, it is not. You will have access to the RNG software directly. Under normal conditions, RNG picks numbers much faster than human reflexes can ever do. it would be impossible to cheat the Random Number Generator since the numbers are truly random.

    10. To play, do I need to download any software?

      No, you don’t. Playing this game requires only a web browser on a computer or smartphone.

    11. Can I influence the game by the amount of money I deposit?

      No, you can’t. Depositing money or even betting a lot of money won’t affect the outcome of the game.

    12. What other symbols will you find in the game?

      The other symbols you’ll find include gold 7, big 7, blue 7 and green 7.

    13. What are the values of the gold 7?

      The values vary depending on how many you land on the reels; the values are as follows:

      • Five pay 200x your bet
      • Four pay 70x your bet
      • Three pay 40x your bet
    14. How often does the gold 7 appear on the reels?

      Gold 7s appear only in the Mega 7s bonus game.

    15. What is the highest paying symbol?

      Big gold 7 is the highest paying symbol.

    16. What is the lowest paying symbol?

      Cherry is the lowest paying symbol. It can pay up to 20 times your stake.

    17. What are the values of the big gold 7?

      The following are the values:

      • Five pay 400x your bet
      • 4 pay 100x your bet
      • Three pay 60x your bet
    18. What are the values of the big green 7?
      • Five pay 120x your bet
      • Four pay 50x your bet
      • Three pay 25x your bet
    19. To play, I have to deposit money. How do I do that?

      You will find a cashier section in our recommended online casinos where you can securely and privately deposit money. Casinos accept various deposit methods, but not every method is accepted by every casino. Make sure that you choose a site that allows you to deposit funds through the method you prefer.

    20. Are there any other games similar to Big 7 Slots? 

      Many games like Big 7 Slots exist, including Extra Juicy Megaways, 3 Fruits Win: 10 lines and many others.

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