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RTP RTP 95.67
Bet range Bet per Spin 0.20-60.00
Slot paylines Paylines 1
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    Forever 777s is an online casino game provided by Red Tiger Gaming. The online slot was released on September 28th, 2021 with an RTP of 95.67%. With the good old days still fresh in our minds, dancing to Madonna or Michael Jackson, the dream or memory from machines that let out the coins has not faded. The slot provider has remade this slot by incorporating a new look and one payline, bringing it into the 21 century. Forever 777’s comes with two bonus features which are the Mystery Swap mode, and the Changing Colours.

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    What We Like About Forever 777s

    This one payline game has hit the mark as a tribute to the past. With the high pace of the game, you can win quickly and easily. Forever 777s retained the original feeling of olden days slot machines, just with a new twist, which we like.

    Where To Play Forever 777s For Real

    Forever 777s slot game

    Forever 777s allows players to choose between playing for free and playing for real money. To play for real money, it’s advisable to visit a reputable site where the casino holds a legal license. All you need to do is complete the registration process and deposit some cash. In this review, you’ll find some of our recommended online casinos that you can visit and play this slot game on their platform.

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    Forever 777s Theme

    The online slot has a golden oldies theme, a 3D animation with a popping blue background, and golden symbols outlining the screen’s interface. The site comes with HTML5 technology, giving it a digital look and feel and enabling it to be played on mobile devices. The symbols are in two categories, classical design, unique signs, and familiar characters.

    • Exceptional symbols: The slot provider designed the game so that none of the symbols is unique from the other. All the signs are the same, just that the different colours represent a certain amount.
    • Regular symbols: All the symbols have different colours and represent different amounts. The golden seven symbols are the highest paying symbols with a multiplier of 500x.
    • The next symbol is the blue seven with a multiplier of 50x.
    • Then you have the red seven with 25x.
    • The next one is the green seven with a multiplier of 10x,
    • Then there’s the purple seven with a 5x multiplier.
    • The last paying symbol is the dark blue seven with a multiplier of 1x.

    Sound & Soundtrack

    The soundtrack on this game is taking you back to the golden oldies with instrumental music softly playing in the background. Spinning the reels, you hear the original mechanical wheels spinning on the old slot machines, bells going off as soon as a win is achieved.

    Bonus Features

    Below you can find some bonus features of this golden oldies theme online slot.

    Mystery Swap Mode

    Getting the Mystery Symbol will swap the paying symbol out on the reel and increase the payout on the symbol up to 1,500x of the original amount. As the golden seven is the highest paying symbol, getting three golden sevens in a row with the mystery swap mode increases your chances of getting a payout of up to 1,500x your bet. The mystery swap mode, therefore, increases the payouts you can receive.

    Changing Colours

    With changing colours, the background colours change to a different colour. The Sevens symbol at the time of the change on the reel will turn into the corresponding colour of the background, rendering the payout to the value of the new colour Sevens. The same colours Sevens will keep appearing on the reel until the colours change again, causing a cycle with random symbol types.

    Even though the bonus round is very simple, landing nothing but Sevens. All of them have different colours with a multiplier value attached, increasing the chances of higher payouts in these two simple features.

    Here’s a list of the lucky Sevens that can be found in the bonus round with the stake amounts you can receive.

    • Three Dark Blue Sevens will pay 3x your stake.
    • Three Purple Sevens will pay 15x your stake.
    • Three Green Sevens will pay 30x your stake.
    • Three Red Sevens will pay 75x your stake.
    • Three Light Blue Sevens will pay 150x your stake.
    • Three Golden Sevens will pay 1,500x your stake.

    Pros and Cons

    Below you’ll find five pros and three cons that can help you play this game.

    The lucky Sevens in the bonus round increase your chances of winning.
    You can win up to 1,500x your stake with one payline and medium volatility
    It offers Mystery symbol rewards
    Superb and straightforward graphics with 3D animation
    It offers free spins to new and existing players
    The online slot has no free spins
    There is only one fixed payline
    There are no bet multipliers

    Tricks of Forever 777s

    There’s no magic when it comes to playing online slots. However, for Forever 777s, there’s a sudden changing of colours while spinning. This can result in the most significant win of up to 1,500x your stake.

    The game also has six other symbols apart from the Mastery symbol, representing different payouts. For instance, if you’re lucky to get the golden Seven, you’re given 500x your stake. All the 777s represent a specific multiplier.

    RTP of Forever 777s

    The payout ratio is the long-term statistical rate, also known as the game’s Return to Player (RTP). To calculate RTP, you take the total amount of money you win divided by the total money you stake. The opposite of RTP is the house edge which is always 100% minus the RTP. For instance, if the payout ratio is 95% the house edge is 100% – 95% = 5%. The RTP of Forever 777s is 95.62%.

    Should You Play Forever 777s?

    The video slot Forever 777s is provided by Red Tiger Gaming, which is relatively new in the casino industry. The game has a trademark and is safe to play. Players can also play for free or for real money. The slot titles come with numerous bonus features adding to the enjoyment of it. The Mystery Symbol award is something you can feel excited about when playing Forever 777s. So, why not give it a go?

    Software Provider

    Forever 777s is an online slot game brought to gaming fans by Red Tiger Gaming. The company was founded in 2014, and you can now play at any casino ruled by the UK Gambling Commission. Red Tiger Gaming strives to ensure that their games’ graphics are top-notch with lots of details and mobile capabilities to ensure the players enjoy playing the games they release. The company also provides 24/7 support to swiftly sort out any technical issues you may find while playing. The games Red Tiger Gaming has created can be played in different languages and with different currencies.

    How to Play for Real Money

    Many casino websites have this game in their library. You can choose a site that you feel comfortable with and is safe and secure.

    1. Click on the game icon and register for this game by completing all the relevant information that the site requires.
    2. Deposit a suitable amount into the account that’ll show in your balance on the top left corner of the screen.
    3. Read the bonus feature rules and information on the game by opening the three bars shown on the top right-hand corner of the screen before starting the game.
    4. Once you’re satisfied and ready to play the game, you can place your bet and press the spin button to start and enjoy your game.

    How to Play for Free

    Playing for free, especially for new players, is very important in the iGaming industry. The free model helps you understand the game better and enables you to play safely, as you need to read the terms and conditions before playing. Forever 777s offers this version of a game whereby you don’t have to register to play.

    The demo mode is available on the provider’s site. You can spin the reels, get to know the game, and win the cash, but you can’t withdraw it since it’s a demo mode. However, you can play for real money once you feel comfortable with the rules. You can then register, deposit some cash in your account, and start playing.

    5 Casinos Where You Can Play Forever 777s

    Below are a couple of top online casino sites that offer this title in their portfolio and are safe to play. They include:

    Final Thoughts

    Even though this game has only one payline, it’s still interesting and fun to play, with great options to increase your winnings per initial bet. The concept of Sevens and incorporating it into the Forever 777s slot makes this a clever little feature. Allowing you to play this game non-stop, counting symbols in your sleep will be something of the past if you crack the 1,500x bonus win. The slot title game can be played on mobile devices, tablets, and computers as it’s compatible with any mobile device and can be played from the comfort of your home.

    Forever 777s FAQs

    Here are some questions and answers that come up frequently regarding this game and online slot games.

    1. Is Forever 777s safe to play?

      Yes, Forever 777s is approved and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

    2. What is the Max bet you can place on Forever 777s?

      The max bet you can place on Forever 777s is £60 per spin.

    3. What is the Min bet?

      The Min bet on Forever 777s is £0.20 per spin.

    4. Is Forever 777s a high-paying slot?

      It has only one pay line, three reels, and medium volatility. The slot has a max win of 1500x only.

    5. Does Forever 777s have a bonus round and jackpot?

      Forever 777s doesn’t have bonus rounds and free spins for its players. Instead, it offers a jackpot.

    6. How many countries does Forever 777s offer the game?

      Forever 777s offers service to over 30 countries, including Britain and the USA.

    7. Can I play Forever 777s with Bitcoin?

      Yes. To play Forever 777s with Bitcoin, you need to sign up in one of the Bitcoin online casinos and use Bitcoin as your payment option.

    8. What payment method can I use in Forever 777s?

      The following payment methods are just some to mention which you can use to add funds to your account and then start playing, depending on the casino site you choose to play at: 

      • Visa
      • PayPal
      • Mastercards
      • Bank Wire
    9. What age limit do Forever 777s have? 

      Forever 777s come with an age restriction of 18 years and older. 

    10. Does Forever 777s have any time limits? 

      As this online slot is a single-player slot game, you won’t have to worry that there is a time limit on anything. 

    11. Can you play Forever 777s 24/7? 

      It is advised not to play any game 24/7 as you need sleep to function properly. However, if you want to play 24/7, you can do so as this online slot is mobile compatible.

    12. Where can you find the paytable for Forever 777s?

      You can find the paytable next to the maximize and minimize button, located at the top of the screen. You access the paytable by clicking on the three stripes and clicking on the paytable option.

    13. Do you have to download an app to play Forever 777s?

      No. You can play this online slot on one of the casino websites mentioned above and register to play.

    14. Is Forever 777s gameplay random? 

      Yes. The online slot game holds an SSL encryption that ensures that the game is secure and entirely fair. There is also an RNG which means that the results are given randomly.

    15. What withdrawal methods can you use in Forever 777s?

      You can use the online casino withdrawal method, which usually consists of either withdrawing into your private bank account or using EFT.

    16. Does this online slot have to scatter symbols? 

      No. The online slot does not contain any scatter symbols; instead, it contains colourful symbols which give you different types of multipliers.

    17. Would you say this online slot is easy to play? 

      Yes. This online slot is easy to play as it provides one payline, making it very easy to understand.

    18. Does Forever 777s have an autoplay function?

      No. All autoplay functions have been banned from use in the UK. You will need to decide how many times you want to spin the reels and then spin the reels manually.

    19. Is there a bonus buy option in Forever 777s? 

      No. There is no bonus buy option available on Forever 777s as it is restricted to protect you from spending more money than you should be spending.

    20. Is this online slot ideal for beginners? 

      Yes. The slot is not complicated to understand to play the reels as it only has one payline and three reels.

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