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Kristaps is an expert in the field of online casinos. Over time he has found himself as a gambling critic and analyst.

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The best bets in baccarat
Who wins more often in baccarat: players or dealers?

Many players still do not understand why baccarat is an elite game because the rules seem quite simple and accessible. […]

Risk and risk: a big stack and little time
How to choose the right strategy for online casino slot tournaments?

Casino owners never let their customers get bored.  Yes, and in principle, this craft can be associated with anything, but […]

“Wild” symbols features
New features of scratch cards.

Gambling for money has always attracted a large number of people who want to try their luck. Nowadays, gambling is […]

What are additional multipliers in slots?
What do additional multipliers give in video slots?

In public transport, offices and shops, it is increasingly common to see people discussing gambling or betting on sports. This […]

Slot machine dedicated to Marco Polo
The best slot machines with a geographical theme

Many gamblers just love video slots. As you know, there is now a very wide range of video slots. Each […]

Professionals also lose in blackjack
How to cut house edge in blackjack?

Surely, many of you are familiar with the concept of the house edge. In fact, it is present in every […]

Pros of anti-cumulative bet
What is non-accumulator betting?

Many sports betting enthusiasts are accustomed to acting according to one well-honed scenario. The player checks the strategy, determines the […]

New hurdles
Casino vs card counters in blackjack

Perhaps there is nothing in this world that cannot be outwitted. For every casino there is a brilliant mathematician who […]

Roulette gambling
Top 5 books on successful casino play.

Thanks to the wide coverage of casinos in the film industry, it seems to inexperienced players that it is easy […]

Golden State Warriors are the new NBA champions
“Curry is the reason for our championship.” Golden State was able to get to the top again

It is said that in any sport, the composition of the team is only half the battle. So many puzzles […]

Injuries and bone diseases prevent him
Willpower or massive deception: Nadal’s injury experts.

Rising from the ashes On June 5, the final match of the Roland Garros tournament took place. Rafael Nadal faced […]

In these teams, the players don’t earn much
Is the high cost of hockey players always justified?

It is known that many professional athletes get quite good salaries. Their size depends not only on the level of […]

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