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Sports and injuries always go hand in hand. There’s probably no athlete who never saw hospital walls, not even for a short time.
Many consider basketball harmless. It isn’t as aggressive as martial arts and perhaps not as spectacular or widely promoted as football. But in fact, basketball is full of surprises and injuries.
Basketball has always been called one of the most contact sports. The whole process is based on the strong interaction of the players. Ankle injuries are true comrades-in-arms of any basketball player. Most often, an insidious injury occurs during a collision on the field with a colleague or simply during uncareful body movements. Even the most patient and seasoned basketball players aren’t immune to injuries, Steph Curry included.
If you could write a treatise on Steph Curry, there would be a separate chapter: Steph Curry and his ankles. The basketball player has a sad reputation: he constantly gets sprains.

NBA legend: is Steph Curry really this invulnerable?


There are different reasons for bettors to bet on basketball. When Steph Curry enters the basketball arena, everyone freezes. Most do so from anticipation because Steph plays basketball beautifully. The title of the outstanding sniper in the NBA isn’t unfounded. But some know more about his biography and have long been following the career of their favourite basketball player. This category of fans freezes with fear of him spraining a muscle. Which is exactly what happened.

The match started quite positively with the playoffs. The star of the day is the long-awaited match between Denver and Golden State. As the game begins, fans rejoice at the sight of Steph. The arena erupts in applause and cheers. Such a reaction is quite expected, as the basketball player suffered a serious injury just a couple of weeks before the playoffs. His participation in the match was uncertain. The game with Boston in March ended unsuccessfully for the legendary player: with an ankle injury. Loyal fans and fans of basketball betting have almost given up on their dream of seeing their favourite in the playoffs. Given his history, everyone was concerned.

Stef and his extensive injury history are legendary.

Steph Curry’s injury history

The famous footballer began his journey in basketball back in 2009. Curry got off to a great start in the NBA and had an excellent season. He displayed results that only some professional athletes can boast of. Stef was predicted to have a great future. The predictions were true. Unfortunately, the path to the basketball Olympus was accompanied by multiple incidents.
The first serious injury happened in 2010. Steph played furiously, selflessly, and defiantly. Seemingly, Curry was alone with the ball and the basketball hoop in the arena. The athlete didn’t pay attention to the sprain, which seemed insignificant to him then. In basketball and ankle problems are commonplace. In addition, no one is to blame for the injury: Curry was far from all his opponents. Ignoring the pain, the basketball player finished the match. This is Curry Steph, a man who managed to sprain his ankle out of the blue with no outside help. But everything turned out to be more complicated.
It was this unfortunate injury that caused the surgical intervention in 2011. Fortunately, the surgery went well. The doctors optimistically guaranteed that Curry would be able to jump around the basketball field like he used to. Skipping games and training didn’t affect the career of the future NBA star too much. Lesson learned, so Curry promises to be careful to reporters and fans. Steph Curry also assures the club management that he will continue to move like a ballerina, just as carefully. Interestingly, despite the player’s clumsiness, the Warriors continued to believe that Steph would excel. No need to write off a player who receives injuries often. But what’s next?
Curry plays well for the whole season but ends up in the hospital again. Same reason: the rolled ankle. Doctors and Curry both understand that now this is his soft spot, which will remind him from time to time. Later, Steph gave an honest interview where he spoke about his painful experiences. The basketball player admitted that though he seems to be a calm and cheerful person on the outside, there’s a fire burning inside him. When Steph was left alone with his own thoughts, he fell into a real depression. It seemed to him that he was disappearing as a unique and strong basketball player. By skipping workouts, Curry loses his knack. Instead of discipline and training with the team, he has to spend his time doing constant rehabilitation.
For a while, he was attacked by the media. They gave his ankles various offensive nicknames and gossiped about injuries as if trying to hurt the injured basketball player even more. They constantly mentioned Grant Hill, who is also famous for his offensive injuries. Such articles were full of scandalous headlines and caused a stir among the public.

Turning point in Steph Curry’s career


Some fateful acquaintances turn your whole life upside down. Warriors’ new fitness coach was one of those people.
Keke Liles turned out to be a true professional in his field. They immediately found common ground with Curry, both as people who have something to talk about and as those who can help each other.
It looked like an invisible barter. Thanks to his classes with Steph, Liles has become a topic of everyone’s conversation. He became sought after specialist among famous teams, all because he performed a miracle: Steph Curry rose to an extraordinary level. This duo rocked the NBA.
Keke Liles had his secret methods that the fitness coach didn’t like to talk about. But Liles is known to focus on weightlifting.
Steph began to look almost like an iron man, a mountain of muscles that enters the basketball arena to claim the title. What injuries? This word disappeared from his vocabulary.
However, in 2016, Steph faced his problem again. In the first match of the playoffs, he landed right on an injured leg. This episode opened Pandora’s box of accidents.
But Steph Curry, like a phoenix, always rises from the ashes.


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