The best strategies in any game are those that have been tested by experience and time. Well, the main conditions for the success of strategies are cold calculation, a sober mind and a little luck.

Today, we will talk about the key strategies people like to use in online baccarat and regular casinos.

The game is often compared to blackjack – here, you also need to get a certain combination of numbers. The Italians and the French loved to play baccarat back in the 15th century. If only they had known about the strategies that we will discuss in this article then.

Features of baccarat: what strategies work?


Baccarat consists of three types of bets: on the player, on the banker and a draw. Professionals say that it is better to bet on the player because they have advantages over the casino. The banker’s bet is attractive in terms of interest – 1.24%. But there is always a fly in the ointment. For example, some casinos tend to take a commission from a successful bet on the banker. I think you would agree that it’s better to avoid giving away a part of the winning. A draw is extremely rare in baccarat.

There are three strategies that imply competent bank management, which means they will not lead to significant losses and unintentional expenses.

Flat strategy – the bet percentage depends on the player; either way, the bank remains stable.

Grind strategy – you can make a fixed bet. Let’s say 5% of your deposit. If the bet is successful, you can increase the amount.

D’Alembert’s strategy – according to this scheme, you need to manage the bank as follows: if you win, reduce the bet by 1, if you lose, increase by 1.

Before using any of the above strategies, you need to remember one rule: the player cannot make the decision during the game, except for one episode: when he decides who to bet on.

What other winning strategies for baccarat are there?

Martingale strategy – according to this tactic, you need to double the amount of the bet every time you lose. The idea is that if you lose, you have a chance not only to return the amount of the wager back but also to double the winning.

The strategy of Paroli is fundamentally different from Martingale’s: the bet should be increased after each win. Usually, the progression of the amount is calculated beforehand—for example, 1-2-3-6.

Strategy 1324 is a specific system in which you must follow the sequence: 1, 3, 2 and 4 chips are used.

Tips for playing baccarat

Even if you are an experienced player and can play baccarat with your eyes shut, you should still stay alert.

Read the conditions carefully before starting the game

You may think that this is an obvious point, but sometimes the lack of knowledge of the rules makes the game a lot less enjoyable. Each institution has its own vision of situations and wagers, especially for a banker. Be sure to check with the casino representatives what percentage this bet has and whether there is a commission from your winning. Let me remind you that the player’s position most often becomes the most successful one.

Manage your bank wisely

In baccarat, the capital is the budget that a player can spend without regretting it. Usually, the bank is fixed, and a specific percentage is allocated for the bet.

Since many strategies involve increasing bets, it’s best to be practical about your bankroll. Stick to the one chosen method. Some players start to frantically go through the tactics and schemes in their heads when they lose. No, it doesn’t work like that. Stop the game if you can see that the strategy is not taking you where you want to be. Leaving the game on time is also winning. It is said that the only sure way to succeed in baccarat is to use common sense. In this case, any strategy can be successful.

Don’t Forget About Bonuses

Casino and bonuses are two parts of the same equation. But different institutions have their own rules about them. This is especially true for online casinos. To put it mildly, it would be a shame if all bonuses in baccarat were virtual and the money could not be withdrawn to the bank card. Or if there is a deposit on bonuses, for example, 500 euros.

This means that you can only withdraw the bonus if your bet is 1500 euros. Such hidden pitfalls are pretty common, so pay attention to every detail. Ask all the questions you have and make sure the answers are clear – you have the right to do that.

An element of luck

No matter how you play around with different strategies and build financial schemes, there’s always an element of luck. You can prepare well, think over the move and be sure that this is the bet of your life. And the bet can still lose. Why? Have you misinterpreted something? Not at all. Your bet could really be perfect by all criteria but still lose – by coincidence. Look at this situation with a bit of humour. Luck loves it. And it is better not to get into superstitions.

Keep cool, control your emotions and stick to the plan

Perhaps there is nothing worse than getting carried away by the atmosphere and ultimately moving away from the original method. Do not rush, do not make hasty bets. Set yourself a limit – as soon as it is reached, do not tease the luck, it’s better to end the round.

What is the best way to play baccarat?


If you have never tried baccarat in a land-based casino, we suggest you try that.
Real dealer baccarat has a special charm and many options that you may not find in an online casino. For example, lightning baccarat – in this version, the cards have an increased multiplier and are selected randomly. And Dragon Tiger is valued because it is speedy and has the most straightforward rules. The cards are dealt two hands, and the larger card wins. No extra bets or any other add-ons.

Please note that all the strategies that we talked about today will work both in a real institution and online, the main benefits of which are an opportunity to save time and mobility – you can play from any gadget.

Unfortunately, there is no single formula for winning in baccarat. But if you keep these rules in mind, remember all the nuances and stick to one strategy, you can leave the casino as a winner. Common sense multiplied by competent tactics and luck will definitely bring you to success.

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