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The slot machine creators always pursue several important goals. First, they want to captivate the player, capture their attention, and take control of their time. Second, they want to make sure that the client returns to the casino time and time again. How do you accomplish that? By turning the game into a performance with a unique atmosphere, colourful characters, and graphics. Most importantly, they shouldn’t reinvent the wheel, turning to the good old stories instead, like famous fairy tales associated with something kind, familiar and dear to your heart.

The story of Aladdin was used not only in films with the most colourful plots but also in dozens of games. This is a vivid example of how a familiar childhood character gives the game a special meaning.
Fascinating stories from Scheherazade have been loved by everyone since childhood. Famous developers seem to reinvent the characters. You can learn about the results of such ideas in this article.

Online slots based on famous stories


Popular online casino video slots become my people’s favourites for a reason. The components of a perfect game are story, graphics, mobility, comfort, and interesting characters.

Slot machines based on favourite children’s stories are among the top ten ideas. Subconsciously, such games capture your attention with an interesting plot and good characters. Adults don’t believe in fairy tales, but they do remember the stories.

Which qualities of an online slot captivate the player?

Rules are simple. Jumping into a moving car is interesting. Not wasting your time delving into ornate game moves is fun and easy.

Large selection of bets. Fairy tales are nice but winning is a priority.

Beautiful and high-quality graphics. If a slot machine has to do with Aladdin, the character himself should be recognizable and perfectly drawn. The same applies to Genie.

Being able to play anywhere. The games we’re going to talk about today are available on all platforms.

Clear interface. Casinos prefer things to be intuitive. This applies to rates, rules, and the interface.

Most popular Aladdin slots

Aladdin Adventures

Several payout options, three reels, and a good selection of bets are the main advantages of the Aladdin Adventures slot machine. It’s a classic interpretation of the story about the character from One Thousand and One Nights. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that in the few years after its release the machine has acquired a rather large audience. On top of the excellent conditions for betting, there are high odds, a well-designed interface, and luxurious graphics. Perhaps even better than Disney. Spin the drum!

Aladdin’s Lamp

Casino software providers know how to surprise their users. One of such surprises is a well-known company’s creation, the Aladdin’s Lamp video slot, which didn’t fail in the eyes of the players. The game attracts attention with five reels and a good range of bets. In addition, the regulars note good bonuses and the possibility of the first free spins. The creators know how to lure the players in.

Aladdin’s Treasure

Pragmatic Play has also decided to release a product about the brave Aladdin and didn’t skip on high quality or the bonuses for the players.

A colourful world with a unique atmosphere opens up before the video slots fans. The main goal of the game is to collect a successful combination. A great range of bets, good odds, and free spins are all here, so why not give it a try? The creators stir up interest with a special bonus, the opportunity to receive a special prize.


The developers have picked a straightforward name, but they did use their imagination on the slot machine itself.

What awaits the players? First, five reels. Second, a lot of lines for betting. Third, a solid number of bonuses. The creators didn’t miss free spins, excellent graphics, or an accessible interface. This video slot isn’t as popular as, for example, Aladdin’s Adventures. But, of course, to each their own.

Wild Wishes

The Estonian studio decided to surprise its audience with an unusual slot about a famous hero. This game can steal all of your free time. Estonians understand how positive reinforcement works in a casino, so they’ve introduced a slot with several levels. The game’s distinguishing feature is the system of repeated spins, which are activated at a variety of combinations.

Free spins are the icing on the cake. The player can use the bonus only after they reach a certain level. Aladdin is the most expensive symbol that opens at the end.

Aladdin and Sorcerer

This is a slot machine created by the promising company Pragmatic Play, which, again, appeals to many gambling enthusiasts by using fairy tales.

Why does Aladdin and Sorcerer deserve the attention of users? The slot machine has an excellent return percentage, a wide range of bets, and five reels.

The slot plunges you into the indescribable atmosphere of the Middle East. In the arena, the main characters are fearless Aladdin and his lamp. The plot doesn’t differ from the classic version, which is a pro. Many creators move away from the main outline of the story and change the course of the plot, with only the name remaining from the original. Aladdin and Sorcerer slot is a traditional take on a famous story loved by millions about an ordinary guy who becomes the owner of the lamp. The lamp includes a genie capable of fulfilling three cherished wishes. How do you know if your sacred dreams will come true?

The main antagonist in the story is Sorcerer. The playing field resembles an ancient cave.

3 Genii Wishes most-popular-aladdin-slots

The characters of your favourite Oriental tale are presented to you again. 3 Genii Wishes is a colourful story from the young but ambitious Pragmatic Play.

In the gaming arena, everyone is the same: Aladdin and his beloved, Genie, the parrot, the famous magic lamp, and others.

Of course, there are some nice bonuses. Moreover, the developers offer players a good choice: you can take advantage of free spins or get a bonus payout, the size of which can pleasantly surprise you.

Modern gambling is searching for various solutions to attract players. They actively use modern approaches and remember about three-dimensional graphics, special effects, and non-trivial plots. Sometimes the solution lies on the surface, and players want to see not a tribute to modern fashion, but simple and familiar characters. The stories of Scheherazade are several hundred years old, but their kindness and wisdom still resonate with everyone.

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