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What is a good bet? It’s not just a big win and a lucky coincidence. We will not discover America: in betting not everything depends on fortune.

Betting is hard work and a lot of work that includes many stages. An experienced bettor knows all the ins and outs well and deftly operates on the information that he received through analysis.

There is an important link in the chain of conditions for a good bet – the strategy of the game. In order to determine the course of events, predict the behaviour of any given player and make the right bet, you need to understand which team is entering the field today. Motivation, style of play, tactics of the players in the arena – every point counts.

Today we talk about how team strategy affects football betting, how to use this information intelligently, and how to predict what kind of play the team will show on the field.

Football: styles of play


Football fans are well aware that teams can resort to several game schemes. All of them are working schemes. But each club has its own vision of football.

Someone prefers to attack. Aggressively, confidently and without surrendering. Attack is usually preferred in games against teams that are a priori weaker or at about the same level.

There are teams that put all their energy into defending. This scheme shoots out if the opponent is strong enough and the emphasis must be on goal defence.

And the third option is to integrate the defence into the attack. Such a team “spreads out” both there and there. Trying to control the ball and guard the goal at the same time.

One piece of advice for beginners in sports betting: in recent years, teams have increasingly turned to the defensive scheme. In other words, such a club is betting on defense, not on the result. They do not run headlong across the field, trying to score the ball. No, these guys create a massive defense and keep the opponent away from the goal.

Such a game scheme, when the players are aimed at defense and “crowd” around the goalkeeper, is called the “bus”.

The principle of the “football bus”

The main place of action of the players will be near their own goal. You should not expect from them active forced marches across the field, high performance or fights with rivals.
Everyone goes on defense: including attackers. Usually 7-8 players line up near the goal.
In the football community, such teams are nicknamed “shut downs”. Their main goal is to focus on defense and not waste time on goals. The football players practically “crowd” at the gate, try to take possession of the ball from the defensive position and do not succumb to provocations.
The scheme is usually appealed to by medium-sized teams who are well aware of their capabilities. They don’t flatter themselves, they don’t try to score as much as possible, because they realise – that’s definitely not today.
Their goal is to hold on. Grab the chance to move on with all your might. As it is right, such clubs have a frivolous attack, so they choose the “football bus” tactics.
Such teams are not uncommon. And they successfully hold on to the middle positions of the standings, and do not drop out of the race, because they are strong in defense. So the “bus” strategy is quite working.

How do I find a private club?


Teams that actively use a defensive scheme are easy to find. Take a look at the current stats of the teams. The indicators that tell you about the team’s tactics are how many goals the team has scored and how many conceded.
The hallmark of a private club is that they hardly ever score goals. Usually, it is that one goal that is a red thread throughout the match. The shutout team, on the other hand, hardly ever misses a goal. They are clever at intercepting the ball at goal.
When you see a team like this, be sure to study their last meetings. Then all the puzzles will come together.

Specifics of private club games: how to bet?

Obviously, private clubs do not abuse the “bus”. Such a scheme only works when the opponent is much stronger. When a weak side faces a top team, the bus is the best solution.
If there is a meeting of approximately equal opponents, a private club will gladly remember the combined strategy, and will even attack.
Games that have a team that is heavily focused on defense can be divided into two types.

Match of private clubs

Imagine that both participants are a private type of team. What to expect from this game?
The main manipulations take place closer to the center of the playing arena. Lots of shots are missed. If they hit, then into the corner.
Yellow cards are rare here – especially if the referee is not very strict.
If a team manages to score, its tactics focus strictly on defense.
For such games, in principle, a large number of goals is not typical. Maximum – 1-2.
If a bettor is watching a meeting of private clubs, his bets may be on the total. Everything can be considered here: both yellow cards and “total under” for throws towards the goal.
It’s a good idea to bet on a draw. As a rule, such teams are too busy defending and not chasing goals.

Match of the private club and the leader

What features await bettors in the game of the defending team and a strong opponent?
A private club will be strictly on its own “slice” of the field. There will be no high number of corners or intersections of the ball. All the reins are in the hands of the stronger team. The defensive one simply protects its rear.
Yellow cards are quite possible: a private club often violates, as it tries to stop the pressure of the attackers.
A draw here is unlikely. It is likely that the favourites will score well against the private club.
Definitely betting on the favorite will bring good dividends to the better.

Betting on matches with “buses”


If a good team, which chooses to play defensively, meets an obvious underdog, you can choose to bet on the first team to win. This is really a winning combo: defensive scheme + weak opponent. Outsiders have very little chance of winning back.
When there are two good middle teams with defensive tactics on the playing field, it is better to bet on a draw. Given that both teams have shown approximately equal results in recent meetings.

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