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Even the most experienced players who have been betting for many years can have problems and questions. It is their solution that the support service is engaged in. Support provides customer service, offering quick and efficient solutions that effectively work to resolve the problem. The high quality of the service is one of the defining characteristics of a good bookmaker. No matter how big the issue is, customers need to trust their service provider and know that help is always a click away whenever they need it.

How the bookmaker’s support service works


Support consists of trained employees who communicate directly with players to help resolve their issues. The staff ranges from a couple of dozen to a couple of thousand people, depending on the number of bettors registered on the website of the bookmaker. Support works around the clock – even if you bet on sports at night, you can always ask for clarification and help.

How to contact the support of a bookmaker

You can contact the support with any question related to the work of the bookmaker. TSupport can be contacted in many different ways:

  • telephone hotline;
  • online application form on the website;
  • email;
  • message in messenger.

Almost all legal bookmakers offer their customers the opportunity to contact the customer support hotline 24 hours a day, any day of the week. In some cases, such a line may work intermittently or on weekends. When calling the hotline regarding a bet, the client will be greeted by a call centre operator who will help resolve any issues in real-time. Most often, the call is free of charge.

Following the development of modern information technologies, many bookmakers pay special attention to improving their websites. Today, most sites offer players an online questionnaire type form for feedback. It usually contains several text fields to describe the problem, and also allows attaching a screenshot or photo to visualize it.

Another way to leave a complaint is by email or messenger. It works in the the same way as the online contact form on the site but is less popular.

Reasons for contacting the bookmaker’s support service

Reasons for contacting can be both fairly common and unique, requiring special attention.
The ones that are resolved most easily are requests for clarification of terms, site functionality, as well as assistance with registration, verification or recovery of login and password. To resolve such issues without involving support staff and to reduce their workload, some bookmakers add sections with frequently asked questions and answers to them (FAQ) to their sites. Here you can find solutions to the most common problems, as well as get clarification about the operation of the resource, betting terms and rules of use.
Players can also file complaints about the functionality of certain elements of the virtual resource, freezing or unresponsiveness of the bookmaker’s website. They are processed by a technical support specialist as part of the customer service. However, the percentage of such complaints from the total number is very small, since most of the resources are well optimized.
The main part of the requests is related to the errors of the players while using the site. Let’s analyze the most common problems that arise as a result of bettors’ ignorance of the bookmaker’s rules or their incorrect implementation.

Errors when adding money to an account


Quite a lot of players make mistakes and get blocked as a result of attempts to transfer money to a deposit from a bank card or electronic wallet that is not registered in this user’s name. Depositing or withdrawing funds from a registered user to accounts that do not belong to them is prohibited by the rules of the bookmaker.
The withdrawal of a large amount of winnings or multiple small payments is inspected by the security service of the bookmaker. If, as a result of the check, it turns out that the funds are withdrawn to someone else’s account, then the applicant’s account is blocked, and the application is cancelled.

Loss of bonuses due to not knowing the rules

For the full and effective implementation of all bonuses, you need to carefully study the rules for their use. Most bettors only read the wagering requirements, and the nuances end up being ignored.
Let’s look at an example. We have a bonus that must be used 3 times within a period no later than 7 days. The bettor fulfils the condition by wagering the 3 fold bonus and placing all bets within seven days, but the implementation period is considered violated. Why did it happen?
Wagering the bonus within 7 days from its accrual means registration and calculation of all bets on the bonus during this period. If you make a bet on the last, seventh, day, then it may not have time to be calculated (usually it takes up to 48 hours). In this case, the bonus will be cancelled for non-compliance with the implementation conditions.
Triple wagering in this case means an accumulator of 3 ordinars. If single bets are placed during the qualifying period, but one of them is settled as a refund, then the wagering requirements are considered not met and it will be voided.

Withdrawal of winnings

Some calls to the support service of bookmakers are related to the deduction of a commission from the withdrawn funds, the existence of which the player did not know about. Most bookmakers prescribe the conditions for a commission-free and taxable withdrawal of money in the rules for using the resource. The commission is charged in favour of the bookmaker in case the user’s gaming activity is regarded as insufficiently active, and the funds themselves are used to maintain the performance of the player’s personal account.
Often, in order to avoid a commission for withdrawing the balance, all you need to do is just put a deposit a certain number of times. Usually, it is between one and three, depending on the bookmaker.

Appeals regarding the calculation of bets

Complaints about the incorrectness or dishonesty of the calculation of the bet are due to insufficient familiarization of the bettor with the rules of the bookmaker and the conditions for using its resources. The rules of each bookmaker’s office carefully describe the:

  • procedure for calculating bets in a particular case;
  • actions of the bookmaker with a bet in case of interruption of the match or its postponement;
  • sources of results of sports events and their statistics.

Problems with multiple registrations


The rules for using the resources of betting shops prohibit the registration of multiple accounts by one client. In case of creating multiple accounts, the user may be suspected of fraud and blocked without returning the deposit funds.
However, the bettor may not be a scammer in order to interest the security service in this matter. Such a situation may arise if the user provides their phone or computer to other players (relatives, friends, colleagues) for betting in the same office where they play. That is, the site is used by two or more accounts registered for different people from the same IP address.
To avoid the suspicions of the betting shop security service, it is not recommended to use the site for several users from one device or one local network.
Studying the rules of the bookmaker, as well as the requirements for certain services, the conditions for registering a personal account and verifying the player, will always help to prevent the problems described above. Before contacting support, please review the FAQ section – you may find your solution there. If you have any problems with your account or bets, contact the provider right away, it is better not to wait in this case. The customer support service was created to help players, and guarantee their comfort and safety when using betting services and making transactions. As a rule, the longer the user delays the appeal, the more difficult it will be to solve the problem. It will also likely take more time, than if you contact right away. It is especially important to hurry up and contact support in case of account hacking or theft of your personal data by a third party.

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