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5 broken ribs in one minute


Let’s begin with the fights of the past Bellator 274 mixed martial arts tournament, which ended on February 20, 2020. The main event of the championship was definitely considered a fight between Andrey Koreshkov and Mohamed Berhamov. Unfortunately, Berkhamov had to leave the competition due to injury . A replacement was found very quickly. It was experienced fighter Chansey Rencountry.

The expert had to make new forecasts very quickly to ensure that fans placed the right bets on MMA. However, such a dramatic change does not affect this outcome. Russian Andrey Koreshkov easily coped with his opponent. In just one minute, the fighter managed to defeat his opponent by knockout. And then he disappeared and “finished off” him. Fans know that Koreshkov cannot be angered. Therefore, this outcome was unexpected for everyone. What happened?

After Chansey Rencountry fell to the carpet, it turned out that the Russian broke five of his ribs at once. It caused lung damage. Absolutely no one expected such an outcome. The injury is very dangerous and carries serious consequences.

Of course , Andrei did not expect such an outcome. He immediately apologized to Chansey and to all viewers. A lot of people got scared and said they will lose their sleep because of this situation. Chancy Renkauntri is waiting for a long recovery.

There are a lot of fights like this. The legendary meeting took place at the end of 2013 between Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva. This fight was a real revenge. However, during the second round, Silva’s typical low-kick ended in pain for his rival.

The fact is that he defended himself and substituted his tibia. It was with this blow that Anderson Silva’s entire career ended. After all, he had a broken leg. Two years later, the legend returned to big sport. Then the fans were making huge sports bets, as Silva’s return was no longer expected. But despite all his efforts, he could not return to past successes and soon ended his professional career forever.

Three years ago, when Alistair Overeem was at the end of his sports career, he suffered a serious lip injury. The meeting was held with an experienced and determined Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Throughout the fight, the opponent won on points. And in the end, in the last minutes, he decided to go for broke. Jairzinho made a strong right hand, after which Alistair immediately fell to the mat. The judges immediately stopped the wild fight. The lip damage was very extensive and deep. So the fighter had to visit plastic surgeons.

In the spring of 2020, most likely, Joanna had her final fight. Viewers will always remember her meeting with Zhang Weili. The girls fought for the championship title in the maximum weight. The fight lasted for five whole rounds, their chances of winning were so equal that even the judges could not help them. During the duel, the athletes inflicted more than 350 blows on each other. Their meeting went down in the history of the best female MMA fights. Fans have witnessed how each blow manifested itself literally before their eyes. At the end of this sinister battle, the girls have to visit medical professionals and plastic surgery.

April fool’s joke?

Last year, experts did not take this news seriously. Because it appeared on the first of April. It was on this day that the battle between Khetag Pliyev and Devin Gudeil took place. The fact is that at the end of the game Pliev was left without his own finger. However, the fighter himself was far from laughing. The beginning of the battle was classic: both opponents, at their usual pace, fought a competitive battle.

In the second round, the referee asked Khetaga to take off his gloves. It turned out that the athlete no longer had a finger. An interesting fact is that the fighter did not feel pain at all. No one knows exactly how and when this happened. Khetagha Pliev was very upset, but not because of the injury, he was upset because of the stoppage of the battle. He really was serious about continuing the fight further, but the doctors and judges did not allow it. As a result, the fighter’s finger was sewn into place and everything ended well.

The last case we will tell you about is the fight between Chris Weidman and Uriah Hall. Chris broke his leg on live television. The fight ended 17 seconds after it started. The athlete is still recovering today, because he has not the easiest fracture. Initially, medical workers thought that Chris would be left without a leg. Fortunately, everything was fine and today the fighter is thinking about returning to MMA. Everyone is looking forward to it.

Injuries can be common in this kind of sport . All fighters are likely to get a range of minor injuries throughout their professional careers. Not everything can be prevented, there are a few things you can do to avoid getting bruised and fractures as an MMA fighter. Injury prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

How to protect myself during the fight?


The most typical injuries are concussion, fractures of various stages, bruises and hematomas, muscle stretch marks and much more. To prevent these troubles, there are several recommendations from experienced athletes.

Make sure you talk to your coach. Always listen to him and tell him if you have any problems. Your coach should put your safety first. Listen carefully to your instructions and pay attention if he offers you a rest. Also, speak up if you have an injury. Also remember that warm-up and hiccups are an important step in preventing injury.

Make sure you use the right uniform. Otherwise, this can cause hematomas when using your own weight. The wrong blow can stretch your muscles and sometimes get you into more trouble. Always focus on using the right technique and don’t do something you’re not sure is safe.

In summing up, MMA battles have their own risks, but they are as dangerous as any other full-contact sport. By following all the above recommendations, you can protect yourself as much as possible.

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