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The mysterious green sector that royally stands out from the rest of roulette is the zero. It’s given a special meaning. Sometimes even mythical. Ostensibly, if it falls on zero, you’ll never be lucky. The advantage that the casino gets from betting zeros is legendary.
It’s the way it is: if there’s a zero, the gambling house wins.
We talk about the interesting role of zeros in roulette, how zeros have influenced the way the game is played, and whether this sector is really worth fearing.

Zero is the most popular “character” in roulette


It is impossible not to agree with this. The Zero is the focus of attention among roulette players. The other numbers are modestly neglected and do not generate as much interest and discussion.
Roulette comes in a variety of forms. The American version, for example, has the concept of double zero, which makes things even more heated and creates the perfect conditions for intrigue.
This is curious, but some casino customers believe that zero has some kind of magical power and are afraid of it like fire. Zero is usually highlighted in green and against the background of red and black elements, it really looks special.

Roulette: the impact of the game on the casino industry

Despite the wild popularity of this game, there is no clear story about how the queen of the casino appeared.

However, many sources claim that roulette has French roots and its founder is the famous mathematician Blaise Pascal.

One thing is clear: roulette is not a young girl. As early as the late 18th century, roulette was in many gambling houses in the form that gambling fans know and love. Today, online roulette is just gaining popularity and gaining a devoted audience.

Many writers like to romanticise the game. If the main character doesn’t mind spending an evening or two socialising, a good whisky, then surely they prescribe roulette as a hobby for him. The authors endowed the game with aristocratism, sophistication and elegance. And it is thanks to old books that one can understand that originally there was both a single zero and a double zero on roulette.

It was roulette that made casinos a place that is still wildly popular today. The game has brought together some really thinking people and taken gambling houses to a new level. Roulette got its new lease of life with online casinos, which opened up new possibilities for the queen of games.

How did roulette with one zero come about?


It turns out that it wasn’t until the middle of the 19th century that a casino in Hamburg became the place where the double zero was removed from roulette. Why did this happen?
The point is that the customers were outraged: the bigger the zeros, the bigger the profits for the casino. So the owners decided to make a move and experiment. As a result, roulette with one zero was to create a sensation and replace as many customers as possible in the chain of gambling houses.
Surprisingly, however, there was no crowd of eager customers outside the casino doors after the double zero was removed.

Attempt number two: “Monte Carlo”

The next attempt to strip a casino of its zeros came a few years later, already in luxury Monaco.
First they passed a law making casinos official, and then they thought about how to make Monaco the gambling capital of the world. Looking ahead it is clear that they did it very well.
Let’s go back to the beginning. In 1858 the grandiose construction of an entire gambling empire begins: the Monte Carlo Casino. The owner of the most luxurious establishment decides to ‘take revenge in a new way and draws up his own rules for every popular game. Call it ‘rebranding’ in the old fashioned way.
First, François Blanc, the owner of the casino, decides that his establishment will only have double zero roulette. And he begins to mentally estimate the profits. Later, however, Blanc realises that his fierce desire for profit may play a cruel trick on him. He is told that from now on there will be only one zero on the roulette table at Monte Carlo. Yes, the casino loses a percentage, but gains an army of grateful players.
A few years later it becomes apparent that European casinos have all but eradicated the possibility of double zero in roulette. To the delight of customers, and the casinos themselves, which have been gaining momentum with each passing year. In America, however, roulette has taken a different route.

American roulette: an alternative scenario

The experts confirm that American roulette has chosen a different path. It is known that at a time when François Blanc generously said goodbye to the double zero, American roulette distinguished itself by having both a double zero and a just zero. In addition, roulette had one more sector. It drew a sign of the country – the eagle. Most curiously, the function of such an eagle was actually equated with a zero. Three zeros on one roulette wheel versus the European one!
What do we see? The casino’s profits were off the charts. But in America, they didn’t know they could play any other way.
Time passed, the rules became more loyal, but the double zero never disappeared. That’s why it’s still common to distinguish between European roulette – with a zero. And American roulette with a “00″.

Roulette in online casinos


Virtual casinos have long been on a par with land-based venues. In fact, the online platform is no different, and even has certain advantages. At the very least, the player can open the same roulette table at any free time and enjoy the game to the fullest and in silence.
Roulette also has a place of honour in virtual casinos. The customer can choose any version they like: European, American and even the one without zeros.
Online casinos have gone further and invented roulette, where real croupiers participate, which clearly reproduce volumetric graphics. The effect of presence is observed to the maximum.
It’s been a long time since the ‘casino queen’ came along, but the game has lost none of its natural charm.
Like any game, roulette has gathered a lot of speculation, theories and strategies around it. So before you try your luck and yourself, make sure you know all the rules and nuances.
Roulette without zeros has its pitfalls. No casino in the world will play against itself, so the developers have hidden “surprises” that you should be careful with.
Every online casino has its own vision of the game. Read the online establishment’s “charter” carefully and you’re sure to avoid any trouble.
Of course, there are no 100% winning strategies, but there is absolutely everyone’s chance of success.


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