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Poker is the lifestyle of generations


Poker is a card game with an interesting origin and development history. In the 16th century, a game with similar rules was popular in Spain and France. Both ordinary people and representatives of the nobility could play the game. The game required only a deck of cards and some money in your pocket. The rules of the game were simple and straightforward: the winner had to collect either a combination of cards of the same suit or two or three cards of equal value.

Over time, the rules have changed, and new details have been added. Bluffing first appeared in poker at the beginning of the 18th century, and it became even more interesting to play. Due to its growing popularity in America, poker has been called the national game.

To date, poker has not lost its popularity at all. Quite the opposite – poker tournaments are held all over the world with an impressive pot, and there are a huge number of workshops and courses for training beginners. Casinos also offer players the opportunity to try their hand at poker, offering a large number of different varieties.

Online poker has created a worthy competition to the usual game at the table, gathering gambling amateurs and professionals from all over the world. It is difficult to overestimate the comfort and convenience of the video version: all you need for a full-fledged game is a mobile application or an online casino platform. Online casino bonuses are worth mentioning separately. There are generous gifts and promotions such as free spins, a bonus account and additional free rounds that are a pleasant surprise for a debut in the field of gambling.

Of course, a game with a centuries-long history has acquired not only new rules and conditions throughout the time of its existence. Negative feedback from the players who were unlucky has made poker one of the most mythical card games. Assumptions and misconceptions which were expressed when the person felt strong emotions are aimed at justifying the loss and are not rational. Yes, a beginner in this field should not disregard the knowledge of more experienced players. However, it is important to distinguish between the truth and preconceptions, or you won’t be successful in the game.

Four myths about playing online poker


  1. The casino administration can control the work of the RNG

Any casino that provides its services legally pays a lot of attention to its reputation. A high ranking among competitors means an influx of new users and an increase in regular customers. The main requirement for an official gambling establishment is a license. This document assures players that the casino is a reliable structure and adheres to fair play conditions. In addition, the casino, like the player, has its own rights and obligations, which are clearly spelt out in the legislation.

One of the prerequisites for honest cooperation is not interfering with the operation of the random number generator, on which all online slots and online poker are based. For a deck of 52 cards, there are more than 2.5 million options that have the same probability and are independent of each other. It is absolutely unrealistic to predict which combination will fall out right here and right now. The mathematical skills of the players are extremely important for the game to be successful, but they do not impact getting cards.

The first thing the organisations responsible for protecting players’ interests look at is the work of RNG and RTP in the long run. Any suspicion that the software is not intact will result in strict sanctions that can include revocation of the license. Usually, this information quickly becomes publicly available, and the casino loses its reputation and the players’ trust. Too much is at stake for the casinos to agree to change the gaming session results.

World-class software manufacturers usually prohibit access to the program from the outside. This way, they protect their developments from scandalous situations.

In any case, the main conditions for cooperation with a gambling establishment are trust in the work of the casino and favourable game conditions. If the user has a negative attitude towards the online platform from the first minutes, they will have to forget about pleasant pastimes and impressive victories.

  1. Hot and cold devices

There is an opinion that each slot or card table has periods of giving out a lot and giving out a little, and they alternate. Two game theories are built on this opinion. According to the first one, you need to catch the moment when it is hot and get win after win with little regard to the real RTP. Another theory states exactly the opposite: if the players didn’t win for a long time at the chosen card table, there is a high probability that it will be compensated by issuing a substantial amount to someone soon.

In fact, every experienced player can confirm that the “black” and “white” stripes in the game are more a pattern than an accident. However, they have nothing to do with previous results. The random number generator does not keep statistics of the prize money, it is set to pay out funds within the specified RTP. If you come across a table that is especially generous with winning combinations, this does not mean that the next game will be a losing one.

  1. The number of hands affects the result.

Videopoker is played at high speed and allows the player to have access to a large number of tables working simultaneously. There is no need to wait for the end of the game after the pass: just press the button and move to another table. There is no bluff as such when playing online, which means that the game is significantly simplified.

A player can participate in several games at once if they can cope with such pressure. The number of hands in no way affects the outcome of a particular game: RNG works in each of them, and their outcomes are in no way connected with each other. The amount of games impacts only the speed of the gaming session.

  1. Poker is a great way to earn a steady income.

Everyone had heard about the incredible success of the players at the poker table when an average person became a millionaire overnight. Often, casinos themselves support such rumours, and there are also a lot of striking examples in the film industry.

Of course, the influence of luck or fortunate circumstances cannot be ruled out. But do not forget that professional poker is a daily painstaking work with its own difficulties and problems.

The poker database is constantly updated with new information, and players who have chosen poker as their profession should be aware of all new methods and approaches. In addition, the player needs to have extremely high stress resistance and willpower to deal with the high levels of adrenaline.

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